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The Crocodile's Apprentice (Rumplestiltskin x Reader) by loverelentlessly
The Crocodile's Apprentice ( Makenzie
"Your heart," he said quietly, touching your chin gracefully, "Is a broken compass. It's supposed to point North, but it doesn't... It points to me."...
Emma's Daughter OUAT by OncerPotterhead1123
Emma's Daughter OUATby OncerPotterhead1123
Emma has a secret. Henry isn't an only child, he has a twin sister. After the curse breaks, Emma sets out to find her daughter. Macey is a lonely little girl, who has n...
SunFlower | Killian Jones by raynelbabe
SunFlower | Killian Jonesby RAYNEL
❝NOW THAT I SEE YOU.❞ In which the impulsive, prone-to-violence pirate falls for the girl made out of literal sunshine [ONCE UPON A TIME SEASONS 3 & beyond] c...
Believer || OUAT Peter Pan x OC by imagine--if
Believer || OUAT Peter Pan x OCby ⋆ ιᗰค𝔤ιภє ιғ... ⋆
(BOOK ONE) Elena Brea was a six-year-old orphan when she met Emma Swan, eighteen. They stuck together ever since, like sisters. Which means she was also pulled into the...
Well Dearie, Will you pay magic's price? by MysterySnake01
Well Dearie, Will you pay magic' MysterySnake01
Lily Potter is terrified. A Prophecy has made her daughter Harriet a target for the greatly feared Lord Voldemort, Dumbledore is acting suspicious and someone she doesn'...
Once upon a shift... || Once Upon A Time (OC x Rumple) by SCCitNoBH
Once upon a shift... || Once SCCitNoBH
Aurelia Quinn is the writer of OUAT. She controls their lives, their stories and their every move to follow her own imagination! She accidentally shift into the story he...
Silver and Gold (Once Upon A Time FanFiction) by StrangerStill
Silver and Gold (Once Upon A StrangerStill
Once Upon A Time FanFiction Sterling is the twin sister of Snow White, but ran away when their father died. She turned to Rumpelstiltskin for help, and companionship gre...
The Wrong Descendant// Descendants and Once Upon A Time by ilikewarmhugs1235
The Wrong Descendant// ilikewarmhugs1235
Teagan was transported to a new world where she knew no one. She had no friends and quite frankly all she wanted to do was go back home, but she couldn't do that. One da...
Henry's twin (ouat) + (tvd/tw) by Aovn14
Henry's twin (ouat) + (tvd/tw)by Aovn14
this is my first story so bare with me. Emma give birth to two babies when she was in prison a beautiful boy named Henry and a Gorgeous girl who she named Nova. After He...
Peter Pan's Wife (Peter Pan OUAT) by AceQueen7
Peter Pan's Wife (Peter Pan OUAT)by AceQueen7
The tale of Veronica Swan/Pan is an interesting one. For starters she's Emma Swan's twin sister, while Emma got her father's blonde hair and blue eyes Veronica has her m...
Deaths prince  by Shadowknight79
Deaths prince by Shadow
Harry receives a letter from Gringotts for Sirius's will reading. But little does he know that, he isn't just the Boy Who Lived. It seems that Dumbledore made a deal wit...
Careful Dearie 1 (Rumple x reader) by mavethebrave
Careful Dearie 1 (Rumple x reader)by Mrs. Gold
Pg. after a close call with death and some unforeseen circumstances you start falling for the mad who is carrying for you, but he quickly warns you about the price. I d...
OUAT Pan's Baby sister by IronMan2105
OUAT Pan's Baby sisterby IronMan2105
"Let me go" Jordan struggled "This isn't a good Idea," Hook said as he looked at the little four year old tied to a tree, "How else are we goi...
Storybrooks broken angel by bunnydemon14
Storybrooks broken angelby bunnydemon14
After finding out he has a twin sister Henry Mills will go to any length to find her and bring her home to story brook. The after finding out about her troubled life he...
The Light in the Dark Kingdom by Nerd_alert11
The Light in the Dark Kingdomby Tony
For ten years, the dark one is held a prisoner by the Horned King, the creator of his dagger and his power. There is only one person known to be able to destroy the dark...
Once Upon A Time... (OUAT Fanfic) by cat_loves_music
Once Upon A Time... (OUAT Fanfic)by ༄︎☾︎𝒞𝒶𝓉𝒽ℯ𝓇𝒾𝓃ℯ☽︎༄︎
Y/n L/n. The youngest of the Twelve Princesses. She lived somewhat happy in the palace with her father and her eleven older sisters in the Enchanted Forest. In which the...
Once Upon A Time Imagines  by Tyler_Reid
Once Upon A Time Imagines by Tyler Reid
Hey so I Love OUAT but there aren't many imagines/preferences on here. So I decided to start my own book and add some ones that I write but also some that I found on Tum...
Rumbelle One-shots by rumbelle_af
Rumbelle One-shotsby rumbelle_af
Some are fluffy, some are angsty, some are scene fixes from episodes...all are Rumbelle
Henry's Protector by CodieBrearley
Henry's Protectorby codie
Everyone knows the Cheshire cat (Y/n L/n) she is put in charge to protect henry from all the dangers that may come forward will she be able to protect him before things...
Dearie ( Rumplestiltskin x reader ) by the_storyteller_394
Dearie ( Rumplestiltskin x reader )by SavageOutlaw
What happens when a blind girl stumbles upon the dark one and treats him like any other man and he falls for the girl what happens when she wishes to have her eye sight...