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maddamsir - Rishton Ka Chakrview by mishbir_kuku
maddamsir - Rishton Ka Chakrviewby meddamsir kareena
kuku mishbir anuseena viyoshma kareena anushma and abha and karan
Maddamsir - Amar vidrohi vs haseenamalik vs Anubhav singh (Anushma  by mishbir_kuku
Maddamsir - Amar vidrohi vs meddamsir kareena
Amar Vidrohi Dushmani Lakh sahi khatm na kijiye rishte Dil mile na mile hath milate rahiye.. Haseena Mallik Dil me khalish liye muskurate rahe MAAF...
Until They Can Return in Peace - Hiccstrid by stories_by_kay
Until They Can Return in Peace - Kay Robs
| Completed | Following the great migration of the dragons going to the Hidden World, Chief Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III marries Astrid Hofferson. The Chief, Chieftess...
Dagur x reader by Pan__Taylor
Dagur x readerby Taylor Cheshire
Dalachite A Dagur x Reader and eventually in the story also x Mala cuz I'm polyamorous and there needs to be more poly fanfics =-=
Not So Bad After All | Eret Son Of Eret by ThatAnime_Nerd
Not So Bad After All | Eret Son ThatAnime_Nerd
You are an old friend of the dragon riders and show up on an unplanned visit to Berk after the events with Viggo and the Dragon Hunters. You haven't seen or keep in cont...
The Man Whom They Call Fury by ELITE_Ro0sH
The Man Whom They Call Furyby XxNight~ShadexX
Night Fury (AKA Hayden 'Hiccup' Haddock') is a bounty hunter known through fear or a mean to wipe out enemies. Astrid Hofferson Is the second in command in the Berk Anti...
A dragons love ( toothcup) runaway fic by TaylorWoods653
A dragons love ( toothcup) Taylor Woods
When Stoick chief of the tribe commands Hiccup to kill the monsterouse nightmare Hiccup is left to think of what to do but when the time comes toothless comes to the re...
~•°Back To Back|RMA°•~ by L0rd_B0b
~•°Back To Back|RMA°•~by L0rd_B0b
The reason I made this book because I wanted to have fun and I was also inspired from LonlyLee's work { The 8th runner ] and Miranda_iix's work { Laplace's Angel|C.G...
Two worlds •Completed• by Randomshipper_fl
Two worlds •Completed•by M
Hiccup is a rich, popular boy at school but at home, he isn't treated right. Astrid is rich, she's popular but she lives with a rich aunt who is never around. What happe...
Kissed By A Vampire by RoseyBurns
Kissed By A Vampireby Rosey
Mala Vásquez is a loaded gun. She is tough, confident, and independent. Mala has learned through the years to never trust anyone so easily. She couldn't even trust her p...
Cast Out  by Ink-N-Pages
Cast Out by Ink-N-Pages
*takes place after the season finale of Race To The Edge Season four* After Astrid is captured by dragon hunters the gang mounts a rescue mission, recruiting Berk's Auxi...
Forever yours by Aarti13
Forever yoursby Aarti13
A chirpy girl who always know to laughing. but one incident change her life. can she believe in love? can she believe in men again ?
Grimmel's Missing Artifacts || HTTYD Watching The Movie AU by PC_Clicker
Grimmel's Missing Artifacts || PC Clicker
The Vikings, dragons, allies, and hunters were teleported to a theater to watch the story of the missing heir and Hofferson in the hands of an Outcast, then a Night Fury...
Contrapasso by Vala411
Contrapassoby Vala411
(Halloween AU) It was supposed to be a vacation on a private island. Never in Astrid's mind could she foresee this happening.
Legally Auburn (HTTYD) by Vala411
Legally Auburn (HTTYD)by Vala411
Modern Legally Blonde AU: Senior student Hiccup Haddock finds his future plans wrecked when his girlfriend dumps him for a richer smarter guy bound for law school. Deter...
A Whole New World by EagleWarriormc15
A Whole New Worldby Captain Wind Weaver
Jim needs someplace for the free trolls to hide while the trollhunting team fights Gunmar, and he finds a place that is seemingly perfect- through a portal created with...
Berries, Boars, and a Boy (Snotlout X OC) by Shylowdeath
Berries, Boars, and a Boy ( Elise Hamann
"In a lot of ways, Snotlout is very much Spitelout's son," said Freda. Torben did not need to see her face to hear in her voice that she wanted to say more. &q...