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spooky month one shots  by MrReixx
spooky month one shots by ♡
COVER AIN'T MINE Request are still active the title say it all I DO : Lemon Smut Fluff Angst Family au's Friendships Poly relationships Harems and more
Newt x Reader - The Heart by aerovxoid
Newt x Reader - The Heartby Peter Tingle
After getting out of the maze alongside your brother and close friend, you cant trust anyone, especially after the people you're closest to are taken. That is until you...
Summertime saga by TahirBond104
Summertime sagaby TahirBond104
You were born in a town that has a Dangerous gang your dad did some bad stuff back in the day but on that day he was no longer living
One Night - Night at the Museum by LAC1940
One Night - Night at the Museumby FantasyandHistory
One night. That is how it all began. One night in 1952 the Tomb of Ahkmenrah arrived at the Museum of Natural History, and every night since then the whole museum has co...
Incorrect Quotes 8 [Rainimator AUs] by RettaTheOriginal
Incorrect Quotes 8 [Rainimator AUs]by CG - Ryea
Book no.8 of my Incorrect Quote book series I do not own any characters in this book All characters belong to Rainimator Except for Default or characters that I mention...
Decisions Decisions (Raven Queen and Dexter Charming EAH Fanfiction) [Complete] by fablueous
Decisions Decisions (Raven Queen fablueous
Raven Queen has been kidnapped. A force of evil greater than her mother is invading. And Dexter Charming is thrown into the spotlight to stop her. Dexter has a decision...
Ever After High Ships by mayapiyahiyaskiya
Ever After High Shipsby Give em hex
I will rate the Ever After High Ships
Ever After High Confessions by WickedByTheBook
Ever After High Confessionsby WinxLover13
A book full of EAH confessions Highest Ranking: #6 in apple
Skulduggery Pleasant One Shots  by ScarletBlack1301
Skulduggery Pleasant One Shots by Scarlet Black
Just a bunch of one shots about all of your favourite Skulduggery Pleasant characters. This will literally contain anything, including Valduggery, Sexter, Ghanith, Flech...
More than words (Dean Winchester) by CrystalClean007
More than words (Dean Winchester)by Crystal
J.C is a seemingly normal college student that attends Stanford,with her bestfriends. Little does she know her life is going to go from college scene to the hunters life...
An Epic Summer After All? by Crochetlv3r96
An Epic Summer After All?by Crochetlv3r96
Ever After High experienced some topsy-turvy weather when the Snow King was cursed with Kindness Blindness and declared a state of eternal winter... on the hottest day o...
The Powerpuff Girls Enter Dexter's Laboratory by Bat-Knight
The Powerpuff Girls Enter Dexter' Bat Knight
You read it right guys a Cartoon Network Crossover we wanted for years is FINALLY here the characters of Genny Tartakovsky and Craig McCracken collide in a magnificent c...
Ever After High Next Generation by RachelleRavenclaw66
Ever After High Next Generationby Rachelle Ravenclaw
The children of some of the famous Ever After High characters time-travel back to when they're parents went to school at EAH. The reason why wasn't all that dramatic, b...
Incorrect Quotes 6 [Rainimator AUs] by RettaTheOriginal
Incorrect Quotes 6 [Rainimator AUs]by CG - Ryea
Keeping these descriptions simple now- I do not own any characters in this book All characters belong to Rainimator Except for Default or characters that I mention ARE m...
Here's to Christmas - Skulduggery Pleasant FanFic by MoreThanWhatYouSee77
Here's to Christmas - Magic
This story is set after Dying of the Light (with a few teeny details changed) THIS STORY DOES NOT FEATURE VALDUGGERY. No copyright infringement intended. All characters...
{EAH} Meant for me [Rexter/Dexven] by fangirl_queen_ouat_
{EAH} Meant for me [Rexter/Dexven]by Red
Super cute Rexter/Dexven Fanfic!! It's... well... "Just Right!" This happens BEFORE True Hearts Day. Hope you enjoy! Check out my other EAH fanfics too! They a...
[Blossick] LULLABY by AppiesAppies
[Blossick] LULLABYby Chanh tuyết
Blossom x Brick Status: Ongoing Our heroines have grown up and attend high school in Townsville. Until the arrival of old enemies, the girls' school life was believed to...
spooky month x reader one-shots by bobvelsebsbitch
spooky month x reader one-shotsby ronnie
WARNING!! slower updates because of lack of motivation but I try update at least once or twice a week!! Will not: prosh1p, child sm#t, will not do pump or skid oneshots...
Darling Charming: Finally Extraordinary by zoeyswiftie13
Darling Charming: Finally Zoey
Winner of the EAH Watty Award 2016 in the OC Category Darling Charming constantly feels compelled to prove herself to her strict, neglectful father- but it's so difficul...