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Overlord O is pregnant with my child [female A male O] by fanyi__
Overlord O is pregnant with my 机器翻译
Accidentally transmigrated into an ABO novel, and before Moore realized that she had an extra organ, she muddleheadedly completed the first great harmony in her life wit...
She became famous in the entertainment industry by force by Heather_Nill
She became famous in the Heather Nill
Jiang You has been struggling in the apocalypse for 20 years. She has mastered all kinds of martial arts with swords, guns and sticks, and her moves are extremely ruthle...
She became popular all over the Internet after she was dressed as a squeamish by Xiaoshuo_
She became popular all over the 中国小说
The mutant zombie who was about to completely lose her mind finally starved to death, and woke up again as Gu Yuebo, an 18th-line female artist. Five big bright red...
Dressed as a female partner who lives in the same dormitory with the male lead by Xiaoshuo_
Dressed as a female partner who 中国小说
Because of an accident, Su Qingqing transmigrated into an ancient Mary Suwen and became the villainous female partner who disguised herself as a man in order to get clos...
Interstellar First Crematorium by Xiaoshuo_
Interstellar First Crematoriumby 中国小说
Su Xuan dressed as the heroine of an interstellar abuse article. The heroine was born in a barren star with a kind heart. One day, she rescued a man who was seriously in...
Physician, she's really not a sand sculpture by Xiaoshuo_
Physician, she's really not a 中国小说
Su Tang just retrieved the memory of the court physician in her previous life, only to find out that in this life she had transmigrated into an ancient fanciful novel, w...
The First Generation of Celebrities [1980s] by JustUtterlyyy
The First Generation of JustUtterlyyy
Not my story, on MTL-ing -- When Zhang Yang appeared in the compound for the first time, he was wearing a handmade cheongsam with excellent workmanship. The silk flowers...
After the past actress took her baby to a variety show by Xiaoshuo_
After the past actress took her 中国小说
Shen Mingyou had a dream. I dreamed that she took her daughter to read a variety show with a mother and a baby. In the variety show, because Nian Nian did not cooperate...
Female Alpha says she doesn't want Double A by fanyi__
Female Alpha says she doesn't 机器翻译
Female A Male A Female Attacking Male Shou Once transmigrated, Qu Zi fell into contemplation of her newly added parts... This is actually the male lead's suitors falling...
Tyrant's Little Ginseng Queen by Xiaoshuo_
Tyrant's Little Ginseng Queenby 中国小说
Liu Ruoqian is a small ginseng. Dressed as the real daughter of the prime minister's family who was wandering away since childhood, once she was brought back, she would...
The female partner became popular after appearing in Survival and Marriage Show by Xiaoshuo_
The female partner became 中国小说
Su Qiao is a serious lover of extreme sports and wilderness survival. As soon as she opened her eyes, she had transmigrated into a book, and she had transmigrated in...
The villain female supporting role in the sweet pet article by Xiaoshuo_
The villain female supporting 中国小说
Shen Wei was born in a noble family, beautiful and natural, her life went smoothly, her parents loved her, her elder brother loved her, and she also had a current prince...
Coax Me Again by Xiaoshuo_
Coax Me Againby 中国小说
After waking up in a car accident, Xiao Zuojing, who was just recovered by her wealthy parents and big brother, lost her memory. She didn't remember anyone, but she only...
Jiangzhi's female supporting role just wants to lie flat by Xiaoshuo_
Jiangzhi's female supporting 中国小说
Jian Ling transmigrated as a Jiangzhi female supporting role in a novel. In the book, the male and female protagonists meet each other and fall in love. It is an old-fas...
The wealthy fiance has the ability to read minds by Xiaoshuo_
The wealthy fiance has the 中国小说
Tang Nuan is a cannon fodder female supporting role in a sweet pet novel. As a well-known straw vase in the circle, she has a fiancé of a top-notch wealthy family. As a...
I Kicked My Rich Husband After Amnesia by Xiaoshuo_
I Kicked My Rich Husband After 中国小说
Chen Yingli has liked Jiang Ding for a long time, and finally got together with him after chasing after him for a long time with the cheek. Childhood sweetheart, from ca...
Crossing Book Seventy: My Cannon Fodder Husband Decathlon by pinqu_
Crossing Book Seventy: My Cannon 中国小说
Lu Xia wore the body of an educated youth in the 1970s who was not love by her mother and was sent to go to the countryside instead of her elder sister. Thinking of how...
The rich and powerful son's mother is back by Xiaoshuo_
The rich and powerful son's 中国小说
Lu Xi dreamed that she would die in a year. After her death, because of lack of discipline, her own son grew up to become a well-known rebellious young master, and died...
Little Sun [Female A Male O] by fanyi__
Little Sun [Female A Male O]by 机器翻译
1-"Rescue the High and Cold Student God Who Suicide" Nervous sports student x high-cold paranoid male academic bully 2 - "After the blackened hero is rebo...
You Came to the Stars Again💫 by Heather_Nill
You Came to the Stars Again💫by Heather Nill
After the death of her husband, supermodel Mi Zhiya was reborn and returned to the age of 18, when everything had not yet begun. At this time, she had just debuted, and...