Young Phantom by DemonOfADiamond
Young Phantomby DemonOfADiamond
Daniel Fenton, or Grayson, was captured by the Guys In White, or the GIW when he was fourteen. He escaped there after two years and now is sixteen. Danny is currently hi...
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Ice Cream// Dorbyn{✔️} {AU} by whydontweiscool
Ice Cream// Dorbyn{✔️} {AU}by LoveMeForWhoIAm💔
BxB Daniel x Corbyn In which Corbyn Besson falls in love with a boy who accidentally texted him ©whydontweiscool
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Dauren Smutty Imagines by LaurensFashionTho
Dauren Smutty Imaginesby LaurensFashionTho
Ranked #1 in- Cimorelli (11/20/18) Ranked #2 in- LaurenCimorelli (10/20/18) Ranked #4 in- Dauren (10/17/18) Ranked #4 in- Dani (1/19/19) *NO UPDATING SCHEDULE* Dauren sm...
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Cimorelli incorrect quotes by SoFrigginGay
Cimorelli incorrect quotesby Alexis T
Just things that I could imagine the 6 sisters saying to/about one another. It'll be funny, I promise.
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Lackey's Little Secret (KHR X Danny Phantom) by Fos1106
Lackey's Little Secret (KHR X Dann...by Juniper Darklight
Who would've knows that Skull has so many secrets. What will happen when each of his secret started to reveal. How will this effect him and his friends. ...
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the one|daniel seavey ✓ by averysheart
the one|daniel seavey ✓by enaly🧸
"ever since you felt for him, he's made your life worse". in which a girl falls for a boy that makes her life turn upside down. Completed 10.11.17 ;)
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No fue justo. by OviedoLore
No fue justo.by Lorena Blanco
"Siempre te voy a querer. Puede que un día dejemos de vernos y que ya no hablemos. Puede que conozcamos a otras personas, que un día ya ni nos recordemos. Puede que...
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You and Me- Lisa Cimorelli (Fanfic) by sweet___disposition
You and Me- Lisa Cimorelli (Fanfic)by sweet___disposition
Lisa Cimorelli is a 22 year old girl who is currently living in Nashville, Tennessee. She meets a guy named Chase who is the known troubled boy. What will happen when Ch...
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In Love With My Mistress by Swendom
In Love With My Mistressby SwanQueen
Just read... ❤️ Started on: 12/2/8 Posted on: 12/21/18
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Where's Blades by Cosmos_IDW
Where's Bladesby Cosmos
On GriffinRock a very nearvous yet important bot goes missing and its up to the RescueBots and Team Prime to try and save him before its too late! May Include Voilence...
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Paranormal Bonds (Danny Phantom x Tadashi Hamada) by Katknightmare
Paranormal Bonds (Danny Phantom x...by Clockwork Master Of Time
What if Danny got into the most science-y collage? What happens when he meets a group of people that help him get adjusted to San Fransokyo, and welcomes him into the gr...
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Trio {Dantana} by Imalovatic
Trio {Dantana}by Imalovatic
They make the most perfect trio...
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GUNS & ROSES » SVT [REWRITING]by ㅈㅇㅇ • kimmie
This is a tale of thirteen broken boys and a girl who heals. The death of Rose changed the thirteen boys completely. They weren't the people they used to be. No matter...
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Breaking Walls (Lauren Cimorelli) by laurensflannels
Breaking Walls (Lauren Cimorelli)by Cole
Coley Anderson. 16 years old. Has a huge crush on Amber Dawson. Lauren Cimorelli. 17 years old. Lost one of the most important people in her life. What happens when thes...
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Little Secrets (Cimorelli) by CookieMonsterPOWER
Little Secrets (Cimorelli)by Demy :)
Little secrets grow up to be big lies.
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Blissful Sleep- Danny phantom (Editing) by bleepybloopybloopy
Blissful Sleep- Danny phantom (Edi...by Black_Daffodil
Danny is being chased by skulker when he finally got to school for Sam's and Tuckers help,how ever after they defeated him,Danny passed out in the middle of school,in hi...
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Him and I - a why dont we fan fiction by webbiegarcia
Him and I - a why dont we fan fict...by bb
You are the little sister of jake and logan paul. You meet some boys who are in a band called why don't we. Will they change your life forever? Hi guys! This is my firs...
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Family Is All I Want ( A Danny phantom Fanfiction ) by Phoenixson
Family Is All I Want ( A Danny pha...by phoenixson
Danielle returns with some startling info for her dear 'cousin' how will he react will he be able to fill the void in her life and give her what she's missing as well as...
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The forgotten one (cimorelli fanfic) by LittleMissJade
The forgotten one (cimorelli fanfi...by LittleMissJade
You know the famous "I'm Christina, I'm Katherine, I'm lisa, I'm Amy, I'm Lauren and I'm Dani" but what about the "I'm sam". I know you won't, no one...
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Transformers Rescue bots: One shots by LibertyFreedom
Transformers Rescue bots: One shotsby batgirl26/billyhilly26
One shots that are mainly about Cody fluff/injuries. I am a weird writer but it's just for fun. I love suggestions so feel free to message me! The 3 part Weird Happenin...
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