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Marigold by TurtleInATurtleNeck
Marigoldby TurtleInATurtleNeck
Another Dave and Kurt fanfic. Sorry Krist.
Love's Madness by XPunkLoveX
Love's Madnessby XPunkLoveX
Courtney goes away for tour and while she's gone Kurt breaks his arm. Dave decides to help him around until his arm heals, and Kurt gains feelings for his best friend.
Heart-shaped box  by kurttheangel
Heart-shaped box by kurttheangel
(Kurt x Dave) |COMPLETED|
A Teacher and His Student by kurtysdave
A Teacher and His Studentby Never mind.
Kurt/Dave teacher/student
No More Pain (Nirvana Lovestory) by XPunkLoveX
No More Pain (Nirvana Lovestory)by XPunkLoveX
Kurt decided to kill himself. He just doesn't want to be famous. He's sick of the pain. A few years later Dave kills himself, and he meets Kurt again. But Kurt doesn't r...
Diving Into New Love by XPunkLoveX
Diving Into New Loveby XPunkLoveX
(Kurt Cobain & Dave Grohl)
I Didn't Mean To Fall by XPunkLoveX
I Didn't Mean To Fallby XPunkLoveX
Kurt and Dave are stepbrothers but they are in love with each other.
Do Re Mi (Kurt Cobain & Dave Grohl) by XPunkLoveX
Do Re Mi (Kurt Cobain & Dave Grohl)by XPunkLoveX
Kurt begins to feel something different for his best friend.
Just Keep Running (Kurt Cobain & Dave Grohl FanFiction) by XPunkLoveX
Just Keep Running (Kurt Cobain & D...by XPunkLoveX
Kurt and Dave are in love. The problem is their parents don't agree, they sneak out every night and meet at school. But what happens when their parents do find out about...
More Than A Bet (Kave FanFiction) by XPunkLoveX
More Than A Bet (Kave FanFiction)by XPunkLoveX
Kurt and Krist make a bet. Whoever loses the bet has to go out with Dave for two weeks. Kurt loses the bet but while he's with Dave he begins to feel different for him...
You (Kurt C. & Dave G.) by XPunkLoveX
You (Kurt C. & Dave G.)by XPunkLoveX
Just another Kurt & Dave love story
Need You by XPunkLoveX
Need Youby XPunkLoveX
Kurt is a stripper. On Dave's birthday his sister buys Kurt for him. Dave has fallen in love with Kurt but Kurt is already in an abusive relationship. What will Dave do?
I will care for you by DeftonesFFDP
I will care for youby XGrungeX
Kurt lives in a ally and Krist lets him stay with him and Dave. Will Dave and Kurt start to hang out a lot and have feeling for each other....... Read to find out
no escape (kave) by helledvibes
no escape (kave)by a draft
Kurt has been feeling off for a while. His depression was hitting on him harder than ever before and he was baffled on why this was happening. Until he watches his and C...
Pregnant? (Mpreg) by XPunkLoveX
Pregnant? (Mpreg)by XPunkLoveX
Dave gets Kurt pregnant.
If Only He Knew by XPunkLoveX
If Only He Knewby XPunkLoveX
(Kurt Cobain & Dave Grohl) Dave has been having strong feelings toward Kurt for a long time, but he never tells him.
drabbles. nirvana by euronymcus
drabbles. nirvanaby euronymcus
short oneshots, prompts, one-liners and etc, and stories based on all of the above.