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Little Touches | O. White | Escape the Night by LttlLovely
Little Touches | O. White | Ꭺ Ꮑ Ꮆ Ꭼ Ꮮ 彡★
❝ All it takes is a little touch, and she'll crumble to dust. ❞ Where Alexa Evans gets more than she asked for when she goes to dinner party, only to have her life, and...
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Janiel Oneshots 2  by breeoc97
Janiel Oneshots 2 by 𝚋𝚛𝚎𝚎
Continue following the family adventures of the Graceffa-Preda family! This is book 2! Check out book 1 to read their journey so far! Joey Graceffa-Preda and Daniel Pre...
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Escape The Night Roleplay: The Victorian Era {CLOSED} by RandomDood06
Escape The Night Roleplay: The JuviaRules
Your friend Zeke has sent you a letter, you have been invited to a Victorian Ball at a Victorian Mansion. You must appear in an outfit reminiscent of the era. But strang...
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Escape The Night Oneshots (Taking requests) by XxUniChanxX
Escape The Night Oneshots ( XxUniChanxX
So.... If ya have a request let me know in the comments or in pm. I will do season 1-3 but if it's a season 3 there will be a spoiler warning at the beginning for those...
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Inquisitive / A. Wassabi / Escape The Night by ExpiredChips
Inquisitive / A. Wassabi / —FAITH
"I have no special talents, I am passionately curious." Escape The Night // Season 4 Alex Wassabi x Brooklyn Baudelaire (OC) Book 2 #4 in #voting
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Escape The Night: My Version by Violet20307
Escape The Night: My Versionby Blue
Jacob Marine invites his friends to a dinner party, to celebrate his new house that he had gotten from a distance relative who had passed away. What they didn't know is...
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Escape the Night roleplay |season 3 (Closed/All stars) by tylerbebitchin0273
Escape the Night roleplay | Ty’s_Life
It's in the name but no one can join sorry it's all stars
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Untwisted. Escape the Night Season 3 fanfic. by Shadowkitty249
Untwisted. Escape the Night Shadowkitty249
The funhouse holds many surprises and twists. But, what if the plot twist of episode 7 didn't happen? Safiya and Rosanna vote Nikita and Manny into the final death chall...
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etn monsters/lieutenants oneshots,preferences and headcanons by FweakOFran
etn monsters/lieutenants 🌻 fran 🌻
ummmm...what?? this should be interesting lmao(also im including non-guests lol)
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ESCAPE THE NIGHT: SEASON 4 (ALL daydreams. 🏳️‍🌈
It started with an evil house, a deviant sorceress, a corrupted carnival and now a horrific hotel. After Joey Graceffa survived the town of Everlock and was brought back...
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Escape the Night Oneshots by LilyMetcalf123
Escape the Night Oneshotsby Flower26
Oneshots for your favorite Escape the Night Characters!! Keeping it PG-13 because that stuff is gross Enjoy!! 🌸💖
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the afterlife; an etn story by dearlydanny
the afterlife; an etn storyby lillian
nine youtubers get invited by joey graceffa to a mysterious town trapped in time. little do they know, that their lives will all be on the line. here's what it's like af...
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Escape the Night S3 by tylerbebitchin0273
Escape the Night S3by Ty’s_Life
Based from escape the night
Escape The Night Season 2 - Romance [COMPLETED] by Crazed16
Escape The Night Season 2 - Crazed16
26 year old YouTuber named Sophia Adair gets invited to a Masquerade Ball by her old friend Joey Graceffa. What will happen when she goes and she meets many more YouTube...
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Escape the Night: Gacha by The_Biscuit_King
Escape the Night: Gachaby Ultimate Anime Nerd
Read as 11 FNAF characters are placed into a house they can't escape without killing one another through voting each other into deadly challenges. Only one can escape. W...
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The Wrong Revival [HIATUS] by 4theloveofProfboi
The Wrong Revival [HIATUS]by We Stan Matt H.
A story that was inspired by a small skit on AO3 I found. I'm in an ETN Phase, so this is what we r gonna do
Escape The Night 2 by itssolyn
Escape The Night 2by Lyn
Itssolyn's series Escape the Night returns for a second thrilling book, as Joey's friends are invited from the modern world to attend a masquerade party in the Victorian...
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the second edition of my etn series. season 1 - THE CURSE OF INFERNO