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Last Summer by afterjae
Last Summerby lumière
Ang pag-ibig parang sugal, walang kasiguraduhan kung mananalo ka o matatalo pero alam mo kung saan ka tataya.
Truly Yours, Engineer by tourism_yours
Truly Yours, Engineerby Rye
Nyx is a Tourism student from LPU Manila who believes that one day the scenes that only happen in k-drama will happen to her in real-life would be meant to meet Jarrel a...
Lacuna | College Girls series #1 by thesnowfall
Lacuna | College Girls series #1by yisah
Kianna and Kyle were friends since elementary. Kianna is kyle's missing part, they're eachothers other half. Little does Kianna know, Kyle has a crush on her since the 1...
Drafts of Flame of Tomorrow by iyarasink
Drafts of Flame of Tomorrowby iya 🌷
this is my book drafts, all chapters that will be included in my actual wattpad story will be unpublic
Stars beneath the coast by _Shizuku00
Stars beneath the coastby _Shizuku00
How come a star with a peculiar luster be head over heels to a cold well-reserved coast.
Knife and Love by Kakikomi_Ray
Knife and Loveby Kakikomi_Ray
There are many different types of people who fall in love, some are the shy type, happy type, innocent type, horny type, protective type, and many more. But what happens...
SILENT LOVE ( Possessive Series #1) by Chev_erelle
SILENT LOVE ( Possessive Series #1)by Han.Han
Sometimes loving someone is regretful yet..I still fall for him back
Where am I belong? by Lost_in_unknown
Where am I belong?by Kitkit
Are you mentally lost? Where do you think you belong? Can you find your own home? How so? Let me tell you a lady who lost herself and can't back to where she belong.
Worth-reading Stories on Wattpad by jszenia
Worth-reading Stories on Wattpadby Jen
Find some of the best stories worth to read here in wattpad.
RAYNE STORMII by shannyteller
Being a star doesn't guarantee happiness.
Love that Never Forgets by Innocencia_1999
Love that Never Forgetsby Annie
Loving is a choice.. To let go is a choice.. To hold on is a choice... But sometimes no matter what choice we make there's always a "what if" and there comes r...
Broken Piece of Heart by caige_23
Broken Piece of Heartby just random
Have you ever lost someone so close to you? Yung tipong pinaramdam nyang andyan sya palagi pero iiwan ka din pala sa huli? I ask myself for how long? How long will I rem...
Fallen Petals {ON-GOING} by aeryichi4
Fallen Petals {ON-GOING}by aery ichi
Vianna Reign C. Allena, soft hearted girl and doesn't hold back a fight. She is a woman who thinks of nothing but the future of her family. A lot of people think that...
My Journey As A College Student by ForneusLeviathan
My Journey As A College Studentby 111303
College Life Starts Here! Date started:September 2022 Date Ended:
Reincarnated (On-going) by Miss_kefi
Reincarnated (On-going)by 没 kefi
Meet gwen, a girl who loves reading books and she's too kind with others. Gwen knew na hindi na sya makakatagpo ng magmamahal sa kanya sa kadahilanang akala nya na lahat...
Will You Still Love Me? by Swiftie-19
Will You Still Love Me?by Sylnam
The girl name Sylvia who is a 2nd year engineering student who's in love with Aiden a 2nd year med student, but for some reason Aiden doesn't like Sylvia in a romantic w...
The Wrong Train (College Series #1) by neNeeiii
The Wrong Train (College Series #1)by neNeeiii
COLLEGE SERIES #1 "Let me stay as your passenger on this wrong train Gabrella. Let me be yours again"-
Embracing the Chaos by mariiuugh
Embracing the Chaosby mariiuugh
I was wandering. Carrying the agony and pain, given by the people I used to be with. I was lost, walking around, no destination intended. In the middle of of my unending...
Everything Will Be Forggoten by writtenbythesky
Everything Will Be Forggotenby Ms. Alexandra
Two persons fall in love knowing that they can't be together. It all started in that one night in that dark room that all their love was overflowing, what will they sacr...