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Eliminate |SasuSaku| by Eris_Rain
Eliminate |SasuSaku|by Eris
Agent Haruno was sent to kill the infamous Uchiha Sasuke known as the 'Fierce Raven'. But, what if during her mission. Someone was trying to kill her too? Will she be f...
¹ eliminate | the soldier game trio ✓ by EYDEL_
¹ eliminate | the soldier game tri...by EYDEL
❝ your life is more fragile than you think. ❞ + nishikino maki, a female japanese doctor in her family hospital, disappeared without a trace. before her, a good friend...
Deadly||by sexy-Timmarra by Timmarra-boo
Deadly||by sexy-Timmarraby Timmarra-boo
Tiara is fearless tell her to kill someone she will, she will do it no questions ask what if she got told to eliminate someone handsome someone deadly and last someone c...
Quotes and thoughts: from myself and others by FeeyahSaysSo
Quotes and thoughts: from myself a...by FeeyahSaysSo
Random thoughts from myself and others. ..... Sometimes we want questions answered and are afraid to ask them! Tell you this much that will get you nowhere. I am allowin...
The Killing Game (Trust? or Betray?) by itahb1921
The Killing Game (Trust? or Betray...by Aliyahlikestowrite
A fanmade Baldi's Basic story: You, Baldi, and File are the main character of this story. Baldi decide to take a nap from those misbehaving children. However, when he w...
The Assassin Squad  by Code_OO2
The Assassin Squad by Hana-chan is a Weeb
A girl named Ashleigh has been locked up in a prison for a long time and in that prison she received the most painful experience. But eventually one night, a group of te...
How to reduce anxiety immediately | Learn How to Cope with Stress by Study24x7xx
How to reduce anxiety immediately...by Harsh Vardhan Singh
Anxiety is a common experience that can range from mild unease to severe panic. It is a natural response to stress, but when it becomes overwhelming, it can have a negat...
Path to Secrecy  by Shazzaam_
Path to Secrecy by Aloha
Amongst the average citizens of Ottawa, came a girl named Valerie with a sharp mind, strength and appearance. But unlike others, she did not mind when the privilege of i...
Jorg the Destroyer by CiJames
Jorg the Destroyerby Ci James
A dark, neo-noir sci fi series: Jorg the Destroyer! Jorg is a Destroyer. He is controlled by a powerful, punishing regime which aims to terrify the city civilians. Owe...
58 Funny Ways To Eliminate Justin Bieber :) by RoyceDoyce
58 Funny Ways To Eliminate Justin...by RoyceDoyce
How about 58 funny ways to eliminate Justin Bieber. Just for laughs. No offence.
PROJECT Calamity., by M4mars
PROJECT Calamity.,by Sam
A technician was offered to destroy the calamity trio for everlasting power (wip)