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○☆Blue Blood☆○ Connor x Reader [UNDER EDITING] by fern_writes_stories
○☆Blue Blood☆○ Connor x Reader [ Fern
Cover art by ABD-illustrates on DeviantArt!! ~ (yet-to-be edited chapters begin at chapter 7) ~ When a steely, narrow-minded, android hating girl named (Y/n) returns fro...
helpless| connor x male reader by toliveornottolive
helpless| connor x male readerby 🤠🏳️‍🌈
he was running after an android murderer and suddenly became helpless. cover is from daniellatlas on tumblr.
Alive | Connor x Reader | Detroit: Become Human by 1_Julia_1
Alive | Connor x Reader | Julia
*Follows the storyline of Detroit: Become Human* You've been working at Detroit City Police Department for a few years, being in the police force had been you're dream j...
A Reason to Change | Connor x Human Reader (female) by sugarlizzz_
A Reason to Change | Connor x 💀⭐️SugarLiz⭐️💀
NEW BOOK TITLE - Previously known as "We Live, Therefore We Are" You never had anything against androids... In fact, you're rather fascinated by everything abo...
I am ALIVE [Human! Connor x Android! Reader] by The_Lone_Fictionist
I am ALIVE [Human! Connor x Fictionary
"I do not understand why I always feel... Weird inside whenever he is around... Is my software working? Is there something wrong with me, Dr. Cohen?" I asked D...
[COMPLETE] Purple Hearts (Connor x Reader) Detroit: Become Human #Wattys2019 by midnightXcross
[COMPLETE] Purple Hearts (Connor Midnight Cross
You've always had an interest in androids ever since you were a child. The very thought that technology could create an intelligent life-form that looked just like a hum...
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Connor X Reader smut oneshots  by nexuyaa
Connor X Reader smut oneshots by Nexuyaa :3
We love one android and that android is Connor ✨ So here's a book of different, and dirty, scenarios with this sexy little android.
Change (A Connor x Reader story based on Detroit Become Human) by KeiZiahKnight1886
Change (A Connor x Reader story Kei Ziah Knight
Y/n Anderson is her name. Charming and overall a friendly personality, she's the embodiment of the phrase "doing great". Or at least that's what she wants the...
Connor oneshots & imagines (dbh) by theyoungoneandonly
Connor oneshots & imagines (dbh)by theyoungoneandonly
Dbh Connor oneshots! Male, female, and unisex terms:)
Saving the Broken (Connor x Deviant!Reader) by Styla_Mythic
Saving the Broken (Connor x ☆ Styla Mythic ☆
"I'm broken." "Then you can be fixed." "You can't fix something this broken." "I can try."
Detroit Become Human x Readers by dairysticks
Detroit Become Human x Readersby bingus
These aren't mine! These belong to magical-musical-imagines/omi-writes-things/chiliadrevolution on tumblr! Since they stopped writing and archived all their old works, I...
one of my features (DBH connor x mute!reader) by thesmallstorm
one of my features (DBH connor x Star
The the year 2038 everything seemed to finally be looking up for the recently torn city of Detroit, not for young (name) who couldn't speak since an accident at age six...
Battle Scars [Detroit: become Human - Connor X Reader] by modelRK800
Battle Scars [Detroit: become modelRK800
"[Y/N], what is your biggest fear?" "Existing. I'm so terrified of living a life where I don't inspire anyone, where the only people who remember me when...
A two for one deal (Connor x fem!reader) by iamscaredoftheocean
A two for one deal (Connor x fem! Fear be gone-omatic
Connor x female android reader From: Detroit: Become Human ----------------- "It's a state-of-the-art prototype, and that one's an android that comes along with it...
Out Of Love by sugarcanecat
Out Of Loveby Kat
CyberLife never could've predicted the android they had specifically designed to hunt deviants would become one himself. No one saw that coming. It wasn't long til the i...
★ creator ★ connor x reader ★ by 800blahblah800
★ creator ★ connor x reader ★by • k •
★ female pronouns & third person view (may change it if people prefer first person!) ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ "I don't know you," The android glowered back at the stranger...
afraid. // Connor x Reader [ONGOING] by -lilbeanie
afraid. // Connor x Reader [ beanie
*Female pronouns* ✧ In which you have an extreme fear of androids. Started: June 29, 2018 Ended: - this book does contain swearing and violence! - and angst but i put so...
Detroit: Become Human Imagines by CallMeMythicalMinx
Detroit: Become Human Imaginesby Chloe
Different imagines including: Markus x Reader Connor x Reader
Detroit Get Laid UWU by skysskapes
Detroit Get Laid UWUby Sky
Daddy Connor is coming for you 👀 *couGh* Few people have luck good enough that they keep running into connor no matter the circumstance. You just happen to be one of th...