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All For You ( Stray kids Fan Fiction~BangChan ) by NoviiOzeen
All For You ( Stray kids Fan Novii Ozeen
[ COMPLETED! ] Chan's sudden scream scared us all. His eyes were wide open in a blink of an eye and tears began to fall from those eyes as no one expected. _____________...
Again, Who Made This Groupchat? » skz by may_bornmia
Again, Who Made This Groupchat? » home
When Bang Chan decides to make a groupchat with his favorite boys yet again, well... the chaos returns with a bang! (pun not intended) - a Stray Kids fanfiction - texti...
Husband » bangchan by may_bornmia
Husband » bangchanby home
[texting au] In which they have been married for 2 years but are still romantic crackheads. - a Bang Chan fanfiction - texting mainly - romcom - crack, might get sugg...
The Soulmate Touch by okheregoesnothing
The Soulmate Touchby ijustlovelove
When a person turns 21, they are at mercy of the soulmate touch. Meaning, if they touch someone who had touched someone else who had touched someone else... x times over...
Skz~Oneshots by K1606N
Skz~Oneshotsby <3
All kinds of oneshots :p Requests are open! (please request cuz i have no inspo😭) I mostly write abt the ship Hyunlix and Minsung so that'll be the most used ship...
She was already mine  by suppmagicalx
She was already mine by suppmagicalx
"...I knew it from the beginning that you were already mine..." They both met when they were much younger...but grew apart and found their way back to each ot...
Adoption (Gone Wrong) » Bang Chan FF by Tanni__
Adoption (Gone Wrong) » Bang Tarapriya
Bang Chan x oc In an unfortunate turn of events, Bang Chan adopts Haein in order to save her. The two grow a strong bond with each other over time. But things get compli...
Troublebaker || chaennie by rosesandnini
Troublebaker || chaennieby rosesandnini
Rosie recently moved into her new apartment and was enticed to try the baking class near her place. or where Jennie pretended she doesn't know how to bake, just so she c...
FOOLS || CHAENNIE (ᴄᴏᴍᴘʟᴇᴛᴇ) by iheartchaennie
FOOLS || CHAENNIE (ᴄᴏᴍᴘʟᴇᴛᴇ)by 💙 rojen 💙
A Vacation made Jennie and Rosé realize something that they should've realized sooner. A converted fanfic.
Roomates| Bangchan ff by Jungkooks_manager
Roomates| Bangchan ffby J.kooks Manager
"I have to rent an apartment near my college and the only one I can afford is with a roommate" "Am i jealous? no im not im just.....sad" "Why do...
Mine. | Bang chan by hyunjinsh0twife
Mine. | Bang chanby 𝐣𝐚𝐝𝐲𝐧 - 𖤐𐬺
Seon Areum had just graduated high school, and is now entering a mew chapter of her life by moving into the city and going to a university. It was a definite big change...
JEONGCHAN SMUT hehe by TenshiSakuraSauce
JEONGCHAN SMUT heheby TenshiSakuraSauce
Lets start something fresh and interesting here👀✨, hopefully you guys will enjoy this as much as I will while writing it👀👀✨✨✨✨, also I'm a little rusty but I can stil...
Empty without you (felix x skz) by MamaSouthAfrica
Empty without you (felix x skz)by Viv
⚠️DISCONTINUED(Sry-)⚠️ I'm shit at descriptions but here we go: Stray kids: a famous group of 7 people; Jisung, Changbin, Chan, Jeongin, Minho, Seungmin and Hyunjin. ...
𝙬𝙞𝙫𝙚𝙨. | chaennie by blackpinkverts
𝙬𝙞𝙫𝙚𝙨. | chaennieby blackpinkverts
In a simple world, Jennie and Rosé are married as they live their happy days together as wives. [contains imagines/storyline of the married life of chaennie.]
Stray kids' strict leader by Manabloor
Stray kids' strict leaderby Manabloor
this is my first story ever, I'm very inspired by Ipasthaor! Please go check 'em out. So, let's get into the description bit. (will take requests ofc <3) This story s...
SKZ by cee215
I take requests ❤️ Change of plans. I don't like writing smut I've found out. It's weird doing it with two people who are friends
Were we ment to be? [Chanmin] by fizzymizzyy
Were we ment to be? [Chanmin]by Zurii
A high school student and a museum tourist became friends because of a curtain Project the college student needs to do Chan was a museum tourist, meanwhile Seungmin is a...
MY RUBY JANE by LiliNiniManoban
MY RUBY JANEby LiliNiniManoban
I think the Introduction can give a glimpse of what the story will be about. Lisa G!P 🙈
ME and MAKNAE || Jeongchan one shots by foxyinz
ME and MAKNAE || Jeongchan one foxyinz
"You know what else is big? My..." Jeongchan one shots....
Collapse Into Me [Bang Chan X Reader] by 143dangerously
Collapse Into Me [Bang Chan X 143dangerously
Y/N only meets him in dreams. They have never met before, never seen each other or even spoken to each other. They only share conversations within the dreams. When Y/N t...