ben drowned X Reader by catlover1236
ben drowned X Readerby Alpha queen
You just moved into a new home with my older sister and you meet ben on a computer that you find on the ground Who will fall in love first? Will you ever love ben? If yo...
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My Book of Lyrics (Alphabetical Order) by IslandGirl_Goalz
My Book of Lyrics (Alphabetical Or...by IslandGirl Studios
Songs from movies, musicals, cartoons, you name it! Requests are open.
  • fnaf
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Blog by gummyyummy58
Blogby gummyyummy58
Kaitlyn has just started a blog, that she hopes other 'normal' people can relate to. But after a trip away from home, she gets stuck between choosing her best friend Nat...
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|Flickering Lights| {BNHA X OC} DISCONTINUED (now on @sakomina 's account🥰) by Harrypotter7366
|Flickering Lights| {BNHA X OC} DI...by Ms. Chanandler Bong
vig·i·lan·te /ˌvijəˈlan(t)ē/ noun a member of a self-appointed group of citizens who undertake law enforcement in their community without legal authority, typically beca...
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Vesity -Yandere Glitch X Reader by OnlineGinger
Vesity -Yandere Glitch X Readerby Ginger
Vesity, an online world, made to replace the useless outside world no one cared for any longer. Vesity is home to everything that had once existed in the outside world. ...
  • yandere
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EDM FANS ONLY! by isometricbeings
EDM FANS ONLY!by g r a c e ☪
➳ FIRST EDM BOOK ON WATTPAD ➳ #1 IN EDM in this book, i'll be updating you all on all things EDM! enjoy! -gracelyn
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Short Stories of Albums by poopdestroyer
Short Stories of Albumsby poopdestroyer
Listen to an album and write a short story while I listen
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Robotic Heart (Yandere Kaito X Reader) by Reaper-ChanTu
Robotic Heart (Yandere Kaito X Rea...by Reaper
Y/N has been a huge fan of Vocaloid since a young age- her favorite being Kaito. So when she's turns thirteen and is gifted with her own Kaito doll (version 2.18!) she's...
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Wattpad's Got Talent by music
Wattpad's Got Talentby Music & Audio
Calling all lovers of the auditory arts! If you've been yearning for the spotlight, the Music & Audio profile has the contest for you! Showcase your performance talent...
  • rap
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EDM Confection!!! by IroshadowGL
EDM Confection!!!by .:ro-chan no-chan:.
Full of EDM awesomeness, craziness, rambles, reviews, and all dat! The point is...ENJOY!!! All u Ravers are AMAZEBALLERS!!! (BTW "amazeballers" means "...
  • hardwell
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Video Game mains/Games I just like by Mfju23_Again
Video Game mains/Games I just likeby Hope
Another inspired story
  • mains
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Tattletail Factory by kelsoa2
Tattletail Factoryby Nintendo Boomer
In the seaside towns of Provincetown, Massachusetts, a chain of factories called Waygetter Electronics lies in the distance. Mysterious secrets lay in wait within the co...
  • tattletail
  • humans
  • rebellion
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The Stoned List by Eclectic94
The Stoned Listby Eclectic94
musics that I enjoy whilst riding out the effects of Mary Jane. 🔊🔥This one is more for the lonely stoner. For this list, it'll all be EDM songs. I will be working on d...
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Freerice Love: A Freerice.com Fanfiction by KahootBoss666
Freerice Love: A Freerice.com Fanf...by Thotbuster666
A computer virus falls in love with a 12 year old boy named Daniel. Daniel always plays Freerice.com,so the virus hacks Freerice and sends messages to him through the ga...
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