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The Other Carrington by skylar-babe
The Other Carringtonby skylar-babe
What's up This is Scarlett Carrington, Yeah you guessed it from my name I am the daughter of Blake Carrington and let's just say my life is a whole lot of complicated...
  • steven
  • blake
  • fallon
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Jorious by AlisonDFields
Joriousby Alison DiLaurentis
When Tori goes to Hollywood arts and Jade West AKA Fallon Carrington falls in love with Tori. Will she pick Tori or Beck? How would she keep her secret from Tori when al...
  • west
  • jade
  • fallon
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Sold To The Billionaire Next Door by CrayonAnon
Sold To The Billionaire Next Doorby k o o k i e
Growing up in a poor household, Emilia and her family struggle to make due until their left with nearly nothing. So when the billionaire of a world famous business comes...
  • possessive
  • love
  • camie
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Dancing In The Dark - A Jimmy Fallon Fanfiction by AliceInVinylland
Dancing In The Dark - A Jimmy Fall...by Alice In Vinylland
A 20 year old musician finds herself in love with the host of The Tonight Show after they meet at a Grammys after-party. Does Jimmy feel the same way, and if he does, ho...
  • fallon
  • tonight
  • celebrities
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Sirius The Jaeger Scenarios & One Shots - a 1215 fanfiction by Sincerely_1215
Sirius The Jaeger Scenarios & One...by Sincerely_1215
OKAY this is an incredible new show and I have not found one decent fanfiction that is longer than 6 parts - without two authors notes in it - and so I have decided to j...
  • weapons
  • willard
  • fallon
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Rather Ruthless by NaaKaey
Rather Ruthlessby BQ
☆☆☆ He was rich, handsome and ruthless and he thought he wouldn't fall until he met her. She was beautiful, kind and smart but she never thought a man like him would be...
  • sweet
  • bwwm
  • fallon
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Catching the Hero by indesignic
Catching the Heroby Nic
Layla Hardgens was never average. From childhood to adulthood, her destiny was to follow her parents' steps to become a superhero in Willow Hills, keeping the city saf...
  • hero
  • heroes
  • ryder
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Last Ones Standing - Yuliy x Sirius!Reader {Sirius the Jaeger}  by Anime_4_Artist
Last Ones Standing - Yuliy x Siriu...by I'm a Mess
When (y/n) first joined the Jaegers, she never expected so see another Sirius, let alone Yuliy. After years of being a Jaeger, (y/n) became a lot closer to her childhoo...
  • yuliy
  • willard
  • vampire
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Sirius The Jaeger Head Cannons by HttpAalifox
Sirius The Jaeger Head Cannonsby Aaliyah Robin Hart
  • willard
  • dorothea
  • yuliy
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is it love (FANGS FROM RIVERDALE) by Thalia12223456789031
is it love (FANGS FROM RIVERDALE)by Thalia Obannon
you are BESTFRIEND with the blossom twins and are like there sister. but bffs.she is also just as petty.
  • fallon
  • nowiamjustaddingtagslmao
  • love
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Mr. Fallon by NedNerdsWorld
Mr. Fallonby FallonFever
'He's my boss, why should I feel threatened and anxious so much? People say he's the nice guy, the guy that makes everyone's night a blast. But they don't see the dark s...
  • host
  • jimmy
  • show
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Baby Direction. by writerlouis
Baby Direction.by vi
Logan Lockwood was never one to turn down a good time. She was the life of the party, the girl everyone wanted to be around. Everyone including pop star Niall Horan. He...
  • wedding
  • pregnancy
  • onedirection
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Moon Over Mexico by yummyfallon
Moon Over Mexicoby yummyfallon
Life has a way of knocking you on your ass and if anyone knows that, its Jimmy. He spends most of his day headlining a show that has faltered over the years. He spends h...
  • snl
  • tonight
  • tonightshow
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Sirius The Jaeger Memes  by December-Eve
Sirius The Jaeger Memes by Jinkazu Arikaruka
(Sirius The Jaeger) A book of the memes I made after seeing there was barely any memes for the show.
  • tenrousiriusthejaeger
  • yuliyjirov
  • memes
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Unknown Beauty |  ✔️ by AgentSpud_008
Unknown Beauty | ✔️by Agent Spud reporting for duty.
#1 in Innerbeauty #17 in ugly #56 in Firststory Fallon looks in the mirror and sees flaky skin, dull eyes, and hair the colour of mud. No matter what products she uses o...
  • hoodie
  • romance
  • beauty
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Dynasty  by aribaby2009
Dynasty by aribaby2009
Maggie Carrington that's right daughter of Blake carrington what happens when Maggie isn't like the rest of the family always wanting money or trying to become a CEO wha...
  • linderman
  • carrington
  • maggie
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Broken by 232107d61
Brokenby Kaja Ekert
What if rebel attack never happened? And America were pregnant during the selection? All rights go to Kiera Cass and L. J. Smith,
  • broken
  • america
  • maxon
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Different | « j.fallon » by CuriousSully
Different | « j.fallon »by CuriousSully
There's nothing wrong with being Different. ©CuriousSully 2014
  • justin
  • sci-fi
  • timberlake
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The Siren( boyxboy) by Stories_with_Words
The Siren( boyxboy)by Stories_with_Words
Jaime always seemed to find himself helping his best friend with girls, which was ironic since he, himself, could never muster any interest in the fairer sex. So, do yo...
  • secrecy
  • stories
  • fallon
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The Laughing Touch (Jimmy Fallon Fanfic) by Starry_eyes81
The Laughing Touch (Jimmy Fallon F...by Starry_eyes81
Who needs a description when you can just read the story? But really, read it! Jk! It's about the host of The Tonight Show who falls in love with the girl who interview...
  • fallon
  • fanfic
  • jimmy
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