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Secrets of a Pirate's Heart by Victoria_Brooks
Secrets of a Pirate's Heartby Victoria Brooks
Scarlett lives in the Golden Age of Piracy. And despite the fascination she has with them, they also come with their dangers. But when Scarlett is swept into the midst o...
Nothing Is Forever [COMPLETE] by KillyBearHugs
Nothing Is Forever [COMPLETE]by KillyBearHugs
Fanfiction/Romance When a young singer's relationship and career falls apart, she vows to never fall In love again. When her best friend notices she's feeling down, he i...
The Secret Sister by adoringswan
The Secret Sisterby adoringswan
It's been 7 years since Emma Swan moved to Storybrooke, and things have changed. Regina and Robin had a difficult time and Robin passed away, Emma and Killian broke up a...
A Second Chance (Hiatus) by Multi_FandomQueen56
A Second Chance (Hiatus)by Kristen
Everyone knows the story of Snow White and Prince Charming but I can assure you that you don't know the story of Snow's little sister. That's me, I am Kristen Snow's lit...
I Believe (A Killian Jones Story) ouat by CelebrityGeek
I Believe (A Killian Jones Story) CelebrityGeek
This is not the end of me... I whispered in an attempt to sing one last time, and my hand reached up to press against my loves cheek, damp from his tears. This can't b...
A Pirate's Life - Book 1 (Once Upon A Time) by JEHallows
A Pirate's Life - Book 1 (Once J. E. Hallows
Captain Hook is a man bound by thirst for revenge, a dark-hearted villain who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Arista is a mermaid-turned-human who has just th...
It happened. | COLIFER FANFIC by presstheemmabutton
It happened. | COLIFER FANFICby Daniela, aka Satan
It all changed after Comic Con. Rated T+ // M in some chapters
The way I love you by Seana_memories
The way I love youby Lia
After Lana and Sean's life got turned upside down, they finally managed to settle as a newly formed family, learning how to enjoy life together even with all the strugg...
There Once was a Princess... (Hook x Reader) by Livvybug3000
There Once was a Princess... ( Olivia
You are Emma Swan's older sister, when she breaks the curse, what's left for you? When you and your mom and sister are sucked through a portal you never expected you'd m...
I'm Home by Brynn_writes_
I'm Homeby Brynn
Hope Mills has been alone all her life. In 2011, Once Upon A Time aired it's first episode and changed her life. It gave her something she hadn't had in a while. Hope. I...
Find My Way Back To You by hopeduckling13
Find My Way Back To Youby Hope Swan-Jones. Impossibly C...
Hope Swan-Jones is the product of the product of true love and her true love, so her having very powerful magic was always in the cards. Luckily she lives in a town whe...
In The Darkest of Times (CaptainSwan) by pinacolada07
In The Darkest of Times ( Madie
Emma's pregnant, how will Killian react? How will she tell him? What is he leaves her? What if another evil comes for their baby? How can she been the savior and a mothe...
The Heart's Desire by ChelsBells1994
The Heart's Desireby Chelsey Griffin
When Emma's father is unable to pay his debt back to the Lord Killian Jones, Emma offers to work in his château until her father can pay off his debt. Lord Killian Jone...
Killian "Hook" Jones Imagines by TMNT221BHobbit
Killian "Hook" Jones Imaginesby Rhea Alberad
//Once Upon A Time Imagines of The Hot Pirate!// These are just one-shots or moments between the reader and Hook. If you know how I work, you'll know that these chapters...
Once Upon A Time Preferences by OnceRia
Once Upon A Time Preferencesby Ria
People: Regina Emma Snow Killian Henry Jefferson David Request open!!!
Cardigan by DoveLovesxx
Cardiganby DoveLovesxx
" when i felt like i was an old cardigan under someone's bed , you put me on and said i was your favorite " in which aoife mills can't remember who she was in...
Black Heart {OUAT fanfiction} by morrisonsflwr
Black Heart {OUAT fanfiction}by M✨
On board of the Jolly Roger, there have always been 2 people fighting for being the Captain. Even if it meant fighting with your own flesh and blood. Killian Jones, or...
Once Upon A Captain Swan ❤️ by hopeduckling13
Once Upon A Captain Swan ❤️by Hope Swan-Jones. Impossibly C...
This is a collection of Captain Swan one shots. Whenever I get an idea, I'll post it here. Hope you enjoy it. This will say complete, but it will never really be comple...
A Death Apart - Book 2 (Once Upon A Time) by JEHallows
A Death Apart - Book 2 (Once J. E. Hallows
With his revenge now complete, Captain Hook has only one thing to chase - a happily ever after. But an ugly truth changes his story forever: The Crocodile isn't dead. An...
A Life Forgotten - Book 3 (Once Upon A Time) by JEHallows
A Life Forgotten - Book 3 (Once J. E. Hallows
The Crocodile is dead. Captain Hook is finally free. But his Happy Ever After isn't quite how it should be. His princess has become that which he hunted for so many lon...