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Free to Fly: A Dragonriders of Pern FanFiction by whitneywritesbook
Free to Fly: A Dragonriders of Per...by Whitney Sivill
[Complete] Never in the history of Pern has a disabled person been Searched, yet that is exactly what happens to Missa. Legs useless since she was small, her fate as a...
Hiccup x fem reader  by tmr10sonya
Hiccup x fem reader by tmr10sonya
Hiccup and y/n were best friends. They did everything together and although her and her cousin Astrid would fight like siblings sometimes she loved her life. But after d...
Haddock Twins: Riders Of Berk by krazygirlo900
Haddock Twins: Riders Of Berkby krazygirlo900
The adventures following "You Just Gestured To All Of Me" Book 2 in a sense Hicca and Hiccup meet new friends, learn new things and make new enemies. Will the...
Hope: an Inheritance Cycle Fanfiction  by Always-Doe
Hope: an Inheritance Cycle Fanfict...by Always-Doe
Sixteen years after the fall of the tyrant king Galbatorix at the hands of Eragon Shadeslayer and Saphira Brightscales, the land of Alagaesia is still rebuilding and hea...
The Dragon Rider by Thebitesize01
The Dragon Riderby Jasmine
A very quiet village on the far end of the kingdom there was a girl who wanted nothing more than to escape to the woods were she could hunt and be herself. This girls na...
The Last Dragon Rider (Book 1 of Rider Series) by RissaleWriter
The Last Dragon Rider (Book 1 of R...by Rissa, Rissy, Riss
Long ago Riders worked hard to protect the kingdoms of Alenshia, a place filled with magic and power, and keep it well organized. Long ago these Riders were gifted with...
Rider Academy by kemikalcharge202
Rider Academyby kemikalcharge202
Rowen lives in a world where dragon riders are rare and respected. When the next Choosing Ceremony comes around to reveal the newest batch of dragon riders, she looks fo...
HTTYD/RTTE One Shots - X Reader by MultiFandomAccount0
HTTYD/RTTE One Shots - X Readerby ♡ Unknown ♡
*** REQUESTS CLOSED *** My one shot book for the HTTYD/RTTE fandom. Most are X Readers, while a few are OC inserts (per requests). Characters that I have one shots for s...
No Turning Back (A HTTYD Fanfiction)  by HttydFanatic
No Turning Back (A HTTYD Fanfictio...by Httyd - Fanatic
Banished from Berk for befriending a Night Fury, Hiccup and Toothless leaves Berk and they are never to return. They find civilisation on another village where dragons...
Through A Dragon's Eye (A Httyd Fanfaction) (Completed) by CamsterDragon
Through A Dragon's Eye (A Httyd Fa...by The Dragon Girl
By the age of seven, Draira's home island had been destroyed and her family dead. She still isn't sure how she survived so long with no one but herself, but that may hav...
The Girl with the Changewing Cloak (RTTE Fanfic) by MiniDragonRen
The Girl with the Changewing Cloak...by MiniDragonRen
Only the figure's eyes were visible, the rest hidden by a changewing cloak. Hiccup's jaw dropped as he realized. He knew those eyes. * The Dragon Riders have just defeat...
Ran away and have a great life by sziszkaaa7
Ran away and have a great lifeby sziszkaaa7
Run away AU Is there anything more to say? :D WILL BE FINISHED! - 2019. 07. 27. I do not own httyd or the pic. Only this little story is mine.
The School of Dragon Riders [Dragon Riders #1] by NumberFourTheNumber
The School of Dragon Riders [Drago...by NumberFourTheNumber
/COMPLETED/ In a world where magic and dragons are admired, but very much real, girls and boys from all around the Human Kingdom wish to become Dragon Riders. When the...
A Twist Of Fate A Percy Jackson and Eragon Crossover by KatieMossman
A Twist Of Fate A Percy Jackson an...by Katie Mossman
Percy Jackson is shocked when everyone he had always considered his friends and family betrayed him. The gods have also turned on Percy and when they send him to an en...
The Dragon's Heart (A SummerXWinger story) by UltraJackieJackal
The Dragon's Heart (A SummerXWinge...by Jackie the Jackal
It's been a year since Summer joined the Rescue Riders. She developed a huge crush on Winger in that time. One day the two fly to an island to relax. But when they get l...
The Truth About Lies (An Inheritance Cycle Fanfiction) by Kataclysm22
The Truth About Lies (An Inheritan...by Kate
Tabatha isn't quite sure how to react when she discovers that her best friend since childhood is a Dragon Rider. All she knows is that she has to aid him on his journey...
The Primordial of the Hunt Meets Eragon by thornjinx23905
The Primordial of the Hunt Meets E...by SparkleGirl
Percy and a few others have gotten bored. Zeus has stopped his bad habits that normally resulted in wars, Hera is on her best behavior and the wizarding world is at peac...
Alone (Hiccup x reader)  by Dramioneforever9246
Alone (Hiccup x reader) by Dramioneforever9246
[DISCONTINUED] Y/n was shunned from her village because she believed Dragons were just misunderstood. Her own father casted her away on a boat, at the age of 13 to nowh...
My Dearest mate by SamanthaBlue2001
My Dearest mateby SamanthaBlue2001
During the raid when hiccup was a baby something horrible happens, no his mother isn't taken but he gets bitten by a NIGHT FURY..... Now few years later his mum goes mi...
Theodora's Dragon by JerrySkell
Theodora's Dragonby JerrySkell
"What does it mean?" Theodora asked. "It means you're a witch," Mathilda said softly gently putting a hand on her shoulder, "like me." Theo...