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Enji todoroki x male oc by todoroki_is_cool
Enji todoroki x male ocby I'm not here
🔼The only character I own in this story is Sam all the other characters are owned by funamation and the creator of my hero academia. I also do not own the art on the bo...
BNHA: Ice To Your Fire by 21FishBitStar12
BNHA: Ice To Your Fireby 21FishBitStar12
this is the story of Rina Todoroki twin sister to Rei and this is the story of how she became the wife to Enji todoroki as well as keep up her life as a pro hero, while...
(200 Follower special!) Request status: CLOSED FOREVER. Did you even know about the silent, quirkless boy? Did you notice the fire always lit in the hearth of your hous...
Enji's Dual Quirk Disaster by sparx-ravencroft
Enji's Dual Quirk Disasterby Sparx Ravencroft
Endeavor gets hit by a submission quirk and a lust quirk while out on patrol. When he comes home fun times ensue for Y/N and Enji. I am open to suggestions for inspirati...
What is true love?- (Endeavor X Reader!) BNHA by OsoTheeWriter
What is true love?- (Endeavor X Re...by OsoTheeWriter
Endeavor X Reader, how exciting am I right? Don't worry he won't be much of an asshole in this story then you think he will. How this all starts is with the Reader havin...
Past parents react to dekuverse video,meme,video and ship by Daniella699817
Past parents react to dekuverse vi...by female_sans_artistrp
Past parents are react to dekuverse/video/TikTok/meme/ships and animatic
What did happen to you dad? by mintyNoelle
What did happen to you dad?by Minty/Noelle voodoo
This story is after the final war and shoto and also surprisingly Dabi aka toya wants to know the truth of what happened to their father. They Go through their dad's off...
Flames Of Fate (mha x male child reader) by StartOfTheEnd_
Flames Of Fate (mha x male child r...by Paradox
"A goal with no plan is called a delusion. You need a plan in order to achieve your goal." Overhaul stated, his cold, golden eyes piercing into Dabi's. "...
Problems by ZeusIsABitch
Problemsby Sadi Robitille
So basically Deku and Enji are dating but the TodoSiblings are quadruplets and Enji is younger and Rei had them @ 17 So as not weird as possible. Deku is 16, but that's...
Todoroki Family And Another Shoto Todoroki  by Hall_Of-Fame
Todoroki Family And Another Shoto...by A. A. Thien
One day there was an incident where people from other dimensions and different backgrounds got lost in another dimension which caused a dimensional conflict which could...
That is mineta!?  by mintyNoelle
That is mineta!? by Minty/Noelle voodoo
This is not a Naruto story it is a MHA story where everyone in class 1a are pro hero's except for three people Izuku, Shinso, and mineta and I added shinso because why n...
Soulmates (Endeavor/FemDeku) by Nel-reader
Soulmates (Endeavor/FemDeku)by Nel-reader
Enji Todoroki had given up on finding his soulmate when he had been without one for years. Now when he suddenly finds that he has one, his life will change.
Enji Todoroki is a Fanboy for his Gay Son by ElectricEnzo
Enji Todoroki is a Fanboy for his...by NOT ACTIVE
Shoto comes out to his father, with the help of his loving boyfriend Bakguou of course! I DO NOT OWN: -Characters -Images I use -Cover art/photo -BNHA/MHA
A Shadow Person by Chimera_Regarion
A Shadow Personby Chimera_Regarion
A shadow is a hero that works in the shadows of a limelight hero, doing everything they can to ensure that their hero wouldn't die. However what happens when a hero dies...
Todoroki Family Chat by thatpiscesbitch
Todoroki Family Chatby Egg
ANY ART USED IS NOT MINE// Endeavor makes a family group chat in the hopes of connecting with his kids better Endeavor is a stupid bitch and the chat gets out of hand im...
The second chance for Endeavor by Dabiswifey46
The second chance for Endeavorby Dabiswifey46
Endeavor's adopted a little girl and is very happy. Though his family doesn't like her very much
I Want to Be a Hero (Book 1) by Kizunna
I Want to Be a Hero (Book 1)by きずな
Book 1 of the series "I Want to be a Hero" ×♪× This is a reader x BNHA story. It follows the anime plot so for those who haven't watched, there'll be spoilers...
~The Truth We Choose to Hide~ READ DESC by 08Icedcoffeee80
~The Truth We Choose to Hide~ READ...by IcedCoffee
Things were starting to get back to normal after the villain attacks, that is until Aizawa finds a 14-year-old boy found in the middle of the alleyway. The white-haired...
Creatures From Hell by KingCremation
Creatures From Hellby Tobi
Shigaraki is a normal teenager who accidentally summons a demon while cleaning the attic. The demon who goes by Dabi needs to make a deal with Shigaraki so, he can go ba...
Shoto Todoroki Preferences by MBDanchou
Shoto Todoroki Preferencesby MB Danchou
Preferences/Imagines of everyone's favorite icyhot boi❄️♥️🔥 DISCLAIMER: I do not own anything from My Hero Academia or the pictures used in this story!