Funhouse Stories

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Fruity Madness {Komahina} by YourTypicalEarthling
Fruity Madness {Komahina}by YourTypicalEarthling
Monokuma made a mistake, of course because of Monomi. There aren't enough bedrooms in the funhouse! That's why two people have to share a room, but who? ☆•☆•☆•☆•☆•☆•☆•☆...
Dance With Me (Niall Horan) by HoranAteMe
Dance With Me (Niall Horan)by izzy
Lennox had been dancing since she was 5. But when you lose your spark for something you used to enjoy, will you ever get over it? When Lennox begins to crumble Niall Hor...
Death Becomes Us by EzraWinn
Death Becomes Usby Ezra Winn
Typical doesn't even begin to describe who I am. I Skylar Carright am for more complex than I appear to be. Can't tell? Good. I have no intention of letting you know. Th...
Not a Night for Clowning Around by Puppy1899
Not a Night for Clowning Aroundby Jesse
For months Carter has been terrorized by a mysterious stalker who sends her increasingly disturbing notes wherever she goes. Things take a turn when the stalker finds ou...
Un falling and falling ( Noah beck) by Abookismybestfriend
Un falling and falling ( Noah beck)by Abookismybestfriend
Maddison gray Blake's little sister use to date high school jock Noah beck back when none of them had fame she thaught she would never see him again until Bryce disided...
Funhouse Of Horror (COMPLETED) by Nightfury556
Funhouse Of Horror (COMPLETED)by Nightfury556
When Bray Wyatt sasha and bayley are good friends from Wwe for a few years since the best friends came together on Smackdown. But when the fiend finally takes over bray...
Roxy's FunHouse by Rockythewolf588
Roxy's FunHouseby Rockythewolf588
A new story is unfolding, with new Animatronics and new murder. All hope now lays in a the new Nightguard to save them all, but when a new monster arises it will take a...
The Penis Of South Broadway by KinkyK00k
The Penis Of South Broadwayby KinkyK00k
A lonesome penis single-handedly finds himself in a funhouse of terror, after finding out that his bank teller might have a sneaky secret in his underwear.
The Playhouse: Rwby x Male Reader x Crossovers by Broyouserious
The Playhouse: Rwby x Male ForRealThough -_-
Rwby, Y/N, and a few others are in one big house and all live together and have amazing fun.
The game by freakingdoggo990
The gameby freakingdoggo990
A sister and brother get a ticket to the funhouse. Is it a mistake to take the free ticket from a scary-looking worker? Tell me what you think of my stories!😁
Funhouse:a objectronpa/BaFB fanfic by rubric_flashy
Funhouse:a objectronpa/BaFB fanficby rubric cube
Objects are Chosen to play a game called the funhouse.It's like danagnronpa but,their punishment is that a survivor has to kill the other one
Fun House In The Forest by KentangGalaxy
Fun House In The Forestby KentangGalaxy
Episode 1 (lot of my english fail) in the middle of the forest at Korea, there's a fun house with a lot of teenagers hanging out there, but in the night, a girl die beca...
The Mirror by ShayShayxD
The Mirrorby Shaquira the Awesome One! xD
Mirors show us many things......But we must question ourselves......Is what we're seeing.......actually there??
Fun House by Alondraxo03
Fun Houseby Alondra
Xavier becomes a prisoner to his inner demons.
Levi X Reader A Fairs Fair by A-Non-BinaryTurtle
Levi X Reader A Fairs Fairby Z
Reader takes Levi to the town fair to have a date with amazing rides and fun houses. Reader can't wait to see Levi's reactions and comments to the rides and things that...
Trickster's Funhouse by TrickstersAndTea
Trickster's Funhouseby Tricksters and Tea
Welcome to Tricky's super sweet funhouse! Bad things tend to happen when she gets bored, and here's where I chronicle my boredom when I don't think that I should put it...
ETN 3 by AlexKane0
ETN 3by Alex Kane
Alex Kane: The Rebel 😈 Sam Stewart: The Biologist 🧬 Nick Corsonas: The Archer 🏹 Setting: A House In Po...
Modern Myth by WifiGods
Modern Mythby WifiGoddess
My version of a modern myth. It is the myth of Narcissus (his death). Will be edited a little better soon.