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Girl by french18156
Girlby 👑Jean.M👑
Short stories about ordinary girls doing ordinary things but making a great impact to the world.
  • ordinary
  • gender
  • power
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Distant Shadows by Rhythm-the-Writer
Distant Shadowsby Rhythm the Writer
Mass destruction, the dead littered everywhere, and mindless corpses lurking around every corner. That's the world Alaska woke up to. Humans always were a very destruct...
  • robots
  • shadow
  • science
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the book of me questioning my existence  by snatched-uwus
the book of me questioning my 𝕓𝕝𝕒𝕔𝕜𝕚𝕚𝕖
i have an existential crisis 25/8
  • crisis
  • existential
scatterbrained by juulmydick
scatterbrainedby ?
things i jotted down and will never come back to them
  • faith
  • crisis
  • random
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confesiones de alguien roto by emma_lawless
confesiones de alguien rotoby Emma lawless
solo es mi manera de desahogarme
  • depresion
  • desahogo
  • estres
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Pick up by Jaiill
Pick upby ♡나타리♡
Hello I'm sorry this is short Steffen
  • is
  • depression
  • tố
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Fish Steve: Steve's Crisis by Madmaral
Fish Steve: Steve's Crisisby Madmaral
This was inspired by a beautiful comment on another beautiful book. My frens have helped me, and they are characters in the book, as well as me. @Marsnev , who will be r...
  • buckybarnes
  • reader
  • sendhelp
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Married At 17 by nisthemystery
Married At 17by ~GadisOtaku🌸
"You're mine and no one can take what's mine," . The last wished that Grandpa Shiro asked before he leaved is a marriage between Maru and Kaito. . Right after...
  • romance
  • crisis
  • otakusforlife
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My Life Journal  by visionarygal
My Life Journal by 𝕌𝕨𝕌
A journal to keep you guys updated in my life. Here I tell funny stories about school, home, childhood, you name it. This is kind of a book 2, the first one is "Wh...
  • family
  • crisis
  • lifestory
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Just A Supporting Character  by Supporting3Character
Just A Supporting Character by Heroes We Are
Thoughts and emotions all in one. I've been storing these for a while now. And I hope I do the emotions justice.Hope you like it. ⚠ Warning: Pretty depressing, so if you...
  • sadness
  • feelings
  • forgottenemotions
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Suspense: cooped in the dark.  by xaranana
Suspense: cooped in the dark. by Fatima Idris
"Because life is a school and experience as a teacher taught me various lessons".I say. "And one of those is?"he asks. My face automatically twists w...
  • hate
  • trust
  • luna
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What is love?  by 1-800-AntiHappy
What is love? by 1-800-AntiHappy
Love Interpretation Fear Readiness Why
  • existential
  • love
  • lgbt
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Mi reflejo, el signo by Zora42
Mi reflejo, el signoby Zora Martín
Camila, una joven adolescente, se ve enfrentada a la imagen que tiene sobre sí misma versus las miles de imágenes que se albergan en cada una de las realidades en las qu...
  • ser
  • crisis
  • existencialismo
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My Trash Poems by Snicker_Barz
My Trash Poemsby DesiSisterz
These are my thought and feelings that I tired to put out into words. I don't really know what classification they are to be put in but I would consider them poems. Or s...
  • illness
  • reality
  • teenconflict
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Flames That Envy Life by ReallyJustCrazy_Anie
Flames That Envy Lifeby 그녀의 영원히 애인
One shot cause I got inspired by watching some really tragic stuff. I was also listening to some sad and depressing music while writing this at four-six in the morning...
  • despair
  • reality
  • damage
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Chance inheritor series: one big leap by Zeeemibs
Chance inheritor series: one big Zeeemibs
If I don't care. They wouldn't care. So I tried to care. But then I found out, like kids, the pure hearted, are innocent in love. But others, not so much. I endured...
  • morals
  • nigeria
  • hausa
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Reader (Male) X Zoroark (Female) A Dark Bond by CaiusAmosAthlai
Reader (Male) X Zoroark (Female) Caius Amos Athlai
Ever had an idea where you wanted to be with one of your favorite Pokémon? Well, this is the beginning of that idea. Come and read the story of how you first met up with...
  • crisis
  • wattys2019
  • adarkbond
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Kaiju War: Crisis among Worlds(Male Eva pilot reader) by OnslaughtLives_27
Kaiju War: Crisis among Worlds( Kevin Hernandez
Darkness assembles as the fate of many worlds hang in the balance. As timelines, reality, and events are being alter,destroyed and combine. A pilot named Y/n Ikari (a.k...
  • mecha
  • evangelion
  • neongenesisevangelion
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The Girl and the Midnight Army by Anastasiia_B
The Girl and the Midnight Armyby Killer Frost
When 18 year old Lillian's father dies on the Field from the Draft, the daughter has to fulfill everything that the father is not. To hunt, train, to be faster and stro...
  • love
  • army
  • government
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Al norte del sur (Completa) by OdedLoran
Al norte del sur (Completa)by Oded Lorán
¿Cómo se sobrevive cuando acaecen desgracias repentinas? ¿Se ve sometida la amistad y el amor en tiempos de crisis? Esta es una historia ambientada en Venezuela. Muestra...
  • xenofobia
  • romance
  • wattys2019
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