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Everything has changed ( Reincarnation Fic) by NeferasKingdom
Everything has changed ( Reincarna...by Nefera
"It feels so different, everything has truly changed for the better" ___________________________________________________ Mei's life has changed after she wok...
Enji todoroki x male oc by todoroki_is_cool
Enji todoroki x male ocby I'm not here
🔼The only character I own in this story is Sam all the other characters are owned by funamation and the creator of my hero academia. I also do not own the art on the bo...
Todoroki Family Chat-fic by Gay-Frogies
Todoroki Family Chat-ficby Ace
Pretty much something I do when i'm bored, this does not have an updating schedule and none of the fanart is mine or any of the pictures unless I say so. It's a little g...
Secret Sister by Luna_star_wolf_
Secret Sisterby Luna_star_wolf_
The Todiroki family is well known but what if you were told that they have a secret sister that only a few know about. There will be trigger warnings. I'll put them at...
Todoroki has a sister???? by MIMIROSE_1208
Todoroki has a sister????by Uchiha Michiko 🍡
yeah, apparently Rei Todoroki secretly pregnant and LEAVE the cute innocent baby girl with attention to protect the baby and leave a note with a necklace. read and find...
The Hellfire Child by thatoneshortfriend
The Hellfire Childby 😬👍
Not only are you a Hero but you are also a single working mother trying to teach your son, a future successful Hero, and trying to keep him away from harsh reality. /Cov...
Morning Dove (Hawks x Reader) by Matthias_Denmark
Morning Dove (Hawks x Reader)by Matthias_Denmark
(y/n) is the number 1 hero in the northern section of America/Canada. Every year all top three heros get together to meet and learn new skills. At the end of the week CE...
So This Is Love by MaidinHeaven08
So This Is Loveby MaidinHeaven08
A collection of oneshots depicting the married life of Izumi Midoriya and her husband Enji Todoroki. 5 lengthy connected sentences per chapter that can be read as their...
Todoroki Family Chat by thatpiscesbitch
Todoroki Family Chatby Egg
ANY ART USED IS NOT MINE// Endeavor makes a family group chat in the hopes of connecting with his kids better Endeavor is a stupid bitch and the chat gets out of hand im...
Reincarnated-Kind Of by MyChemical_Dumbass
Reincarnated-Kind Ofby Username
Izuku Midoriya is reincarnated- as himself. It's as though he time traveled to the beginning of his life and he was born again, in the same body, with the same family-wi...
Enji's Dual Quirk Disaster by sparx-ravencroft
Enji's Dual Quirk Disasterby Sparx Ravencroft
Endeavor gets hit by a submission quirk and a lust quirk while out on patrol. When he comes home fun times ensue for Y/N and Enji.
Happiness at The End of The Run (Todoroki RunawayAU) by IzukiBakugou
Happiness at The End of The Run (T...by Jax Jeager-Ackerman
This story starts on the day Shouto gets burned. Touya finds out and has finally had enough with his parents, so he decides to run away with his siblings and protect the...
Skin by vegetasblondehairdye
(Dabi is a Todoroki) During a raid on the city by The League of Villains, Dabi comes face to face with Endeavor and Shouto Todoroki in hopes to bring the truth of his id...
Burnt Hands. Warm Hearts. by Heartlessskeleton
Burnt Hands. Warm Hearts.by Heartlessskeleton
Toshinori Yagi knew that Enji Todoroki had some family issues, but he never stopped to think how bad it might be until he started to get to know him. (Completed)
Accident (residents of evil 8 x reader) by MasterJiraiya120
Accident (residents of evil 8 x re...by MasterJiraiya120
(the photo is not mine btw) what if an inventor/scientist that was from the world of my hero Academia, accidentally got transported in a world that was full of Monsters...
ENJIxGRAVE  by Squidwards_ass_
ENJIxGRAVE by Dildo cakes🤤
Enji.........X........Grave......... Just read it-
[ Young Toshinori x Young Enji] Oneshots by Toasty_Kitty
[ Young Toshinori x Young Enji] On...by A true weeb
no hate alright this is just a ship haha And it will never be cannon but it's cute uwu p.s most of the time Enji will be the uke lol
Into The Dekuverse by Multi-FandomBooks
Into The Dekuverseby MultiFandomWeirdo
Izuku Midoriya is hiding things from his classmates, teachers and family. What better way to expose them then making them all watch different aus of him! UwU
Ikigai   [Percy Jackson]   {1} by PhoenixMoonChaos
Ikigai [Percy Jackson] {1}by 𝗡𝘆𝘅 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝗡𝗶𝗴𝗵𝘁
✫I? I am 𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐨𝐬, 𝒃𝒍𝒐𝒐𝒅 and 𝑠𝑤𝑒𝑎𝑡☼︎ [Percy Jackson x female original character] (PJO and BNHA/MHA crossover) {Sea of Monsters & The Titan's curse}
Frozen Hearts ⎮ My Hero Academia by NerdyIcy
Frozen Hearts ⎮ My Hero Academiaby NerdyIcy
Heather Todoroki has dealt with abuse from her father practically her whole life. One day she has enough and joins the League of Villains. When she's asked to go underco...