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The dragon girl in the woods by Dovahkiin05
The dragon girl in the woodsby Dovahkiin05
After his friends dared him to go into the forest into the haunted house in the center of it, Adrien finds an atractive dragon woman, but will she lett him go?
Simon Engelmann by Engel_Falke
Simon Engelmannby Engel Falke
Simon, a 14 year old boy, was starting high school and was worried. The only person he would know was his childhood friend Kara. He finds out high school isn't what he s...
City of Bridges  by Inarro
City of Bridges by Gianni Louis Ocaña
A short story of two lovers in a fantasy world who find out the hard way that sometimes love comes at a price.
The Exiled Prince by chillsweets
The Exiled Princeby ChillSweet
The time has come to leave the Fairy Realm behind to explore the Mortal World. Far from home, you find yourself on a quest to save a cursed prince. ( The Reader won't be...
To Rescue a Prince || Jin/Reader by wraiting
To Rescue a Prince || Jin/Readerby wraiting
You're a mercenary down to your last few copper and you figure it's time to accept another job so you don't, well, starve. You look at the job board and see a job posted...
A Story of Somewhat Justified Chaos by T1r3d_R3pt1l3s
A Story of Somewhat Justified Chaosby T1r3d ><
Betrayed by someone he trusted, Castle hunts down this coward he once called a friend, and perhaps, once upon a time, a lover, too. He had succeeded in finishing his mis...
The Origins of Light - Tragic, Yet Curious Beginnings by Lightmagi
The Origins of Light - Tragic, Yet...by Lightmagi
My overactive imagination came up with an elaborate backstory for one of my D&D characters, so I decided to write it out and share it with the world!
Magna Exclusio by SeraScrivenger
Magna Exclusioby Sera
Camelot has known nothing but peace and prosperity since King Arthur's reign, but not all wars are fought on the battlefield and not all secrets are kept under lock and...
The Floating Isles: The Adventures Begin by SolarArchive
The Floating Isles: The Adventures...by Malia Pendragon
Variq, a young Satyr, has been craving adventure for years, her Dryad friend, Alisma, has had the same feelings about it. The two decide they would get away from the for...
Dicey Fates by Drevilcrazyguys
Dicey Fatesby Drevilcrazyguys
A dnd inspired story, a group of knights led by a flumph get exiled and go out to look for the paladins treasure, an almighty weapon that is said to make the user grand...
Dragged Through The Mud by adless_ship
Dragged Through The Mudby Ferrithh Puppeteer
~~ Finally, after a few minutes that felt like hours, he saw a light... a big light... an opening! It's the end of the cave. "Sweet lord praise be to whoever you ar...
Waydyntale by MuhammadRyan188
Waydyntaleby Muhammad Ryan
Stories from fantasy land of Waydyntale. (Also for my writing practices)
The Beginning of the End by Wolfespirit
The Beginning of the Endby Wolfespirit
They get close and find out new things about each other but is it really the beginning or is it the end?
Tales from the Wanderer's Realm by jay_little1
Tales from the Wanderer's Realmby Jay Little
The Wanderer's Realm is fractured. Rivalries have torn the continent apart. A war between the House of Redforrest in the Gorewood and the rogue houses of Carnifex and De...