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Of Wildflowers and Gunpowder by lafxyette
Of Wildflowers and Gunpowderby oh I won't be hiding
Louisa Adams, the only member of her wealthy family who hadn't been murdered in a British raid, has joined the fight for freedom. Serving as a doctor for the army and a...
All Done Up in Blue & Gold by mxtallmadge
All Done Up in Blue & Goldby ✰𝙎𝙖𝙩𝙪𝙧𝙣✰
Susan Woodhull, sister of Abraham Woodhull, sneaks to a ball with the patriots to give her childhood friend, Benjamin Tallmadge, a soldier of the Continental Army, infor...
A Stand For Freedom by USMCGamer101
A Stand For Freedomby ¶[Hitman 1-1]¶
"Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves." -Abraham Lincoln The United States Of America is a superpower the world has ever seen, proje...
The Shot Heard Around the World (Countryhumans American Revolution) by WeirdestArrow
The Shot Heard Around the World ( Weird/Ailbhe/Saoirse
Thirteen Colonies loved his Father, but after the Sevens Year War, he wasn't sure if his father felt the same way. His Father just needed to listen to him. If he didn't...
Facts about the American Revolution [Completed] by BellaNova_
Facts about the American Bella
a collection of interesting and sometimes random facts about the american revolution and the people who fought in it I tend to talk about often forgotten people from the...
Tyranny of King Washington: Military Arsenal and Weapons by BlazeSaber00
Tyranny of King Washington: Ghost Recon
These are the military technologies and weapons that will be used in my story 'Tyranny of King Washington'. Hope they help.
Only Thing To Fear  by CSTANFILL24
Only Thing To Fear by Pinecone Face
Summary: It has been nearly eighty years since Hitler's armies won the war, and sixteen-year-old Zara St. James lives in the Shenandoah hills, part of the Eastern Americ...
Patriots: Boston by Bright525
Patriots: Bostonby Bright525
In the first volume of "Patriots": Liza Byers is the eldest daughter of a Catholic, Boston storekeeper in 1775. Her upbringing has been unique in comparison to...
"There's no room for sparks of love in a war." lafayette x fem!oc -- completed -- -- in editing --
The Spook Still By The Door by therealshawnjaney
The Spook Still By The Doorby therealshawnjaney
This series is created to take a investigative look into all the narratives spun the media. Regardless of who, what, where and why, we will make sure we analyze all the...
Tyranny of King Washington by BlazeSaber00
Tyranny of King Washingtonby Ghost Recon
A/N: This story is based on the Assassin's Creed 3 DLC- Tyranny of King Washington. The DLC had always interested me on the 'What if' scenario. I am here to explore and...
Of Parchment and Saltwater by lafxyette
Of Parchment and Saltwaterby oh I won't be hiding
(The sequel to "Of Wildflowers and Gunpowder") Nearing the end of the Revolutionary War, Louisa and Benjamin Tallmadge have finally begun their lives together...
The Secrets Of The Gordian Knot Book 1: Book Of Secrets by JamesPascatore
The Secrets Of The Gordian Knot James Pascatore
[Year 1 of 7 of The Voyageurs Era] The year is 2005. It has been 7 years since the Battle of Hogwarts and the Wizarding is at peace, once again. James Evercreetch has li...
Turn Washington's Spies One Shots by littlefr0gman_
Turn Washington's Spies One Shotsby frog
Yeah so this is just a collection of one shots about the beautiful people of Turn. This is discontinued now, I'm really sorry :(
A Treacherous Slope of Total Endearment by bentallmadge
A Treacherous Slope of Total rae
"If I could give you all of the stars in the sky, I would." Felicity Thompson, daughter of a recently widowed Lieutenant colonel, has recently been introduced...
Hold your head up high Alexander Hamilton x reader by alexander_bae
Hold your head up high Alexander heyo im eღ
SUMMER! But that doesn't mean that your homework was over for you. Your class had to do a project to present to your next year teacher about America's Founding Fathers...
Becoming Miss Lee  by TheInsensibleLizzie
Becoming Miss Lee by Elizabeth Rutledge
She never wanted anything more than to be loved, but providence had something else in store for the young Beatrice Fisher. Orphaned and then adopted by the Lee Family of...
Saving Abraham Lincoln by EternalMasterJoe
Saving Abraham Lincolnby Master Joe
Donald Trump and George Washington venture through time to save Abraham Lincoln and end the downfall of America before it begins. A story written by AI Dungeon.
Right-Hand Of The Father by Buckets_Of_Stars
Right-Hand Of The Fatherby @buckets_of_stars
A series revolving around the idea of Alexander Hamilton as George Washington's adopted son and how that affects them, both on the Revolution's battlefield, among their...