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(Craig x reader) The tomboy by blazingidiot
(Craig x reader) The tomboyby P.B
You're a quiet tomboy who manages to get herself in sticky situations. Don't worry though because you soon meet a girl who is pretty weird but can definitely help you ou...
my little demon (south park x reader) by 4ablabla
my little demon (south park x icymoonlight47
(y/n) just moved into south park since her secret almost got leaked , she became friends with the south park boys but little does she know that the boys want something...
How He Met Me (Craig Tucker x Reader Fanfiction) by taylorisnotepic
How He Met Me (Craig Tucker x Not Qing
Craig Tucker, a cold emotionless boy meets (Your name), an adorable weird girl. Will the cold hearted boy fall for her? Will they form a sort of connection? If they did...
Poor and Perverted (Older! Kenny McCormick x Fem! Reader) by qionexxx
Poor and Perverted (Older! Kenny qionexxx
Y/N has been living in South Park for quite some time and has never really gave any attention to the parka wearing boy, until the day he shows up at her door with a requ...
South Park one shots?? Mostly Craig tho by Memory_Foam
South Park one shots?? Mostly Memory_Foam
Idk this might not be a "South Park x reader" I just wanna write about my favorite boys tbh which are, Craig Kyle Kenny (tho I'm not sure if I could write him...
What the fuck? by DontGoMakeMeSadAgain
What the fuck?by BeanzIsLife
Another Chapter? I don't know man..
dream daddy ❥ craig X reader by kenasaurus
dream daddy ❥ craig X readerby kena ❥
<< female reader >> You're new to the neighborhood and you're lucky enough to have moved close to an old friend from college! What happens when you start to...
South Park x Reader Tumblr Requests by Fall_Out_Juli
South Park x Reader Tumblr Requestsby Juli Tucker
I'll be Crossposting my Tumblr requests in this book. Might change this description eventually.
Snowflakes || South Park x Reader / Reader Insert || Oneshots by Dr3am3rDr3ams
Snowflakes || South Park x SnowFlakes
"It hardly snows where I used to live, This is awesome!"
Fuck You, Tucker. (Craig Tucker x Reader) by ADoseOfWeirdo
Fuck You, Tucker. (Craig Tucker ADoseOfWeirdo
"Oh, go fuck yourself Craig Tucker!" "Nah, I prefer not too."
south park x reader (one shots) by nihilistpeach
south park x reader (one shots)by Lucy
a collection of sp one shots! for obvious reasons, the characters are all high school age or older in the stories. I do take requests, so feel free to comment whichever...
Look After You by canders108
Look After Youby Claire Anderson
A girl from the real world ends up in South Park. This is a Kenny x OC This girl has an extremely dark past and there are a lot of dark themes and possible triggering co...
Prom King {Craig x Male Reader} by heyimthenobody
Prom King {Craig x Male Reader}by heyimthenobody
(This story is being rewritten. The original parts are currently unpublished.)
Nicotine (Craig x Reader) by DrownedTrying
Nicotine (Craig x Reader)by DrownedTrying
Numbers surround everyday life, from the number of batteries needed to power a remote, the number of gallons that fill up a vehicle, the number of hearts filled with hop...
Hair like a ravens feathers   Craig x reader  (working onnpart 5!) by AdelaidePixler
Hair like a ravens feathers AdelaidePixler
You move into a new town called SouthPark and attempt to make several friends, but someone catches your eye. Will it work out? Find out by reading, unravel several myst...
Bad ass (craig x reader) by wtuckerr
Bad ass (craig x reader)by wtuckerr
So your name is y/n Marsh. Marsh? Yes Marsh ........ So there is this boy craig tucker....
Craig Fucker by __Ivy__Chan__
Craig Fuckerby Ivy Thorn
OneShots for Craig Tucker