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The Bad Boy's Girl... by justycep
The Bad Boy's Girl...by justycepeters
Hey, My name is Jordan Anderson, im 16 and highschool is not my bestfriend. I have one bestfriend and her name is Melissa, we've been bestfriends for 3 years so far. Oh...
TBD Dirty Imagines by dirty4tbd
TBD Dirty Imaginesby TBD Imagines
Let your imagination run wild -Digaz This story is made up by various Digaz.
The Bestfriend (Kevin Alston Imagine) w/TBD Preferences  by Dani358
The Bestfriend (Kevin Alston Imagi...by DaReishino
Kevin Alston Best friend Imagine. #thebombdigz
TBD Imagines by dulceabarca199
TBD Imaginesby tbd.dulce
I'm writing imagines for all of The bomb Digz. So if you want me to do one for you just message me and I'll do it. Enjoy!
This is my imagines I write about Devin Gordon from the bomb digz and I. And also I sent all of them to him and he loved them all and told me to finish the first part. W...
Main TBD Imagines Book by Lexi170
Main TBD Imagines Bookby Lixcey Avery/TBDLexi
This book is gonna be of the boys imagines, I couldn't focus on 4 books so i made this one for all the imagines of the boys. I know I said I wanted to make independent b...
Backs Turned (Sequel to The Bet) by _Midnight_Stories
Backs Turned (Sequel to The Bet)by _Midnight_Stories
But.. Devin! You promised not to hurt me again" I said crying " I know lani I'm sorry.. But I'm in love with her" Kalani and Devin are in their first ye...
Without You (T.B.D)  Sequel to Bestfriends 4 Life  by lilmamaw
Without You (T.B.D) Sequel to Bes...by lilmamaw
Everyone is sad about Daniels death. (1 month later) His family is doing horrible, Mariah came back from college to find out her brother has died. Jaiden is horrified...
How we met💙 by KKsoCrazyyy
How we met💙by KKsoCrazyyy
The Bomb Digz read to find out
TBD housewives by Eww_IsthatKaris
TBD housewivesby K A R I S
Fatima, Karis, and Jeana were Bestfriends living in Brooklyn,New york. They met these 3 boys who would change their life forever.
Broken petals  by zjxkxkfk
Broken petals by Tbd writer
A story of. A young girl and her start to fame
Adopted by the bomb digz?! by xxxkingnami
Adopted by the bomb digz?!by Officially nami
Cassandra Ramirez is just another teen orphan but not for long. She's madly in love with the new boy band the bomb digz. She's been to multiple orphanages but doesn't se...
Act Right by kksb99
Act Rightby kksb99
The sound of the the lunch bell chimed in my ear as everyone including myself started leaving to go get lunch. I entered the the cafeteria waiting in the China express l...
See You Again by SheCravesGuap
See You Againby Ayana
YN & Kevin were the best of friends since diapers. They've grown up together all through middle school. After 3 long school years they graduate. Somehow they just split...
The Bad Boy's Flame by hannah_veda
The Bad Boy's Flameby Hannah
Sam was a good girl. She always did her work, she was a straight A student, and she was daddy's little girl. Sam had her whole life planned out for herself, NYU, and...
The Bomb Digz preferences/imagines  by Yaskenyatta
The Bomb Digz preferences/imagines by Yaskenyatta
This is a preference & imagines story for TBD
The Concert by devin_babygirl
The Concertby Tiny
"I should've just stayed home"......