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Kicked Out (Prinxiety- Sanders Sides) [COMPLETED!] by SanderShipper
Kicked Out (Prinxiety- Sanders 💜SanderShipper💜
'I plug my headphones into my phone, put them on, and press 'shuffle' on the P!ATD album. I slowly sink into another world where nothing matters.' When Virgil Black gets...
SanderSides One-Shots by AnxietyToTheMax8
SanderSides One-Shotsby AnxietyToTheMax8
*All ships included* *Some AUs* *Warnings inside* *Request are welcomed* *Please read all the notes if there are any at the beginning of chapters* *If you don't like any...
Weirdness (Sander Sides x reader) by FriskVanlockster1011
Weirdness (Sander Sides x reader)by Frisk Vanlockster
(Y/N) Is a hidden side. Patton is the Only one who knew about her, she was like a daughter to him. Patton finally trusts the other sides enough to introduce (Y/N) to the...
Sander Models (sander sides au) by ArtsyPrince
Sander Models (sander sides au)by Freddy
Sanders Modeling agency is a male-only agency for anyone and everyone. They don't care if you are black, white, or both. They don't body shame and inspire people that ha...
Probable Theorem by residentanchor
Probable Theoremby Celery
A Sequel to Lesson In Practicality! Living together was the best and most difficult thing they've ever done, but after all the things they went through together, there w...
Our Family by AnxietyToTheMax8
Our Familyby AnxietyToTheMax8
Patton and Logan are a newly married couple. They both have good jobs, just bought a house in a good neighborhood and feel ready to start their family. Adopting will hav...
Can I?- Sander Sides AU by an_aussie_unicorn
Can I?- Sander Sides AUby an_aussie_unicorn
Virgil is a depressed kid. With abusive parents, a suicidal sister, bullies, and one friend, Virgil struggles to survive. When an 'accident' happens, Virgil finds himse...
Caged by MickWrites67
Cagedby MickWrites67
#27-anxiety For Romans whole life, he's always wanted to go to Cove Discovery, a place where there was Reef's, Fish, Sharks and Merfolk?! No one ever was able to train...
Sanders Sides One Shots! by SanderShipper
Sanders Sides One Shots!by 💜SanderShipper💜
Hey guys! Here, have a Sanders Sides one shot book, because why not? Guideline things in the first chapter. I'll say now though, NO SMUT/LEMONS. Sorry! •Characters by Th...
Sanders Sides Smut by agasdfzghjk34678
Sanders Sides Smutby ☠️🎃Alien boy👽👻
Every new chapter will be a new smut and a ship! I may do some ships again. (Obviously a lot of this stuff will not be canon) (Yaoi,smut,lemon) (boy x boy)
Science Experiments - IntruLoCeit by wog-woman
Science Experiments - IntruLoCeitby wog-woman
When Logan starts doing chaotic Science Experiments and games with the Dark Sides, he begins to fall in love with them! But the Light Sides could never know...or underst...
In elk universum - A Robbe And Sander Love Story - WTFock by SuedePWilliams
In elk universum - A Robbe And Suéde Peony Williams
It is the 3rd season of WTFock but in Sander's perspective. SPOILERS IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE SHOW YET!!! Sander Driesen has bipolar disorder, which makes his daily life...
Devils Academy [COMPLETED] by theslytheringoddess
Devils Academy [COMPLETED]by .
Devils Academy. Hindi ordinaryong paaralan. Ano ang kahahantungan ni Sabrina sa pagpasok niya sa paaralang puro demonyo ang nagaaral? --- © theslytheringoddess. All righ...
Breaking point - Intruloceit by Rosetta_Thorn
Breaking point - Intruloceitby Roseta Thorn
Logan has a personality disorder. He hides it from everyone but excepts that he is different. Accepting how the Lights treat him, is another matter entity. After faking...
somewhere only we know by vichp04
somewhere only we knowby vichp04
Sander is a new student in his school, he meets Robbe, who keeps avoiding him, but maybe the reason he is avoiding Sander is that he is afraid of his feelings ? This is...
Don't Be So Stoic- DarkSide!Logan by SanderShipper
Don't Be So Stoic- DarkSide!Loganby 💜SanderShipper💜
The Mindscape was falling apart, quite frankly. Or, at least that's how Logan saw it over with the Light Sides. He found that it was very stressful to constantly watch t...
Escape || Prinxiety by StarIsCri082
Escape || Prinxietyby Goodbye
Virgil was never accepted. Even when Thomas was little. Patton was always told not to go around Virgil. Logan thought Virgil/Anxiety was a disorder. Roman was just a j...
Yours- The Sequel to Mine (Yandere!Logicality) by SanderShipper
Yours- The Sequel to Mine ( 💜SanderShipper💜
Patton Croft... was, happy. He married his high-school sweetheart and boyfriend of 7 years, Logan Croft. They've now been married for three years, and adoption plans are...
Never alone (Sander Sides Reader X Virgil) *First story* by Rebekahfurrie
Never alone (Sander Sides Reader Rebekah Furrie
Y/N pov: *flashback to five years ago because your 24* You stare at my adopted moms eyes. she hands me a sign, with a single leather string. she puts it around my neck...