Displacement Stories

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Pick Me Darling~ [Sakamaki Love story] by Gothgirl1994
Pick Me Darling~ [Sakamaki Love st...by Gothgirl1994
Imagine an alternate universe in which your favorite character has a crush on you. Well this story is a 'what if' of a young woman who is a vampire who has that happen t...
Shattered reflections   Based on that face play  by scarlettred43
Shattered reflections Based on t...by scarlettred43
Mia and her friend Izzy are in boarding school think ,Malory towers on steroids with girls who are a more honest satire on st trinians and how that correlated with Mia's...
Stranded in the Sea of Hisses by Smiocuck
Stranded in the Sea of Hissesby Catshepsut
BitLoD(Blue in the Land of Doom) sequel! Suli, one of Sonic and Tails' new friends, tells of a powerful, mysterious sea monster known as the MVC, nearly scaring the two...
Screaming Seagulls by Watermelern
Screaming Seagullsby Watermelern
Displaced and distorted I struggle to hold on to my will to survive while strangers take over the country.
DISPLACEMENT by charanhimself
In this gripping story, a lost ID card becomes the catalyst for a series of unforeseen events, leading the characters on a journey of emotional upheaval and discovery, a...
Roto Pumps Ltd.: 55 Years of Excellence in Global Fluid Movement by Rotopumps98
Roto Pumps Ltd.: 55 Years of Excel...by
For over 55 years, Roto Pumps Ltd. has been at the forefront of efficiently moving diverse fluids around the world. As pioneers in the manufacturing of Positive Displace...
If my heart is a house you'd be home by Reibun
If my heart is a house you'd be ho...by Discontinued
Sometimes she wanted to hold him and never let go....and others she would love nothing more than to shank him with her knives. Sometimes he was everything he li...
Forestside: The Battle with the BushPack: The Survival of the Young by Smiocuck
Forestside: The Battle with the Bu...by Catshepsut
Spottedpaw is chased out of the forest by the BushPack along with her brother and a kit from her pack. They run to the plains to get help, but this is not easy. Can Spot...
Murder of Crows- Book 3 The Council of the Light by ablueartist
Murder of Crows- Book 3 The Counci...by Ruth Allen
Beatrix must become the Pathfinder, wanted by both the Council of the Light and the New World Order. Unsure of her powers, or the reasons behind her importance, Beatrix'...
Crow by Calcite02
Crowby Calcite02
Short story using the themes marginalisation and displacement Tim Winton