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BDSM & Kinks by ItsFanfictionGirl
BDSM & Kinksby ItsFanfictionGirl
This may not be 100% accurate but is made.for the purposes of my own enjoyment.
  • kinks
  • voyeur
  • experimentalist
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Romantic to Erotic by prettypinkeverything
Romantic to Eroticby Pink Princess
Short stories that range from Romantic to Erotic, which means 18+ only. The romantic part you will not need to be 18+. Also included; fantasy, action, horror, historian...
  • badboy
  • story
  • horror
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closed by Int0xicat3djpg
closedby Int0xicat3djpg
  • bxb
  • love
  • gay
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Cane by haturdaysaturday
Caneby Chipchick_kookiebits
Being kept a prisoner; a slave, to his very whim since he could understand. He'd been under his thumb with only the vague memory of a girl with his face. His captor, a c...
  • stockholmsyndrome
  • lovingmycaptor
  • billcipher
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Dragons mate by ddddaaaattttboooi
Dragons mateby ddddaaaattttboooi
Gxg with light bdsm or heavy ;) depending on the comments Natasha is a dragon shifter from the black dragon clan. Avalon is from the white dragon clan and her mate. The...
  • mated
  • consensual
  • kink
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Burning In The Third Degree: (1st in the Hugh Jackman Series) by AngelStar100781
Burning In The Third Degree: ( Angela Antoinette Twigg
Hugh Jackman meets his match when he gets a new PA for his traveling, & doing promotion, What happens, when they get together ?, Find Out!!!!
  • fling
  • fun
  • crushes
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Overdue Reunion by McDanno918
Overdue Reunionby Ellie & Angela
A story about PI Thomas Magnum & Commander Steve McGarrett navigating through their new relationship. Stay Tuned, To See what happens next.
  • general
  • arguing
  • makeupsex
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~ERERI~SMUT~TITLE: Accidents. by eviltiedie13
~ERERI~SMUT~TITLE: aseductive peice of daily toa...
"Bend over" Levi's breath ghosted over Erens ear. Eren quivered with that expectation, he hadn't any idea of what this all would intel. He palmed himself in ho...
  • ereri
  • fanficfriday
  • shingekinokyojin
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Road To Healing For All by AngelStar100781
Road To Healing For Allby Angela Antoinette Twigg
Harry Langford decided to have an adventure, & settle down in the process. So, He goes to Hawaii, & sees Hawaii's Finest Cops.
  • explicitsexualcontent
  • threesomes
  • sexualcontent
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Chance Meeting by AngelStar100781
Chance Meetingby Angela Antoinette Twigg
Steve meets a woman that changes his life forever.
  • mature
  • general
  • dreams
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spar :: hiddlesworth au by noctivagant
spar :: hiddlesworth auby alias
in which tom hiddleston enrolls himself in a complex, one-on-one self defense course. however, he soon grows besotted with the instructor, chris. all the while, tom keep...
  • thor
  • childabuse
  • consensual
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If We Don't Get Warm We Will Die (One Shot) by i81b4u
If We Don't Get Warm We Will Die ( WutRuLookn4
When 14 year old Tiffany and her widowed father set out from Seattle for a beach weekend in San Diego, the weather turns snowy and treacherous forcing them to land their...
  • virgin
  • sexscenes
  • consensual
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Moving On In An Unexpected Way by AngelStar100781
Moving On In An Unexpected Wayby Angela Antoinette Twigg
Logan aka Wolverine & Scott Summers aka Cyclops felt the pull towards each other. Will they get together ? or Will it be a disaster ?
  • attraction
  • confessions
  • romance
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Power Rangers: Power Of Love: (1st in the Alyssa & Cole Series) by AngelStar100781
Power Rangers: Power Of Love: ( Angela Antoinette Twigg
Stories of Alyssa Enrile & Cole Evans.
  • lies
  • friendship
  • surprises
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Little Red Riding Hood by RubyBDSMqueen
Little Red Riding Hoodby Sapphire Lunate
Little red Riding Hood with a.....PLOT TWIST
  • consensual
  • erotic
  • littleredridinghood
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McDanno Ohana Reunion by AngelStar100781
McDanno Ohana Reunionby Angela Antoinette Twigg
Steve welcomes everyone for their holiday celebration.
  • reunion
  • dinner
  • hurt-comfort
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Puss in Boots boyxboy by its_just_me_guyz
Puss in Boots boyxboyby Its_a_secret_guyz
It's Puss in Boots. A Were-Panther boy is involved in an accidental blood bond with a Druid and they have to figure out what to do from there. After they realise they ar...
  • druid
  • fairytale
  • gay
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Love Of Family by McDanno918
Love Of Familyby Ellie & Angela
Will the love of family help the Five-O Ohana ?, Stay Tuned to find out.
  • injuryrecovery
  • trust
  • general
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Stronger Than You Give Yourself Credit For by AngelStar100781
Stronger Than You Give Yourself Angela Antoinette Twigg
Steve & Danny faces the toughest challenge of their lives ?, Will they make it ?, Stay Tuned !
  • makeupsex
  • general
  • confessions
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