Southern Charms

Southern Charms

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[COMPLETED] My grandmother is a witch. My mother is a witch. My sisters are witches. Even my daddy is a warlock when he's not moonlighting as a rat (a consequence of the aforementioned grandmother's temper). 

So you would think I would be a witch too, right? Nope. Not a spark of magic resides in my fingertips, and even worse, I'm beginning to think I'm allergic to magic. Kind of a big problem when you live in the middle of the most magical town in Mississippi. 

I'm just biding my time until I turn eighteen. Then, I can pack my bags and move out into the real world- with the normal humans. 

Until then, I just have to survive my grandmother's experiments, my sister's nasty temper, and the charms of the town's bad boy, Ash Goodwin.  

Easy...ier said than done.