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Dragon of Destruction by LunarFlower693
Dragon of Destructionby LunarFlower693
Error didn't know what to expect after being pushed into the Void. He didn't expect to be transformed into a teenager. He didn't expect to fall into a world full of drag...
carson x draco 4 life by urmoms_sussybaka
carson x draco 4 lifeby ur moms sussy baka
carseat and drako fall in luv🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 lots of smut for my horny bakas
Drakos little plum 🥺🥰💕 by sofiazbish
Drakos little plum 🥺🥰💕by fictionalwhore
Y/n's new to the school and is in love with drako malfoy 🥺🥺 Drako is y/n's and y/n's ONLY anyone that touches him is dead ...because she's not like other girls 🥰🥰🥰
brocken girl 🥺 by _harrypotterisbae_
brocken girl 🥺by _harrypotterisbae_
drako tries to take you but the chosen ones there for you always 🥺 this ff includes: -gen z humor (because y/n is such a bad bleep queen) 🤪 -and again y/n being the QU...
Y/N is Drako Malfoy's sussy baka UWU SEMPAI 💔😜💅🏽 Y/N is so popular, everyone loves her 😆 but Drako is special because he's broken and not like other guys 💦👹🤰🏻
drako x 😍😩🥰🤪y/n🤪🥰😩😍 by neptunesxx
drako x 😍😩🥰🤪y/n🤪🥰😩😍by neptunesxx
Y/n is new to the school when she meets a very handsome drako he's also rich🤪 This is a jokeeee
I love you Drako x reader by daddyelijahmikealson
I love you Drako x readerby DorcasMeadowesStan
Draco loves you and cares for you Because of this love you both over throw the ministry and do other stuff
Never the same by JanbluPoggio
Never the sameby Janblu Poggio
Dagan lived a relatively normal life, as normal as one can get with no friends and a photographic memory. Then one weekend his life changed forever. Now Dagan lives alon...
my filthy mudblood🥺/ dracoxreader 🔐💞 by -YODELINGKAREN
my filthy mudblood🥺/ dracoxreader...by a!
i love my pookie drako malloy 🥵 he is so hot so i am writing a story about him 😉🦋
His Shart by ihearttiddies
His Shartby Grace:)
Smut 18+ This story contains sexual activity don't watch if you're under 18 Dracko and y/n are madly in love. She even loves him as a ferret Y/n is a baddie💅 Drako is...
Drako X Ginny by AceisAcepanrom
Drako X Ginnyby AceisAcepanrom
Im sorry to whoever reads this.
Slitheryn Prince 🥺💚🐍 by weasleytwinsyuh
Slitheryn Prince 🥺💚🐍by rainz
drako is a baka and y/n falls in loev with him 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Drakos property  by beeboodeeboo
Drakos property by 😩🤌
y/n is a new girl, drako malfoyd is the school bad boy, when drako takes interest in y/n everything changes ~~~~~ this is a joke btw, I was forced to do this