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STEAL HER HEART ❥ BNHA/Persona by 11QueenSupreme11
STEAL HER HEART ❥ BNHA/Personaby kat
In which a bunch of boys want to steal the youngest Todoroki's heart, some in more ways than one. Reverse Harem story including the characters of BNHA, Persona 3, 4 (Are...
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Goddess of Felines [ BNHA ]  by Neutral_Chan
Goddess of Felines [ BNHA ] by Neutral_Chan
A goddess finds herself stuck in a complicated mission that will decide whether humanity will continue or cease to exist. She's tasked to protect several boys whose pers...
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Too Hot, Too Cold by SpicyChcken
Too Hot, Too Coldby Elena↞
▪A bnha reader insert▪ Endeavor finally did it, the perfect combination between his and his wife's quirk. However it wasn't just one child, no. He got twins. A girl and...
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Beautifully Broken [BNHA] by XxScarletMaidenxX
Beautifully Broken [BNHA]by Ashley
Sometimes the people who smile the brightest are the most broken.... Endeavor looked around the conference room filled with his sidekicks. He took a quick mental headco...
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Lonely [Cheater! Katsuki x Reader x Shouto] by spoopysubaru
Lonely [Cheater! Katsuki x Reader...by aesop
[Cheater k. Bakugo x female! reader x s. todoroki] -- In which [Name] goes through the angst of being cheated on. [I own nothing but my own character(s) an/or their bac...
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Promise| [Shouto Todoroki X reader] by mireashi
Promise| [Shouto Todoroki X reader]by 失望。
╰轟焦凍╯ Promise me, you won't forget our laughs, our smiles, our conversations, our tears, our memories. ⇝ updating weekly
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I Royally Decline// Todoroki Shouto x Reader by mika_makes2
I Royally Decline// Todoroki Shout...by Mika 💖
(Y/n), Second Princess of the kingdom of Crystalli. Her parents controlled her life and only did what they thought was best for the kingdom. (Y/N) finds out that her par...
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Mystic || Dabi x Reader by explozive
Mystic || Dabi x Readerby 🍑eri🍑
Even without hearing your voice often, there was something about the texts you sent that made Dabi feel like he was aching, burning. What he didn't realize was that he c...
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Todoroki's Twin by Noodlessssyumm
Todoroki's Twinby Yoooo
Todoroki Shoto is seen as a cold and aloof to many but when he was younger, one of the few people who could make him smile was his younger twin sister, (Y/N). But growin...
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TodoDeku Oneshots by its_cold_in_december
TodoDeku Oneshotsby Cold af
Hi! This is my first story on this site, and I am well aware that it is ~not good~ I got (indirect) inspiration to do this by my amazing friend @AnnanymousFangirl she ma...
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The Crimson Power- My Hero Academia x OC by Sparklybull101
The Crimson Power- My Hero Academi...by Mentally Insane
IM BACK FROM THE DEAD! Naw I'm just joking. Anyways I'm back with another x reader featuring Akai. Akai Kage Akame an assassin with a messed up past, called the Red Sha...
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Sorry. by strawhat_pirate
Sorry.by Straw
Touya Todoroki fucked up, and his soulmate, who also just so happens to be his husband as well, is pissed. Not only did Touya lie, but he also managed to help kidnap a c...
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They'll Never Know by skinny_momo
They'll Never Knowby Momo
VILLAN DEKUU!! Also there is Tododeku in this story...Midoriya gets cloned by Toga Himiko, who locks him up in Shigaraki's new hideout. Midoriya's clone goes to UA as Mi...
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Shinobi by cb17thekiller
Shinobiby cb17thekiller
No es su mundo, llegó ahí por capricho de la persona que lo derrotó y mató al mundo shinobi. Ahora era el ultimo shinobi que existía, quizás por capricho o Kaguya tendrí...
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Cherry Blossoms by annabethlove
Cherry Blossomsby Cris💕
Shoto Todoroki is an enigma to Y/N and she can't help but be drawn in by him and his solemn eyes. There's something about Shoto that makes her believe that maybe there's...
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Humans and Dragons  by _Red_Riot_
Humans and Dragons by Red_Riot
Kirishima was a half dragon. He was captured, tortured, then stolen. This process repeated multiple times, until someone came along to save him.
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First Burn...(My Hero Academia Fanfiction) by ShihoFujioka
First Burn...(My Hero Academia Fan...by Gothic Geek💀
Family are people who will always love you, support you, and stay by your side. However... For the Todoroki Family...Things were different. The Pro Hero, Endeavor has ab...
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Skin by vegetasblondehairdye
(Dabi is a Todoroki theory) During a raid on the city by The League of Villains, Dabi comes face to face with Endeavor and Shouto Todoroki in hopes to bring the truth of...
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A Jump Changed Everything by cbearapplez17
A Jump Changed Everythingby 1cbear7
Endeavor tracks down a hero killer to help wipe out his competition. Unfortunately, he makes friends with his son instead and they fuck up his plans in no less than a we...
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his everything • tododeku by kristxria
his everything • tododekuby ♡
Izuku asks Shouto to "pretend" to date him to get Ochako jealous. Little did Izuku know that Shouto had a big crush on him. Also Endeavor is still a red cheet...
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