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Lure of the Dark Side (Star Wars x Male Inquisitor Reader) by Beanyboy2002
Lure of the Dark Side (Star Wars Oliver Bean
This is a follow-up to my Seventh Sister x Male Jedi Reader One Shot. I do not own Star Wars. Any rights, characters and themes belong to Lucasfilm and by extension Walt...
Apprentice of Kenobi by Vigilante24
Apprentice of Kenobiby Vigilante24
Once Anakin passed his trials and became a Jedi, Obi-wan is immediately given the responsibility of a new Padawan. Sheira is a Miraluka with a strong connection to the f...
Clone wars x female reader  by marydiva17
Clone wars x female reader by marydiva17
This book will be based on Star Wars the clone wars series and some characters might be gender swap based on their story. I will also take request if anyone has any and...
The Rough  Battles  ( Star Wars Rebels) by CODYARMY
The Rough Battles ( Star Wars CodyW7
The ghost crew has a new member they will be tested physically and mentally to survive the war, Love will be reborn for one in more than one way, they will each face dif...
The Ghost Crew by EzraJediKnight
The Ghost Crewby Rebelforlife
These are one-shots that include both fanfics and just random things. There is a lot of torture. Mostly to Ezra because I love him. Read A/N in the beginning of every ch...
(Completed) Blaster & Blade: A Untold Star Wars Story by GabrielAntihero
(Completed) Blaster & Blade: A GabrielAntihero
The story of a Mandalorian and a Jedi intertwined by fate as the galaxy erupts into open war. Both fight in the Clone Wars and face many hardships, clashing multiple tim...
A Warriors Weakness (Malereader x Ashoka) by daven42
A Warriors Weakness (Malereader davon
In a galaxy filled with darkness (y/n) Duyit was a kind boy who had yet to see the light , with experimentation, changing a normal person into droids of destruction, ab...
Clone Wars And Percy Jackson Crossover by I__AM__REAL
Clone Wars And Percy Jackson I__AM__REAL
Percy has planned a peaceful day with Annabeth - but as usual, things start to go wrong - a new prophecy and not to mention the sudden portal sucking him into another wo...
Clone wars chat  by strawberry-floof
Clone wars chat by strawberry-floof
Basically the clone wars characters texting eachother! I will include ships so yeah :> I'll try to update every 1-2 days maybe I'll upload 1-3 things if I'm feeling u...
Shadows of the Past by DeWaldemarMatei
Shadows of the Pastby De Waldemar Matei
15 years had passed since the end of the Clone Wars. The Empire is as strong as ever, holding the galaxy into it's tight grip. However, many rebels cells started forming...
Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Star Wars X Jedi reader) by LtAndrew19
Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Star LtAndrew19
Jedi Master Mace Windu is like a father to you. Pretty much because he is the only thing you've had close to one. Your parents, both Jedi, were murdered by Sith and Mace...
Nara: a force untold by Bee_artstudio24
Nara: a force untoldby Emma muller
It's been years since the first discovery of a female clone. And she has proven to be more than they bargained for. CC-5566 "Nara" is a undercover arc command...
Together (a rex and ashoka love story) by Mlpjokershobbit
Together (a rex and ashoka love Mlpeej the weird bean!/Shania...
Now this is back during the clone wars ashoka has had a huge crush on rex since she met him the same for rex this will be from points of views and the stories may not fo...
His Last Dawn- Rexsoka by _silversong
His Last Dawn- Rexsokaby Silver
In the morning, you know this might be your last dawn. Forget your friends and forget the ones you loved. All you can do is save yourself. Or you will never see another...
Star wars the clone wars one shots preferences and imagines  by Mlpjokershobbit
Star wars the clone wars one Mlpeej the weird bean!/Shania...
A collections of one shots that will be days in the lives of and also ships (if your a nerd you will know) and readerxcharacter preferences and imagines hope you all enj...
Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith High school(UNDER CONSTRUCTION) by thephoenix_ahsoka
Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith Marie Holland
Pretty much Revenge of the Sith but high school students
Watching Star Wars by Wildkitten01
Watching Star Warsby Grace
Characters: Yoda Mace Windu Obi-Wan Anakin Padme Ashoka Rex Cody Han Solo Leia Luke Rey Kilo Ren Poe Finn Films: Rogue One [selected scenes] (4) A New Hope (5) The...
Blaster & Blade 2: Worlds Collide by GabrielAntihero
Blaster & Blade 2: Worlds Collideby GabrielAntihero
Tyvral is trying to survive in the aftermath of Order 66. Mal'dar is making a crew to continue his Jedi hunting ways while being a father to Khura. But neither knows tha...
Siya Ke Ram, Kaurvaki Ka Pyaar! by BloomArcayna
Siya Ke Ram, Kaurvaki Ka Pyaar!by YagyasainiSitaRadha
'Tested of chaste not love!' LakshmiNarayan accomplished many great things in their 7th avatar, but they did not complete their love story. Based on Siya Ke Ram and Chak...
Spacebook (star wars Facebook) by Mlpjokershobbit
Spacebook (star wars Facebook)by Mlpeej the weird bean!/Shania...
Ever wonder what it would be like if the Star wars the clone wars characters had Facebooks? Well, Now you can read and see for yourself! Enjoy!