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Hakuouki: depression by Inoridragoneel
Hakuouki: depressionby NerdReader
Chizuru a alcoholic. She was kicked out of her school because they found out she was hiding drugs in her locker. So she transferred to Haku high. When Hijikata meets her...
  • chizuru
  • hijikata
  • hakuouki
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Hakuouki: Daughter of Godzilla King of the monsters by Inoridragoneel
Hakuouki: Daughter of Godzilla NerdReader
Godzilla is the king of all monster. He soon fell in love with a mortal women and had a child named Chizuru but sadly the mother died giving birth so the father took car...
  • hijikataxchizuru
  • king
  • hakuouki
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Hakuouki (Until we meet again) by Fallen_Wings8Tears
Hakuouki (Until we meet again)by Arrabella Godwin 神风 歌美
A fanfic of what happened after Okita Souji's ending in the Hakuouki game. I connected this with Hakuouki ~Sweet School Life~. (Note. I was inspired by the Fanfic mang...
  • yukimurachizuru
  • okitasouji
  • fanfiction
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Hakuouki: Hitsuzen by Weezie_24
Hakuouki: Hitsuzenby weezerz2490
Destiny. Fate. Sumiko never really believed in any of it until she met that man. Out of place and out of time, all Sumiko wanted to do was protect her friend Chizuru and...
  • anime
  • hijikata
  • rasetsu
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Little Foreigner (Hakuoki X Reader) by L_A_Studios
Little Foreigner (Hakuoki X Reader)by L_A_Studios
Y/N L/N had grown up with her mother in (C/N) since her parents got divorced when she was 8-years-old. When her mother dies in a car accident, Y/N finds herself moving t...
  • samurai
  • war
  • shensugumi
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Hakuoki : Yuki no Monogatari by 4n1sAlice
Hakuoki : Yuki no Monogatariby 4n1sAlice
. "I got it!" Heisuke-nii shouted suddenly. "Then, how about we call him Yuki?" "Oi.. oi... Isn't that a girl's name?" Shinpachi-san spoke...
  • heisuke
  • yamanamikeisuke
  • lotsofdeath
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ALWAYS WITH YOU by shampoosakura
ALWAYS WITH YOUby shampoosakura
A love that never die. Edo was now Tokyo, And our beloved-always bad tempered- still very handsome Shinsengumi Vice Commander Toshizou Hijikata is no more an Oni-Fuckuch...
  • shinsengumi
  • chizuru
  • hakuouki
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Heroes by sunsetsoverscars
Heroesby Maycee
Adel had always looked up to the heroes of her favorite TV show, Bleach. The confidence, the fighting, it all seemed so amazing. But when she's mysteriously sucked into...
  • masaki
  • phone
  • twilight
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Airi's Wish by elyzalee22
Airi's Wishby Elyza Constantine
After watching the last few episodes of HAKUOKI SHINSENGUMI KITAN, Airi Suzuki, was devastated after knowing all of her favourite characters died. She fell asleep that...
  • reverseharem
  • heisuke
  • fanfiction
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Life after the Shinsengumi by rebelangel131
Life after the Shinsengumiby Karissa
Hijikata and Chizuru escape to safety after their run in with Kazama and it is found out the battle was lost. Ootori orders them to go undercover for everyone else had b...
  • chizuru
  • hijikata
  • chizuruyukimura
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Dream Festival - One-shots by Akane_001
Dream Festival - One-shotsby Akane_001
Hi, everyone I do everything, except: *smut/lemon *child x adult *parent x child *yuri Feel free to request where you would like (messaging/request page/prikboard). I ho...
  • sawamurachizuru
  • kanade
  • deardream
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Hakuouki X Fairy Tail  (Crossover)  by xox_Arctic_fox
Hakuouki X Fairy Tail (Crossover) by xox_Arctic_fox
They had a simple task which was to clean the guild's Library but when one of them opens a book they don't recognized they get sucked in by a portal to a different dimen...
  • kazama
  • souji
  • gray
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Hakuouki: Beverly hill girl by Inoridragoneel
Hakuouki: Beverly hill girlby NerdReader
Chizuru is a famous, rich girl and lives with her grandmother. When her grandmother leaves she's left with her idiot brother Kaoru. When Kaoru goes to Mexico with her sh...
  • hakuouki
  • chizuruxhijikata
  • hakuoukissl
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You Caught Me In Fever 2 by VirgoGoddess88
You Caught Me In Fever 2by Mrs Nagakura
The strange plague that caused Toshizo Hijikata and Yukimura Chizuru much trouble in the first installment, now causes the infamous baka trio to switch their souls in on...
  • hijikata
  • short
  • harada
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Under the Sakura Tree [Hakuouki fanfic] by Lovely-Moonlight
Under the Sakura Tree [Hakuouki Lovely-Moonlight
This story is a fanfic. I do not own the characters only my own OC. The story is about Hijikata Sakura. She lived in the modern Japan, but because of a car accident she...
  • some-comedy
  • okita
  • souji
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Shrunken Shinsengumi  by Alohatothestars
Shrunken Shinsengumi by Alohatothestars
Adventure, angst and a few odd happenings are more than what poor chizuru can handle. What happenings when our adorable lead must become brave and lead the men to norma...
  • hijikatachizuru
  • nakagura
  • cute
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Hakuouki x Reader by NyxieGoddess
Hakuouki x Readerby Nyxie (Shin-Ah's Dragon :3)
Requests are open now. Request either in the comments or DM me your wish and I shall grant it like a genie (that sounded stupid). The characters do not belong to me. I o...
  • chizuru
  • hakuouki
  • hajime
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Hakuouki: The kings wife with 8000 children by Inoridragoneel
Hakuouki: The kings wife with NerdReader
Back in the Medieval times Hijikata was the ruler of all the world. He was known to be the greatest king of all of them. But when he chooses his bride he meets Chizuru Y...
  • 8000children
  • hijikataxchizuru
  • hakuoukissl
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Hakuouki: Why him? by Inoridragoneel
Hakuouki: Why him?by NerdReader
As your little girl grows up it seems like no guy will be good enough for her...but sooner or's time to meet the love of her life...and I fucking hate him. Ch...
  • hakuouki
  • hijikata
  • whyhim
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Dance Of The Blades (Hakuouki fanfiction) by PURPLE_BUBBLE26
Dance Of The Blades (Hakuouki Naruto Fan!!!
A month after the Shinsengumi took in Chizuru, a boy forcefully joins the Shinsengumi. Due to his stubbornness and persistence to join, he was tested to see if he had th...
  • okita
  • shinpachi
  • hakuouki
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