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Edgewise by krazydiamond
Edgewiseby Kristin Jacques
***Winner of the Wattys 2016 for Hidden Gems*** The Edgewise exists everywhere and nowhere. A sanctuary to all realms, should you find the door. Managed by one Macklemo...
SFSD X by elveloy
SFSD Xby L.V. Lloyd
7. Evleyen is on her seventh and-thankfully-final mission for the month. Crossing the silvery grey moon, Harooo, on her trusty Steed to deliver urgent medical supplies...
Tevun-Krus #29 - Punk Wars! by Ooorah
Tevun-Krus #29 - Punk Wars!by Ooorah! - Tevun-Krus: The #1...
That's right, 'troopers! Something brand-spankin'-new for you all. You thought WattPunk was innovative? Well, how about the long-awaited Punk Wars issue?!
Science Fiction Multi-Feature Picture Show by krazydiamond
Science Fiction Multi-Feature Kristin Jacques
***Winner of Sci-Fi Smack Down X*** It's a Science Fiction Smack Down! What's that mean? Stories written to monthly prompts pertaining to different science fiction g...
Wattpad Goes Punk: Reviews, Interviews and Recommendations by WattpadPunkFiction
Wattpad Goes Punk: Reviews, Punk Fiction | Ambassadors
Where the community recommends some choice punk fiction from Wattpad authors; where authors are interviewed; where stories are reviewed... Where we share our love for Pu...
SFSD-X Short Story Smackdown by LeighWStuart
SFSD-X Short Story Smackdownby Leigh W. Stuart
Light up your laser beams, it's Sci-Fi Smackdown contest time! My entries for the 10th (well, kind of the 10th) Smackdown hosted by @Ooorah! Round One - Lost World, A Ho...