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Hard for by bdskalwourhr
Hard forby idontknow
"You're the only one that my dick could get hard for" As Rafe Cameron slowly discovers his feelings for Amelia Peterson Both sharing an intense passionate bond...
My head and my heart by The_Blue_Crow
My head and my heartby Someone
This story is what happens when a beautiful young woman steals her best friend's thesis to seek a hero's attention. To be praised. To be adored. Until she lets her heart...
Pale fire by yuwenoi13
Pale fireby yuwenoi
Souls don't meet by accident. I'm just a basic college student, nothing special. Well... That was before my roommate Cynthia who's also my bestfriend met Stefano. You ma...
Inevitable || tsukiyama au  by hutaomyluv
Inevitable || tsukiyama au by jj
this is very cringe if you know me no you don't Here's what I think would happen if tsukiyama was forced to live under the same roof for some time, after Yamaguchi casu...
A Passionate Protection ---STEREK--- by GoldenGrape22
A Passionate Protection ---STEREK...by GoldenGrape22
A delightfully intense fanfiction... Stiles and Derek have no choice but to live together in order for Stiles to be protected and hidden. How will their ambiguous relati...
Live in danger by sweatdream24
Live in dangerby sweatdream24
Leyla is a sweet girl who is ready to help everyone even if they don't deserve it . Her life was good but everything changes when her father wants her to go live with Th...
Steel Heart Young Heart (Hyunsung Fanfiction) by EvaConstantine
Steel Heart Young Heart (Hyunsung...by Evangeline
Han Jisung is the most common boy you can meet in High School, while Hwang Hyunjin, on the contrary, has nothing one could consider "normal" in his life. The...
ashtray and you :) by ilovetoreadsmuttt
ashtray and you :)by ilovetoreadsmuttt
You're moving into a new town, which means a new life, new friends, new high school. However did you plan on meeting him, Ashtray ?
A Dangerous Dance by AR0bin
A Dangerous Danceby ARobin
One ballerina. One FBI agent. A killer on the loose. When FBI agent Ethan Sanders stumbles back into Evangeline Wright's life years after leaving her for a career in the...
Bakudeku 💚🧡 stories and oneshots by HFCraft137
Bakudeku 💚🧡 stories and oneshotsby HFCraft137
Bakudeku oneshots!! some are one single story and others are multiple parts. All your favourite plots, stories, cute, angsty and spicy moments between our two favourite...
From ennemies to lovers ( Jolie // Aniston ) by anistonstories
From ennemies to lovers ( Jolie...by anistonstories
Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston have disliked each other for many years. Is something which could make them change their opinion abt each other will happens? -Not tr...
After you, I'm lost by rinade93
After you, I'm lostby rinade93
Yaman will never forgive himself for the pain he inflicted on the poor girl. She didn't deserve any of it. He shouldn't have believed in that damn file, in the first pla...
To Collapse   ⌜Chilumi⌟ by jinergy
To Collapse ⌜Chilumi⌟by choo ❆
Teyvat was saved. Lumine, honorary knight of favonius, became a hero. When the young girl found her dear brother, Aether, now prince of the abyss, he pushed her away and...
Because I know you by rinade93
Because I know youby rinade93
These words were the last nail in his coffin. He died when he heard them. No bullets in the past was capable of killing him, yet these words were able to stop his heart...
Ciudad de Dioses by adoreparadiselight
Ciudad de Diosesby Alma Luna
El mundo de Alessia se vino abajo cuando tenía 7 años al encontrar a sus padres brutalmente asesinados en su casa y a su mellizo Alessandro desaparecido. Desde entonces...
Gianna's Spirit by lysandvictoria
Gianna's Spiritby lysandvictoria
love. romance. Why is this so complicated in a dystopic world ?
Admiration | Draco malfoy by angelicsfaces
Admiration | Draco malfoyby angelicsfaces
« I always lied to myself telling people that i hate you because this was all my family wanted me to say. And I hated myself for that because in fact I always did what m...
nothing without you.. {sad story} by urmomsfeetz
nothing without you.. {sad story}by Your mom
It was a sunny morning in Averstone, the kingdom I live in. I was outside, in the garden picking berries and cream ;). I should introduce myself. I'm Savior, Savior Ladi...
random oneshots by ThaliaDeroux
random oneshotsby Thalia Deroux
i'm just bored and have been wanting to start writing for a while. I will not be writing smut, i may use fictional caracters at some point. I do not own any of the ficti...