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Heroic 5 by TheArcaneWriter
Heroic 5by TheArcaneWriter
A group of teenagers find themselves on an island far from home after they crashed from a storm out in the sea. They formed a group called, Heroic 5, and they set out to...
Dreams Are His Salvation - True Short Story by simplyhysterical
Dreams Are His Salvation - True Sh...by My shortened name...Jay
He has been alone ever since he could remember. Having no purpose or a force driving him, hurt and left behind, his dreams are his salvation.
Real by AashnaPujara
Realby Aashna Pujara.
Her life is perfect. But it changes in a fall. She isn't alive, she isn't dead. Something is around. Taking her. Grasping her. Blood. Lost. Alone. Hallucinations. Dange...
My intrusive thoughts won. by kennylov3r
My intrusive thoughts won.by maja
Aku and Luc are two girls who go together to school. They are similar, both fucked up. Aku is such a quiet person. Luc, on the other hand, has anger issues. And this...
Sincerity Nature: Drastic Measures of Ignorance by hypernovas
Sincerity Nature: Drastic Measures...by Sage
English lyrics of Sincerity Nature: Drastic Measures of Ignorance
 Zoidluk: Home for the Elderly by Majestical4092
Zoidluk: Home for the Elderlyby @RobynDeVera8269
Audrey Balicki was a troubled young lady. She constantly got into fights, got involved in public vandalism and showed no respect to anybody. Truth be told, even though t...
Midnight Thoughts by Intoxicated_4
Midnight Thoughtsby Vicky_Mk
•drastic thinker. Enjoy my midnight thoughts.
La Luna by OhMyGelou
La Lunaby Angelou Aquino
(Inspired by Talking to the Moon by Bruno Mars) Copyright © 2015 OhMyGelou | All Rights Reserved [Self-Published under PNY10 (PNY Playlist) - Drastic Symphonies]
Drastic Love by hailythemermaid
Drastic Loveby Haily Starr Cooley
Astrid, a depressed teen, has a rough time getting along with family since her mom died. When Astrid is shipped off to her Aunt Leilah's beach house her life takes a cou...
Screams He Will Never Hear by Overthinkingmagic
Screams He Will Never Hearby 𝕸𝖆𝖗𝖎𝖆
Screams he isn't meant to hear, maybe no convenient ear Maybe, he's so distant or he's even not close but here You see how true love is drastically complicated Signs ar...
Change, Good or Bad? by amcarie
Change, Good or Bad?by Abbie
What happens when a family moves from New York to Maryland? Passed relationships rehashed. New relationships develop. Jealousy, Love, hurt, and betrayal. And its only th...
Lost at heart by Rorzaroo
Lost at heartby Rorzaroo
Alessia is a 16 year old girl who was orphaned at a very young age. She is always being hurt emotionally by the ones she lives with, and physically with the ones she kno...
Under The Cloth by VexusPane
Under The Clothby VexusPane
Naw this is. Not a story anymore
She is a He by _allegiant
She is a Heby Luka
Three kidnappings and and attempted assassination later, Alice Kay's father decides it best for his daughter to keep a body guard around. However, there was a slight pro...
Again by wastedlxve
Againby -xx
Elle is 16 years old. She lost her love, Dylan, two years ago, and is finally starting to learn more about his death. What she learns will change her entire view on the...
Real Love by queendetective
Real Loveby Not 4 Your Knowledge
Have you ever gone through drastic measures to get a boys attention? Well Kayla has. she does every thing phsyically to mak her popular, but it i againt every instinct i...