Forever Young, Always Beautiful (E.P)

Forever Young, Always Beautiful (E.P)

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Have you ever wondered who took all those rare candid photos of the King that you only come across every once in a while? Do you ever wonder, in a world of people out for his fame and wealth, who Elvis would let close enough to take such intimate photographs? Did you ever consider that it was someone close to him, no one professional, who took them?

Annabel Jenkins - she'd prefer if you call her Annie - was only 14 years old when she moved to Memphis, Tennessee. The move was a result of her father's new job, for which he brought Annie and her mother along with him. Upon starting at the local high school, Humes High, Annie found herself as an outcast. As she was no one particularly special, not gifted in an outright glance, people just ignored her. There was the odd comment, maybe something to do with her auburn hair or her older looking, fuller figure, but they were just jealous girls or disrespectful boys. She had it nowhere near as bad as the school's resident punch bag, a kid called Elvis Presley.

Annie recognised him; they lived two houses apart. And because of their common ground as outcasts, they quickly became friends. And so started a friendship that would last until Elvis' last breath.

Forever Young, Always Beautiful - The Memoir of Annie Jenkins

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