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Lucci X Yonko Reader (Completed) by 6Redheart
Lucci X Yonko Reader (Completed)by 6Redheart
Lucci is obsessed in winning back your love. But the time comes when you have no choice but to finally accept his hand to save the family you made in the sea. As the fir...
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Finding his happiness (Charlotte Katakuri x reader Story) by YukiiTamashiAi
Finding his happiness (Charlotte K...by Yukii
Katakuri was the perfect man in everyone's eyes. If only they knew how he gets when he's around her. (๑>◡<๑)(๑>◡<๑)(๑>◡<๑)(๑>◡<๑)(๑>◡<๑)(๑...
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Forced  by Classysun
Forced by Classysun
{Charlotte Katakuri x Reader } You were forced in a marriage that you didn't want to. The worst thing is that you'll be getting married to Charlotte Katakuri, one of the...
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My beautiful wife (Katakuri x male oc) by TheDemonFujoshi
My beautiful wife (Katakuri x male...by Annie
Katakuri is happily married to his beautiful wife, who is capable of having children, and should anybody even come close to hurting him mentally or physically they would...
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Vanilla Mochi (18+) by dearestMOON
Vanilla Mochi (18+)by dearestMOON
A collection of short or continuous "One Piece" LEMON fanfiction oneshots, starring various characters in the making... such as: Katakuri, Doflamingo, Law, Sha...
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Yandere one piece one shots by PirateQueen14
Yandere one piece one shotsby PirateQueen14
All of our wonderful boys and girls from one piece being yandere. (I don't own one piece or the cover picture)
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One Piece: Eustass Kid (One Shots) by xBunnu
One Piece: Eustass Kid (One Shots)by 𝙲 𝙷 𝚄 𝚃 𝙴 𝙼 𝙸
Just because I really love Kid and he needs more love, but let's be honest... I made these mainly for me LMAO :^) For those who expects lemons, then this isn't for you...
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Our Happy Sugar Life (Katakuri X Reader) by angel99kiss08
Our Happy Sugar Life (Katakuri X R...by Nightmare-chan
Karakuri x reader
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Nothing but Trouble [One Piece Collection] by Positive_Possum
Nothing but Trouble [One Piece Col...by Local Possum Writes Trash
A collection of reader insert oneshots (and possibly three shots) for One Piece characters, mostly troublemakers and/or bad guys to keep an ongoing theme. Each oneshot h...
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 Aokiji X Reader x Doflamingo by 6Redheart
Aokiji X Reader x Doflamingoby 6Redheart
Infiltrating the system you signed yourself a new identity to serve in the Navy. Under the command of Aokiji you never planned for the Admiral to fall in love with you...
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Better Than Everyone (Katakuri X Rwby) by CaptainTobi
Better Than Everyone (Katakuri X R...by Tobi Gensei
Y/n was just like any other boy but...... a bit different he was born with a sickness that deformed his mouth making it seem like his mouth is slit open and teeth like a...
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[ One Piece Fanfiction ] Nami's harem by samanthathompson079
[ One Piece Fanfiction ] Nami's ha...by samantha
Tổng hợp oneshot về Nami và những nhân vật khác trong One Piece.
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The Geisha Assassin by dearestMOON
The Geisha Assassinby dearestMOON
OC | Doflamingo | Katakuri | One Piece | AU | Fanfiction | Lemon | Mature (18+) Set in the feudal/Edo period, this is a short "ONE PIECE" FANFICTION about a yo...
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L'incatesimo [One Piece] [Alternative Universe] by Akerontos
L'incatesimo [One Piece] [Alternat...by Aqueronte
Luffy corre todos las mañanas por la playa, hasta que un día se encuentra a una chica inconsciente en el borde de la playa. Tras que el Doctor Trafalgar Law la trate, de...
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The Vice-Captain by mariaraynpando
The Vice-Captainby BATMAN
Monkey D. Kiyomi the younger twin sister of Monkey D. Luffy. Follow her on her journey to be the Vice-Captain of her brother the future pirate king. With many boys falli...
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Katakuri X Luffy by Cookie5298
Katakuri X Luffyby Cookie5298
Katakuri has always been made fun of for his mouth. He started to wear his scarf over his mouth to hide it. He even went so far as to only eat in private, so when Luffy...
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Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf by TheSunnyHero
Little Red Riding Hood and The Big...by Sunny
Hey there little red riding hood You sure are looking good You're everything a big bad wolf could want Katakuri x Reader song fic song: little red riding hood by Amanda...
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One Piece Scenarios by cadberry248
One Piece Scenariosby Cadberry
This book contains scenarios that the characters of One Piece can have. If you have suggestions don't hesitate to leave a comment. One Piece does not belong to me, it...
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( ĐN Onepiece ) Kẻ lưu lạc không gian  by hothanhvy1009
( ĐN Onepiece ) Kẻ lưu lạc không g...by Hàn Tuyết Tịch
Tác giả : hothanhvy1009
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The Hero Of Mochi(Up For Adoption) by The-Clocker-Of-Time
The Hero Of Mochi(Up For Adoption)by The-Clocker-Of-Time
Here, Izuku Will Be Katakuri's Reincarnation Cause He Died from Old Age And Yes He Will Be The Same As Katakuri Personality And Looks Except He Has Longer Hair That Will...
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