I'm a Canadian currently living in a small village outside my hometown and working for a tour company with my long-suffering fiancé and our ever growing collection of nerdiness. I write in my free time, what little of it that isn't taken up with traveling and hanging out with my friends. I appreciate all comments but I am especially grateful for any criticism. I am somewhat oblivious and often need to be hit over the head with something before I notice it. My first book will be out in July with Carina Press

I'm also, despite the fact that I hate poetry, a published poet.

Okay because I keep getting requests for it I'm going to warn you about my critiques. When I critique I am incredibly mean and nit-picky. The worse the story is, the nastier I get. I am also brutally honest about it. Emphasis on the brutal part. Please bear this in mind when asking me to look at your work. I'll do it, but there's a high likelihood that I will tear your story apart. Also possibly your pride and your soul. You have been warned, so please, don't yell at me later if I critique your work or say I didn't tell you how bad I'd be. I have. Due to my schedule, I'm temporarily closed to critiques. Sorry!

Since I hate the constant posting of everything I do to it, if you want my tumblr account just go to laurendmsmith.tumblr.com . It's half blog-half writing website but there's a place for questions in case any of you have ones you want to ask. You can also ask anonymously if you like.
Thanks for reading!

Reading order for the Cinderella series: Cinderella vs. Prince Charming, Cinderella vs. the Fairy Godmother, and Cinderella vs. Happily Ever After. The Step Sister vs. Cinderella is kind of number four.

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The Emperor's Arrow is out today! You can find it on Amazon and anywhere else you buy ebooks! So excited!
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The Sultan's Spy

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Description: As the youngest sister of the current Sultan, Eliska has been raised in the harem. But she's been trained not to be a bride, though she has had instruction in the womanly arts, but rather as a spy. To protect...


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