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Fnaf kids one shots ||TFF|| by Artycusyes
Fnaf kids one shots ||TFF||by Atlas
!!ART NOT MINE!! Hello! welcome! this is a book about the series called Fnaf kids from bryans series! I take requests of anything (mostly), hope ya click have a good day!
a New World by errorfoxthenightmare
a New Worldby moonlight/ Star the nine tail...
When Bryan and the other were doing things when they were teleported to a world of someone Bryan knows but some other people he know also got teleported there to.
The magic 7 {completed} by darknessgirl12
The magic 7 {completed}by Melody Emerald
Read the book to find out Main characters: Skydoesminecraft aka Adam Prince GizzyGazza Guard Shubble aka shelby dreamer Baker Newscapepro aka Cory crater Theif 09shark...
TBD Pregnancy Imagines/Preferences Series by Lexi170
TBD Pregnancy Imagines/ Lixcey Avery/TBDLexi
Just like the title says there will be imagines and preferences of the TBD boys, their wives or girlfriends whichever and their kid or children. There will be imagines a...
High Class ♡ Kevin Alston by -danielveda
High Class ♡ Kevin Alstonby — N 🥀
"Got that wine in my glass while I dine in first class" - Kevin Alston; The Bomb Digz © danielveda || 2016
lost memories ( gizzy gazza x thefearraiser fanfiction ) by kittypop20031
lost memories ( gizzy gazza x Kittypop2003
Legend said there was a spirit wolf that toke care of a young boy. one day the left town to see his wolf friend and was never seen again. was it just a story. we'll see
Defenders Of MineCraftia ~ A Minecraft YouTuber Fanfiction by BridgetTh3B1RD
Defenders Of MineCraftia ~ A Im disguising myself
ON HOLD I INTEND TO FINISH THIS ( Hello! So I'm making a story about some Minecraft YouTubers gaining powers n shiz and trying to harness them and crap enjoy. ) When dar...
The Bad Boy's Flame by hannah_veda
The Bad Boy's Flameby Hannah
Sam was a good girl. She always did her work, she was a straight A student, and she was daddy's little girl. Sam had her whole life planned out for herself, NYU, and...
Bait d.v. by hana253
Bait Hana
A girl had to move and isn't too happy about it. But she learns how to cope with the move when she makes some new friends. Turns out her family line has a huge secret an...
THE THREE OTHERS by maximas1
The story starts of with one of are mane characters deadlox, he has to team up with sky, bajinCanadian, truemu, ssundee, and gizzy gazza to help save the three most scar...
Gotta make you mine by niyahwroooo
Gotta make you mineby niyahwroooo
IN WHICH HE IS TRYING TO MAKE HER HIS. "I'll make her mine" "Yea right" "Just wait"
the one that got away | dg  by gizzycharmz
the one that got away | dg by dominique gordon
dominique, a small hometown girl, moves to New Jersey and meets the love of her life, also known as devin gordon, but do they get to stay together?
I saved his life (Tbd Fanfiction) by DatCubanwriter
I saved his life (Tbd Fanfiction)by Omari
Omari and her best friend Kianna are true fans of The Bomb Digz. They have supported them, and even wanted to meet them. But they did meet them, and it's in one of the m...
The P e r f e c t Guy | MelaninGal  by MelaninGal
The P e r f e c t Guy | MelaninGal by what’s good ?
Thought You Found The Love Of Your Life? He's So Good To Your Parents , So Nice To Your Friends , And Is The Kindest and Sweetest Boy Ever. Until You See His Dark Side T...
The Past by TulipsAreWhite
The Pastby I Am Somewhat Of A Fanfic Exp...
!!!!Warning!!!! this story includes blood, death, murder and torture (All art in this story is mine) (based on FNaF kids, the FNaF Book series, FNaF 6, and the famous fi...
Haunted Memories " gizzy gazze x thefearraiser fanfiction" by kittypop20031
Haunted Memories " gizzy gazze x Kittypop2003
gizzy has been tormented by these nightmares sense he was 16. the only way to keep the nightmare animatronics satisfied is to hurt himself. but they are starting to get...