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Cartman x Reader *true feelings* by fanfickiller1014
Cartman x Reader *true feelings*by fanfickiller1014!
This may be short but it has long chapters that will be worthwhile. You are Kyle's Jewish fraternal twin sister.
South Park x Reader Tumblr Requests by Fall_Out_Juli
South Park x Reader Tumblr Requestsby Juli Tucker
I'll be Crossposting my Tumblr requests in this book. Might change this description eventually.
south park stick of truth x reader by gamerlove946
south park stick of truth x readerby Foxglove_Rae
I need your help on this journey it is up to you to decide who wins your heart enjoy you have the choice of kenny stan kyle cartman (why though would you chose him?) b...
Cartman x reader: Wherefur art thow by cartmansleftleg
Cartman x reader: Wherefur art thowby cartmansleftleg
will cartman ever love y/n? maybe ;). Will y/n ever find love irl? probably not. definatly not while reading southpark fanfiction.
South Park Reader One-Shots! by typical_otaku_girl
South Park Reader One-Shots!by Jaycee<3
I know theres tons of these but I hope you'll read anyway! Feel free to request!
South Park x Reader by LemonadeCast
South Park x Readerby $0.69 for lemonade
AyyYy wAsUup Decided to make an "x reader" book Some smut and lemon shit Req are open Enjoy
(Eric Theodore Cartman x Reader) Not such a bad guy who all think    by buhsway
(Eric Theodore Cartman x Reader) South Park fangirl
This book is about my absolute favorite serie called "South Park". This story is a Cartman x Reader story. This story is about Eric Cartman who some of the f...
Big Boned Wolf (Cartman x Reader x Kyle) by isabellaxwarrior
Big Boned Wolf (Cartman x Reader IsabellaWerbGrape
"Make a choice, y/n! You don't need him! All he'll do is hurt you!" Kyle screamed, stomping his foot and gesturing towards Cartman in frustration. His fangs gl...
[Philophobia] • Eric Cartman x Reader by monokummais
[Philophobia] • Eric Cartman x Auggie
/philophobia/ • n A fear of being in love or falling in love. Usually because of past relationships or family issues. -- Y/N L/N moved around all her life due to her pa...
₽I₵₭ Θ₦₠→SouthParkxReader by chibichan2022
₽I₵₭ Θ₦₠→SouthParkxReaderby Kiki J.T
This don't need a description if you watched it then you know 😀😁😂🤣😃😄😅😆😗🥰😘😍😘🥰😗🤨🤔🤩🤗🙂☺😚😙😐😑😶🙄😏😣😥😮😛😌😴🥱😫😪😯🤐😜😝🤤😒😓😔😕🙃😤😟🙁😖☹😲😲�...
South Park x Reader by Crxwn_
South Park x Readerby Pegz
The Four Seasons by --CloudWatcher--
The Four Seasonsby CloudWatcher
Cartman, Kyle, Stan and Kenny have all been great friends with (Y/n), ever since she moved to South Park in 3rd grade. By eighth grade, at the end of the year, a few fee...
(my lover) Cartman X reader by Rikaooo
(my lover) Cartman X readerby Rikaooo
Y/N Just moved into south park with her father, and her sister .. In her adventure of walking around south park she meets 4 boys, Cartman Kenny Kyle and Stan. they all b...