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Mob Psycho Male Reader X Miss Kobayashi's Maid Dragon by SuperSodaPie
Mob Psycho Male Reader X Miss Koba...by SodaPie
A office worker and programmer by the name of Kobayashi had a normal life by herself, until one day she took in a boy two years ago. Her normal life became somewhat less...
My Crazy Life with Dragons & Psychics. (Dragon maid x Oc/Male reader) by CookPsycho
My Crazy Life with Dragons & Psych...by CookPsycho
Ryder Ligero, is a chef for a local restaurant in Japan, he recently moved in with a family friend named Kobayashi into some cheap apartment. One day, Kobayashi came hom...
Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid X Male Reader by ImmortalGod1
Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid X Mal...by ImmortalGod1
Y/n is Kobayashi's roommate and expected a normal life...until one dragon changed it all....
𝓼𝓱𝓱 - ᴹᴷᴰᴮ ˣ ᴹᴴᴬ ᶜʳᵒˢˢᵒᵛᵉʳ   by redaintsus
𝓼𝓱𝓱 - ᴹᴷᴰᴮ ˣ ᴹᴴᴬ ᶜʳᵒˢˢᵒᵛᵉʳ by ure cool
"Wait Y/n what is your quirk? How are you going to pass the race?" Y/n looked over to the spiky haired boy and smiled. "Yea i didn't tell you my quirk, bu...
Deku's Dragon Maid by All_Mighty_Loki
Deku's Dragon Maidby All Mighty Loki
What if while walking home Izuku stumbled upon an injured Tohru. Izuku then shows Tohru that humans aren't so bad. To repay the young boy Tohru become his maid. She also...
The Goddess' Playlist (Male Reader x Dragon Maid) by UnknownHerman
The Goddess' Playlist (Male Reader...by UnknownHerman
Fresh out of college, Sasaki Karu takes a job at the Magatsuchi firm where he works closely with Miss Kobayashi and Takiya. Karu thought he knew what he wanted in life...
Dragon Maid / Lucoa x male reader by xXGrimsleyXx
Dragon Maid / Lucoa x male readerby DarkDokkan Rosé
based off of several fanfics I'll put my own twist on them to give you the optimal experience. yes there will be some lemon juicy scenes however they won't be there for...
A Dragons Tale: Male Reader x Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid by ShipDEEZ
A Dragons Tale: Male Reader x Miss...by ShipDEEZ
A prince, rumored to be the son of the most powerful deity in existence. An heir to the unstoppable symbol of terror. A being you would never want to meet, or would you...
Meant To Be Together (Elma x Male Reader) by Victor_TheRiper
Meant To Be Together (Elma x Male...by Victor Hernandez
One day, in the city of Koshigaya, south side of Tokyo, Elma, who happens to be from another world dimension, alongside with Tohru, Kanna, Ilulu, Fafnir, and Lucoa, and...
I was expelled from Union but got a Maid in Exchange. by Hirolegend34
I was expelled from Union but got...by Hiro The Legend
Hiro Shizuki a student at Union Academy was expelled for defending himself from bullies,yea he maybe powerless but the boy is a gift with his medical knowledge not to me...
Saitama's Dragon Maid by BigTele
Saitama's Dragon Maidby TheTUB
I just wanted to make a fanfic crossover with 'One Punch Man' and 'Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid' since there isn't any fanfic of and it suprised me that there is none th...
His Dragon Maid (Remastered) by Hs_JoKerPT
His Dragon Maid (Remastered)by Hs_JoKerPT
After being rejected by his high school crush, Akeno Himejima. Y/n went off by himself hoping to drown his sorrows. As he roamed around, he bumped into some guy who pluc...
||Roommates|| Kobayashi's Dragon Maid by lol_ninikun
||Roommates|| Kobayashi's Dragon M...by Moe
A oneshot book of your favorite side characters: Fafnir and Takiya. Open for requests! "And they were roommates!" #1 Fafnir AYOO #1 misskobayashi #2 dragonmaid
The Wrath of the Fallen Dragon by DespairCircus
The Wrath of the Fallen Dragonby DespairCircus
When a raging dragon kills the King's best knight, there are consequences to be faced.
✎ anime | quotes book by Shugzzz
✎ anime | quotes bookby Shugz
Just some quotes from different animes that I like. top rankings: #8 in animequotes
Male!Reader X Tohru (Dragon Maid) by Irxxss
Male!Reader X Tohru (Dragon Maid)by 𝐂𝐞𝐥𝐭𝐲
Yup.. I got into another Anime, anyway this is an Idea I came up with after finishing the series... It takes place 150 years later after the original story, after Miss...
Lucoa x Teenage transfem reader one shots  by elegantadelaide
Lucoa x Teenage transfem reader on...by Adelaide
trans girl reader x Lucoa from Dragon Maid
A Dragons Gold by SpideMaster
A Dragons Goldby SpideMaster
An adventurous ghoul was bored back in his world so he decided to leave his home and go to a new world. Little did he know what chaos would follow. Join Dengo as he trie...
Mr Rick's Dragon Maid  ( Rick and Morty x Miss kobayashi's dragon maid )  by Black-Nerd
Mr Rick's Dragon Maid ( Rick and...by Black-Nerd
What happens when Rick and his family go on a vacation to Japan to get away from everything well let's just say they will have to deal with annoying neighbors. All Righ...