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Clone Family by jedimasterashla
Clone Familyby Ashla Delana
Funny conversations and events between clones, Jedi, and other people.
MACGYVER | ON HOLD | by RandomWriteTypes
MACGYVER | ON HOLD |by RandomWriteTypes
How Season 6 would play out in my head. This is purely based on binge-watching all five seasons recently, reading the article of what the showrunner would have imagined...
Six by Matteoarts
Sixby Matteoarts
It's been six years since the fall of Spyglass. Ships are systematically being attacked by an unknown entity, colonies are going dark, and the only link they have to eac...
Index Astartes: The Bleeding Cog by MrBlue2806
Index Astartes: The Bleeding Cogby Blue2806
irl army fanmade codex lmao. GW fucked it all up so to keep my sanity I'm making this
Lex Dominus - The CODEX  by TomBombadil2
Lex Dominus - The CODEX by Tom Bombadil
It is not a Story. It is a lifeguide for dominants (ans subs)
Tales of the Codex by Matteoarts
Tales of the Codexby Matteoarts
A collection of one-shots and short stories featuring characters from the universe of 'the Architect Codex'. Open to suggestions and ideas if there's anything you'd like...
Memorytale by SilentSyaranad
Memorytaleby Jessica the Fallen Queen
My Au. The world is destroyed after a war between #*%~?/. The survivors are a fusion of metal and flesh. Machines. Slowly they begin to deactivate the mechs that survive...