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Of Lightning Bolts And Green Eyes by idelisa-ma
Of Lightning Bolts And Green Eyesby Miss Macabre
After getting kicked out of his relatives' house after his fourth year of school, Harry Potter decides to get a room at the Leaky Cauldron, where he meets a strange man...
sweet Neko  by RoraHorn
sweet Neko by Rora Horn
harry becomes a neko?! he has a mate ?!
True Snakes. by LeahBates2
True AnimeIdol21
Harry Potter had been lied to all his life. It turns out that he is not the son of Lily and James Potter, but the lost/stolen son of Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy. When Ha...
Darkness  by Maddiebaddie2
Darkness by Maddie
Harry comes into his inheritance early. He finds many secrets and lies, which lead him to going to the side he should have been on from the start. The dark side. SLASH
You could never know me by cescawriter
You could never know meby Frankie W
Translation in Spanish available with GioRiddle83 Trigger Warning: Illusions to abuse, mentions of abuse, mentions of torture, religious bodies,cannibalism, eating disor...
A Dragon's Mate. by LeahBates2
A Dragon's AnimeIdol21
Harry thought that he the perfect life. Friends who cared for him, mother and father-like figures and people to teach him things, but it was not all it seemed. Harry ha...
The Wolf of Hogwarts by CoJo14
The Wolf of Hogwartsby Percival The Impulsive
Lily and James Potter where unquestionably the brightest and most powerful wizarding couple of their age. James' raw power complimented Lily's pure intelligence. So when...
House unity by BuckyMoonyandDean
House unityby Fangirl For Life
Harry James Potter has noticed Draco Lucian Malfoy disappearing from time to time from classes just as Lupin had been. Soon Harry realizes that Malfoy may not be fully h...
Truth Hurts - A Drarry FanFiction - Discontinued by Vmadly13
Truth Hurts - A Drarry Tab
A drarry Fanfiction - After Harry goes through a creature inheritance he finds out he had been lied to his whole life, and that he wasn't actually the "Golden Boy&q...
The rise of the little moon by maryket222
The rise of the little moonby Raphaela
Harry Potter found out that his father wasn't his father and his mother wasn't his mother, he found out that he was a yokai and that he was not a wizard but his powers w...
Where is the light..? by helloitspaghetti
Where is the light..?by helloitspaghetti
The story takes place as Harry's first year on the hogwarts express. Harry thinks he's going to finally have a normal life away from those bastard muggles, but you alre...
Snake Venom by Phenara
Snake Venomby Phoenix
Is Harry Potter really who the world thinks him to be? What if he wasn't a Gryffindor? Alternate Universe.
neko harry(abandoned) by hufflepuffpride4545
neko harry(abandoned)by Shea Inlow
this is a harry potter neko story because there aren't very many I don't know what pairing i am going to use feel free to comment suggestions *disclaimer* I DON'T OWN T...
Rowena Potter  by AloraBeckwith5
Rowena Potter by Elizabeth Potter
Rowena Potter is a five year old run away. She does her best and creates what she has always wanted, a family. Fem Harry Potter. Smart, strong Harry. Eidetic memory...
The Riddle's Love by GayShadowhunters
The Riddle's Loveby Althea/Athan Morrin
What if, on that fateful Halloween night at Godric's Hollow, Remus and Sirius were able to take their young godsons Harry and Fenriz Potter to Potter Manor and raise the...
Death's Deal  ||  DISCONTINUED  by melrose_1010
Death's Deal || DISCONTINUED by Melissa Rose
A Harry Potter Fanfiction After living for over 200 years, and seeing the muggles destroy everything and everyone, Harry James Potter finally gives in to the sweet relea...
Realising Truth by PiBrain314
Realising Truthby PiBrain314
Severus Snape and the Order find out about Harry's abuse on Harry's sixteenth birthday. One thing leads to another and soon Severus Snape is looking after Harry Potter a...
My little neko  by militarybb
My little neko by AKbee2020
Harry Potter comes into an early creature inheritance before his 11th birthday to discover he has a family... and that his name isn't even Harry Potter. Follow Harry on...
MY LITTLE NEKO//HJ.P x DL.M//♡♡♡ by xfangirlx7
MY LITTLE NEKO//HJ.P x DL.M//♡♡♡by gay_LoVeR🏳️‍🌈
" Why do you keep ignoring me, everything was going just good between us, our friends. Everyone is happy now. Why is happening to you." Side ship: bleville, li...
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A New Age(moved to ao3) by splash-on-paper
A New Age(moved to ao3)by River
What if Harry Potter wasn't a Potter at all but a Riddle instead. Harry Potter(or should we say Hadrian Riddle) goes through the end of his first year at hogwarts, meets...