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TBD Dirty Imagines by dirty4tbd
TBD Dirty Imaginesby TBD Imagines
Let your imagination run wild -Digaz This story is made up by various Digaz.
What Is Love? (Devin Gordon) by textinglucki
What Is Love? (Devin Gordon)by Jeana
Will Devin realize his mistake of losing the love of his life ?
Karma by Trapsouled
Karmaby Trapsouled
"Communication is key," she continued. "Without out it, everything around you two start to fall apart."
Main TBD Imagines Book by Lexi170
Main TBD Imagines Bookby Lixcey Avery/TBDLexi
This book is gonna be of the boys imagines, I couldn't focus on 4 books so i made this one for all the imagines of the boys. I know I said I wanted to make independent b...
Just a fangirl?  by janaye502
Just a fangirl? by janaye502
London is in love with the Bomb digz. They are finally coming to her town. She is so happy. Her mom got her and her friend vip tickets to see them . What will happen whe...
Our Secret♡Kevin Alston by boogiemae_
Our Secret♡Kevin Alstonby •mae•
It happened when I never expected it...
Lost Boy { Daniel Veda } by ToveEriksson
Lost Boy { Daniel Veda }by Tove Eriksson
Daniel Veda is a boy in The Bomb Digz. He loves his bros and he loves his Digaz. But the thing is that he is not sure about himself. He is shy and does not like to steal...
Different by _Midnight_Stories
Differentby _Midnight_Stories
~*Sequel to Choose Me?*~ "WHAT HAPPENED TO GUYS?!? WHY ARE YOU ALL ACTING SO DIFFERENT!" I scream. "What do you mean Siena?" Ashton says with confu...
Perfect Chemistry by digaz_4_life
Perfect Chemistryby Alexiss
Perfect- highly suitable for someone or something; exactly right. Chemistry- the complex emotional or psychological interaction between two people. Alexiss, Lency, and N...
Act Right by kksb99
Act Rightby kksb99
The sound of the the lunch bell chimed in my ear as everyone including myself started leaving to go get lunch. I entered the the cafeteria waiting in the China express l...
Back And Forth [Daniel Veda] by christinacrazina1
Back And Forth [Daniel Veda]by Christina
Have you ever had those mistakes that could have easily been avoided. The ones that if only you just denied it, the chaos that was caused currently wouldnt have been slo...
Choose Me? by _Midnight_Stories
Choose Me?by _Midnight_Stories
"What was the point of kissing me if you knew you weren't going to choose me?" Siena Young, a 15 year old girl who's just trying to make it through sophomore...
bully d.g. by inlovewtbd
bully d.g.by Harmony
you and dev, kev and daniel have been the best of friends since you guys were 2 years old, they were your only best friends all throught elementary school until you met...
Nothing Like Us (TheBombDigz) by bvggirl
Nothing Like Us (TheBombDigz)by Britney Vargas
A teenager whos madly in love with daniel, from The Bomb Digz. keep reading crazy stuff happens.
Adopted by the bomb digz?! by xxxkingnami
Adopted by the bomb digz?!by Officially nami
Cassandra Ramirez is just another teen orphan but not for long. She's madly in love with the new boy band the bomb digz. She's been to multiple orphanages but doesn't se...
The Bad Boy's Girl... by justycep
The Bad Boy's Girl...by justycepeters
Hey, My name is Jordan Anderson, im 16 and highschool is not my bestfriend. I have one bestfriend and her name is Melissa, we've been bestfriends for 3 years so far. Oh...
Gizzy Imagines by SheCravesGuap
Gizzy Imaginesby Ayana
Just some small stories about my faves The Bomb Digz