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white nightmares-mlb- by pebblehat
white nightmares-mlb-by
Marinette can't get Chat Blanc out of her head, and of course not in the good way. And Adrien being desperate to help his "Just a friend" will do anything to...
who are we (if not who they've made us to be)? by Caicie
who are we (if not who they've i don’t even know
Marinette and her class are sucked into her mind to relive her worst memories by an akuma who wants to make her happy again. The road to hell is paved with good intenti...
Cursed | Chat Blanc x Marinette ✔️ by Mai_Writess
Cursed | Chat Blanc x Marinette ✔️by Mai
Marinette stood up before being stopped by an arm, she turned to see blue eyes staring at her, "where do you think your going?" _______________________________...
Chat Got Your Tongue? | Adrien Agreste Fanfiction  by StarFox02
Chat Got Your Tongue? | Adrien StarFox02
You have been given the opportunity of a lifetime; spend a year in France as an Exchange Student. But, the opportunity doesn't stop there- you have been asked to protect...
A Watching Feeling by holistyle
A Watching Feelingby Filasta Tyle
Ever since coming back from her uncle's, Marinette has gotten the feeling someone has been watching her closely. Then, mysterious notes begin appearing in places close t...
Oh My Sweet Marinette~ by whyamihere126
Oh My Sweet Marinette~by whyamihere.jpeg
Marinette is living the best life, being Ladybug and all, but when Chat Noir becomes his akumatized version, what will happen? Whatever happens Marinette will try to t...
Noir gone Blanc by Avacado1406
Noir gone Blancby Avacado1406
I ran as he chased me, his white claws just brushing my bluebell hair. He tried to grab at me, but hissed as he missed again. "M'lady," he growled from behind...
Partners in Crime (Miraculous Ladybug) by Chaton15
Partners in Crime (Miraculous ✨ trincie ✨
Lila Rossi is becoming far too much for Marinette Dupain-Cheng to stand. Lies, lies, and more lies. The final straw happens when Adrien, the only other person who knows...
Sandboy 2.0 - Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction by rosywritings
Sandboy 2.0 - Miraculous Ladybug Juju
Marinette has been having nightmares for the past month. But what happens when Sandboy returns and her nightmare comes back to life?
The Awakening (A Chat Blanc Tale) by _Chat_Blanc
The Awakening (A Chat Blanc Tale)by The Author
At a time when Paris no longer needed them, when the fighting was over, and the people didn't want them anymore. Ladybug was flooded with relief while Chat was flooded w...
King and Queen of mean by teodora-mikealson
King and Queen of meanby Complex Person
Adrien and Marinette finally snapped under all the pressure of being the perfect kids, the goody two shoes. They were finally together with and without the mask, but Lil...
The One That Got Away (Chat Blanc Story) by EmmaAgreste600
The One That Got Away (Chat #SavePlanetEarth
Adrien didn't think before he did and now Marinette is Dating Luka and Adrien is out of luck on this one.
The Black Cat's Twin (A ML AU) #MLWattyAwards by tameggomaki
The Black Cat's Twin (A ML AU) Egg omelette
Jewel is Adrien's twin sister. She definitely lives up to her name: sharp and cutting, glimmering and shining. She is just like her twin: she is also a model, and is loy...
Miraculous Ladybug Scenarios/ Oneshots  by Ace_Royal_Crown
Miraculous Ladybug Scenarios/ Ace_Royal_Crown
Reader x character I do not own the characters used in the Oneshots/Scenarios they all belong to their respective creators.
Her white Kitty by kyra0727
Her white Kittyby kyra0727
what happens when Chatnoir has been akumatised but the person who he wants, needs and cares for is none other than Marinette ? But the real question is, is it easy to sa...
Chat Noir imagines  by VictoriaSmith2274
Chat Noir imagines by VictoriaSmith2274
"I'm so sifiti-cat-ed" Come read some x reader imagines of you favorite cat hero, Chat Noir, and Adrien Agreste. No requests at this time. Please enjoy! • Ch...
Luka x Reader by Jessrxs
Luka x Readerby jess
Roxy Agreste is Adrien Agreste's twin sister. they haven't been to school since their mother died. A recent event changes their lives forever! Roxy meets a girl called...
Possessed ⚪️ by GothNebula
Possessed ⚪️by GothNebula
Monarch is running out of ideas but when he used his latest victim as Time Streamer, they find one powerful Akuma from a split timeline, all hell breaks loose when it ta...
Her Loyal White Knight by Ambernot
Her Loyal White Knightby Ambernot
Ladybug is shocked when her partner gets akumatized. She is even more shocked when his alter ego seems strangely obsessed with her civilian self. Can an akuma actually h...
Chat Blanc - The Hunt for his Lady by marinette_agrestee
Chat Blanc - The Hunt for his Ladyby marinette_agrestee
What will happen when another painful rejection has Chat Noir (Or rather, Chat Blanc) finding his love's identity and claiming her as his?