transgender ➳ phan

transgender ➳ phan

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my name is dan, not danielle


somewhat based off of the short film boy

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i dont do dresses...they are short and im insecure about my body, also i feel so exposed....obviously i have NOTHING against anyone who wears dresses i used to love them when i was youger so sorry if i sound like that xD
napalmskiex napalmskiex May 01, 2018
I honestly don’t like dresses (no hate to the people who do). They expose my legs and that’s one thing I’m insecure about because they hairy af. Ik I shouldn’t be ashamed of that but it’s like stuck in my brain because society made me think that way 😕
phandom4everx phandom4everx Apr 06, 2018
I have not worn a dress in six years and I am never frucking going back
Bruh_Itz_Faith Bruh_Itz_Faith Mar 27, 2018
Aw dang it. I thought this was gonna be a real story it sounded interesting:(
fandomlimitreached fandomlimitreached Nov 28, 2018
1:45am 29/11/2018
                              I keep seeing this and never read it, finally going to read it
StrayCheddar StrayCheddar Sep 23, 2018
About a year ago this fic was in my recommendations all the time. And I was going to read it...Then I became a FULL TIME Army. But I’m going to read it now ^_^ lol