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A Purpose in Life by Ofourownheart
A Purpose in Lifeby I'M Me.
There are many things in Cassiopeias life that she didn't know how to deal with, and she wondered what she could do to make a living and still be proud of her accomplish...
Courting the Court Sorcerer by MaresMadness
Courting the Court Sorcererby
Arthur Pendragon wants to court Merlin the right way. He knows there are 5 steps to courting, and as the courting progresses, the pair gets more intimate. The five steps...
Finally by teenagechristiangirl
Finallyby Jennai
❝ғaιтн in God includes ғaιтн in his тιмιng❞ Jamie Hughes has recently graduated college and has moved with her best friend and her family to Smithsville, South Carolina...
Dandelions by invisibleuntilyousee
Dandelionsby invisibleuntilyousee
All that anyone saw was Perfect Perci, the girl who got good grades, became a prefect. The girl who has always been teacher's pet. What they did not see was the girl who...
Just One Day | Min Yoongi by infxresman
Just One Day | Min Yoongiby infxresman
❝Let me make it up to you so I can show you how sorry I am.❞ ❝It's too late for that.❞ ❝Just one day.❞ He softly says as he looks at me with pleading eyes. ❝That is all...
the rise of the Philippines | Country Human (My Au) by vialbacon_phill
the rise of the Philippines | ♡Enjoy♡
Phil was well loved by everyone i mean everyone including the countries that are higher than him he was the most valuable caring and beautiful person ever No one dared t...
The Doctor Of Engineering by Sakura_KitKat
The Doctor Of Engineeringby KitKat
(Sequel to Popcorn And Junior Mints) ForthPha Pairing. Forth has been chasing after Pha since the beginning of the year, teasing and playing with him. Then when Pha find...
Can't Help Falling In Love With You - bagginshield by fanfictionmother
Can't Help Falling In Love With the one and only
When Bilbo saved Thorin from Azog, he realized that his feelings for Bilbo where far beyond friendship (and the misty mountains) , but does he feel the same way? A lo...
Jasmine by Deneo-M
Jasmineby Deneo Mfenyana
A sweet romance. Look into the life of a postgraduate in English Literature as she lets the Bible define her encounter with Brandon Daniels. Is she trying to navigate o...
Wait For Me by Inkxane
Wait For Meby Inx
Drunk body, sober thoughts. "Roses and wine could symbolize us as a whole, my love. For i am wine that drips to a pleasurable taste you are my rose, red, passionat...
Short Dreamnoblade story's by LavieEstInutile
Short Dreamnoblade story'sby I_live_of_angst
I don't know why I wrote this as I'm basically not even in the dream SMP fandom like at all I just enjoy reading and writing it. I REPEAT I DO NOT WATCH THE DSMP! But ye...
I Won't Stop Until I Make You Mine [Jikook] by Ggukie_Tokki
I Won't Stop Until I Make You 𝐦.𝐢𝐧𝐧𝐢𝐞
Bad boy Jimin will do everything to make the valedictorian Jeon Jungkook fall in love with him. Will he succeed? [Started] April 14, 2020 [Finished] May 10, 2020
Guide to Dwarf Courting by Nathalie_95
Guide to Dwarf Courtingby Nathalie
The dwarfs in this book belong to no other then J.R.R. Tolkien, Warner Brothers and Peter Jackson. This book is not based on facts but purely on my imagination. Have you...
Be My Mate by Elmariaaaaaaaaa
Be My Mateby Urvi
Tiger hybrid Taehyung just wants to mate with the pretty boy named Yoongi.
Regality (A TFP Predacon story) by thechunkysquirrel
Regality (A TFP Predacon story)by ʜᴇʟʟᴏ, ᴏʟᴅ ғʀɪᴇɴᴅ
Moments before the Great Cataclysm, two Predacons are trapping in ice mid-fight. The battle between a young femme Predacon and an older mech was frozen in time. Millions...
ALWAYS THERE FOR YOU by lazybookworm_07
ALWAYS THERE FOR YOUby lazybookworm_07
Just a random ff on our ghostship MINGPHA
Lemon Tea-anthony bridgerton  by gabbyssworld
Lemon Tea-anthony bridgerton by gabbyssworld
in which Aaliyah Marsha, the cousin of Kate and Edwina Sharma, returns to London in hopes of being courted during the new season OR in which a certain Bridgerton boy an...
It's A Match by LoyalSong
It's A Matchby New Heart
The main characters story begins in the early 2000s. Girl meets boy, boy meets girl and they fall in love. Marcellus is a sixteen-year-old who is a really nice and kind...
Rudolph, Lick it better! by MISSNurus61
Rudolph, Lick it better!by Chellömund
(The little vampire) Vampire saliva is an anesthetic. It starts off as a joke, but after Rudolph licks Tony's finger and instantly stops the pain from his paper cut, i...
The Courting by lilibelle222
The Courtingby Isabella
Harry Potter is courted by none other than Rodolphus LeStrange after meeting at Harry's traditional courting party. (James and Lily are alive)