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Lord of the Rings:  The Heir to Lorien--on Temporary Hold by martykate1
Lord of the Rings: The Heir to Lo...by marty kate
The Second Age has ended in fire and blood, and the Third Age is beginning. The Enemy is not dead, but sleeps as the Elves know all too well. But in Lorien a joyous even...
The Prince's Visions by Havecouragebkind
The Prince's Visionsby Josie
People say that death is not the end. For Evelyn, it's not. After battling cancer for almost four years, death is something that this nineteen year old girl welcomes wit...
Niphredil Elentary (Legolas love story) / first book by ElaheKarami
Niphredil Elentary (Legolas love s...by Elahe Karami
[Highest Rank: 1 in Lord Of The Rings] "love is a strange thing. Once it happens, nothing and no one can change it, in any condition.". Niphredil Elentary, an...
Enchanted - HP/LoTR by _ELS_______
Enchanted - HP/LoTRby ♡
* UNDERGOING RE-WRITE * Re-written chapters: 1, Alarya Lily Potter; The girl who lived; the witch who won; alongside a multitude of other names which over the years she...
Daughter of Mirkwood [Lord of the Rings | Haldir] by DarkLadyAthara
Daughter of Mirkwood [Lord of the...by DarkLadyAthara
*Complete* A Lord of the Rings FanFiction A Daughters of Middle Earth Story Formerly Titled "Some Things are Meant to Endure" The only daughter of a King w...
The Lord of the ring & the hobbit imagines by shy_blue_blossom
The Lord of the ring & the hobbit...by Blue Blossom
Y/n means your name E/c means eye colour H/c means hair colour L/c means lip colour F/c means favourite colour ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Requests open! I don'...
Opposites Attract (Legolas Fanfiction) by l-e-g-o-l-a-s
Opposites Attract (Legolas Fanfict...by Legolas Greenleaf
As the fellowship of the ring starts, Sauron arrises. Little did any good know that Sauron had a daughter. Meldiriel, is the only daughter of Sauron. She was raised by h...
The Sorceress of Middle-earth || A LOTR x Mandalorian Crossover by Shadowfax224
The Sorceress of Middle-earth || A...by 𝐒𝐡𝐚𝐝𝐨𝐰𝐟𝐚𝐱
*SLOW UPDATES* Whispers of a mysterious sorcerer have been heard throughout parts of Eryn Lasgalen and eventually reached the ears of Prince Legolas himself. The dutiful...
Two Hearts and Two Kingdoms United (Elrond + Celebrian) by l-e-g-o-l-a-s
Two Hearts and Two Kingdoms United...by Legolas Greenleaf
This is a story about Elrond and Celebrian. Celebrian is the daughter of Celeborn and Galadriel, Lady of Light. She grew up with peace. Her parents taught her right from...
The lady's ward ( a lord of the rings fanfiction ) by lord_luthien
The lady's ward ( a lord of the ri...by lord_luthien
A lord of the rings fanfiction When Aria is given a chance to join the fellowship she is worried. Sauron knows of her existence and plagues her dreams. Friends are made...
The Ghost Warrior [Legolas Fan Fic] by Zelinith
The Ghost Warrior [Legolas Fan Fic]by Zelinith
***First in The Ghost Warrior Series*** Little Legolas and Thranduil are in Imladris for meetings to discuss the growing darkness in Middle-Earth. Within two days of bei...
The First Time Since ... by l-e-g-o-l-a-s
The First Time Since ...by Legolas Greenleaf
Lilisa has been alone most of her life. Her family had died at the hands of orcs. She fled just in time before the orcs did the same to her. She spent most of her life r...
I Don't Care (Haldir Fanfiction) by l-e-g-o-l-a-s
I Don't Care (Haldir Fanfiction)by Legolas Greenleaf
Vanya is the second daughter of Celeborn and Galadriel, lord and lady of Lothlorien. She prefers to do things with the people of Lothlorien. She helps families who need...
It was all worth it. (Book 02) by Sparky_brain
It was all worth it. (Book 02)by Sparky_brain
Livia, the youngest daughter of Lord Elrond and Lady Celebrian, Little sister to Arwen and the twins, Elladan and Elrohir, an elleth who loved to go to adventures finall...
Ask the Elves! by The_Owlery
Ask the Elves!by Helena
Ever wanted to know something about Legolas, Thranduil, Elrond, Galadriel, Lindir, Tauriel, Celeborn, Glorfindel and all the other elves? Yes? Well this is the book for...
☄Under The Starlight༺  by -ofRIVENDELL
☄Under The Starlight༺ by 𝕕𝕒𝕣𝕜࿐·˖✶
☄Top Thranduil x Bottom Elrond ☄Slight Glorfindel x Lindir ☄Slight Haldir x Legolas It's been a while after Gil-Galad's death. And Elrond became even more lifeless, eve...
☼ DYING EMBERS ☼  by _ELS_______
"Was it love at first sight, Ada?" The young Prince asked his father. Thranduil chuckled in spite of the hollow pang of remembrance which sparked in his heart...
The Greenleaves Of Mirkwood by LegolasJacinWolf
The Greenleaves Of Mirkwoodby Raina Greenleaf
Thranduil, Êlúriel, Legolas, Raina and Melledir Greenleaf are the royal family of the woodland realm, Mirkwood. Legolas is the heir to the throne, Raina is a young adven...
My Star ~ Legolas by JinniefortheWinnie
My Star ~ Legolasby Ashley
Astella, Lord Celeborn and the Lady Galadriel's younger daughter, is an adventerous and energetic elf. She had always wished for more than her life cooped up in the fore...
Queen of Mordor by Morefindiel1158
Queen of Mordorby Mora
~~ON HOLD~~ Melody Lorena is the only Daughter of Souron. she was hidden well from all, including Galadirel, who was wise and knew of many things. Kept hidden away in th...