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Boots & Booty - Larry Stylinson  [Ageplay] by hisoopsforhishi
Boots & Booty - Larry Stylinson [ Pastel Pink
One where Harry wears boots and Louis has booty. . . . Ageplay (DDLB) Little!Louis Daddy!Harry This book may contain triggering content for some people. So please, rea...
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The Light to His Darkness by larrygaystylinson28
The Light to His Darknessby gaystylinson
what happens when 17 year old don harry takes a liking to bullied gay freshman louis tomlinson? au/ lowercase intended
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•Be My Baby• ~l.s, bdsm, mpreg. by littlelouisstyles
•Be My Baby• ~l.s, bdsm, littlelouisstyles
When Harry absolutely knows he doesn't want a submissive anytime soon, he meets innocent, blue eyed, curvy little Louis. Will Harry keep Louis? Or will his feelings once...
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Little Louis by signature_smirk
Little Louisby signature_smirk
Louis enjoys toys and dummies and acting like a baby. But he needs to find a daddy that suits his needs. Will Harry be a good fit?
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My Little Piggy by babytimmyyy
My Little Piggyby babytimmyyy
Louis is Harry's little baby boy. Harry loves his little kitten, even if he is not that little anymore.
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Special // l.s by larry-child
Special // l.sby 🌈
( Crybaby!Louis / Sugardaddy!Harry) "people say louis is not normal, daddy." "no. they're jealous because you are very special, princess."
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Mute Love (Narry Mpreg) by SarahHoran587
Mute Love (Narry Mpreg)by Sarah
Niall the hurt mute boy that blocks everyone out to try and protect himself from the monster behind locked doors. Harry the hot popular kind boy that tries to help and...
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You Won't Ever Be Alone by Summer1245
You Won't Ever Be Aloneby Samar
15 year old Harry Styles was not expecting his girlfriend to tell him she was pregnant. He also wasn't expecting the baby to be blind AND deaf. Follow Harry's journey i...
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My Teacher Is A Baby Boy//Larry// by LARRY_RANDY
My Teacher Is A Baby Boy//Larry//by LarryRandy
Louis is a teacher at Cheshire High School and Harry is a student there They have an awkward first encounter What happens when they realize they go to the same school?
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We are a Family (Narry) (Age Play) by Sydnee_15
We are a Family (Narry) (Age Play)by Sydnee_15
When 3/5 boys turn to drugs, alcohol and partying to ease their pain, the Narry couple must step in before these boys hurt themselves badly.
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Sassy Tommo - Larry Stylinson [Ageplay] by hisoopsforhishi
Sassy Tommo - Larry Stylinson [ Pastel Pink
"The Sassy Tommo just got sassed!" . . . Ageplay - DDLB (If you don't know what this is, google it before you read.) This book may contain triggering content f...
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louis malik // ziam au by _louis_centric_
louis malik // ziam auby Carli
zayn is quiet. too quiet. zayn is a secret, too. a secret that liam wants to unfold, piece by piece. and with being quiet and a secret, comes louis malik. (badboy!zayn...
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Our Little Family  by PrettyBoiTommo
Our Little Family by PrettyBoiStyles
Liam and Zayn Malik decide to start a family with three young boys they find in an adoption center. This family will have there up and downs but at the end of the day th...
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One Direction Ageplay/Kidfic One Shots by queen_harry2003
One Direction Ageplay/Kidfic One all the love,
[Ageplay, kidfics, babying, etc.] A collection of one shots that are either requested or that I've made up by myself for the boys of One Direction! (More description i...
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Babysitter// larry stylinson bottom louis by fresherurinibba
Babysitter// larry stylinson gay bitch
Louis wanted money, Just money to help his family and to study, And go work abroad, That was what he wanted to happen, But Mr.Styles wanted more.
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Dainty ❀ Larry Stylinson by lewisandstark
Dainty ❀ Larry Stylinsonby i'm 5'9, i swear
Dainty; adjective; delicately small and pretty. It all starts when Louis gets sick, and whenever Louis gets sick, he gets tummy aches, and when he gets tummy a...
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Life With Boys by louiships
Life With Boysby Fizzy
Liam and Zayn are the dads of three very high maintenance boys: Niall, Louis and Harry. In their home its always quite hectic but they love their life with their boys...
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Daddy • larry mpreg au • by hesforlittlelou
Daddy • larry mpreg au •by zoey
Louis works at a small diner in town in Doncaster, GiGi's. Harry is a new 2nd grade teacher in Doncaster. When they meet, Louis' world is flipped upside down, but he lov...
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1D Kidfics! by hazzabear-love
1D Kidfics!by we were made in the a.m
(it says completed but there will be new updates every now and then) one direction kidfics (because they're so cyoot)
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baby babbles by zaynskingdom
baby babblesby X
Just some 1D kids fanfics / one-shots. Fics found on tumblr and credits, rights, and all belongs to the owner. (A/N: these one-shots are not ageplay!) Started on: May...
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