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No One Can Know || Victor Zsasz by BrookeHB
No One Can Know || Victor Zsaszby BrookeHB
"No one can know, don't you know? No one can know what she is to him, because that's a weakness, and he doesn't do weakness." Victor Zsasz. The very definition...
Gotham imagines/ preferences by victorzsaszismylover
Gotham imagines/ preferencesby victorzsaszismylover
lol so im just really sad & bored :) includes; Oswald Cobblepot Victor zsasz Edward Nygma Jim Gordon Harvey bullock Jerome velaska and just anyone else i can be bothere...
Carmine Streaks by Light808
Carmine Streaksby Roaring Echoes
Two kinds of power... one heart-wrenching truth ----- Princess Carmine lives knowing that her life is already planned out for her: act royal, think royal, be royal. No...
Carmine by ShelbyWinds
Carmineby ShelbyWinds
Carmine Barron is under boss to the biggest mafia in the region. His father finds out some pretty damning things about his best friend and it sets his world to changing.
What's in Our Future? ||Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's - Scoopshipping|| [COMPLETED] by Rocklee_Toshiro1993
What's in Our Future? || Lee-san/Shiro-chan
Jack has been acting odd every time Carly try's to talk to him. Thinking that maybe she did something to anger him she goes to Jack's two best friends, Yusei Fudo and Cr...
Carmine by SlumRunner
Carmineby Ed Cowlng
Carmine A short story of 11,500 words. A tale about modern day witchcraft, set in the sleepy neighbourhood of Walker's Creek in West Virginia. A cautionary tale for Hall...
Gears of war oneshots  by Kaitdiaz1
Gears of war oneshots by Leona Skye Smith
This book will mostly be oneshots i will also be taking requests. I do not own any of the gears of war characters.
Elizabeth (Lizzie) Carmine X Male Reader  by Theoddspacemarine
Elizabeth (Lizzie) Carmine X Theoddspacemarine
Its what it the title says, I don't own Gears of War or any of the art or fanart in this book
son of Hachishakusama  by Mechaknight865429
son of Hachishakusama by angel genos
Mizuchi a boy who was unknown about his past and is the only boy in Licht Kreis who was the adoptive by Adelheid the leader of the organization she cherish him as the mo...
The Lost Boys: EXTRA CHAPTERS by liliancarmine
The Lost Boys: EXTRA CHAPTERSby LilianCarmine
Read Two EXTRA CHAPTERS that were cut from the published version of THE LOST BOYS: Strip and Egg Routine & Harry's Prize. TLB Published by Random House UK/Ebury Publishi...
Gotham 🖤Harry Potter and his little sisters the philosopher's stone 1 💰 by tamarayann97
Gotham 🖤Harry Potter and his tamara yann
Brian and Maria Kyle adopted Harry Potter Sharon and Nick Quinzel adopted Rose Potter Thomas and Martha Wayne Adoption sophie Black and lris Potter Jim...
One Badass Squad meets a Legendary Duo. by disappointed_man
One Badass Squad meets a Disappointment
This story is a Gears of War and Halo crossover I do not own these games. Gears of war was formerly owned by epic games, current owner is The Coalition. Halo was previou...
Outside Looking In by andelie
Outside Looking Inby Andelie Lovely
His name is Dean, hers Carmine Quinn. Most people just call her Carmine; Dean thinks both names fit her best. Dean and Carmine didn't fall in love, if you were wonderi...
Real Dream by World_Stories_
Real Dreamby World_Stories_
Questa storia parla di una adolescente di 14 anni che ogni giorno si ritrova a combattere contro la leucemia e riesce a realizzare il suo sogno più grande, quello di in...
covenant, locusts. it all the same. by Nateryan48
covenant, locusts. it all the Nathen James Ryan
as the evacuation of settlement 2 was under way an unknown ship crashed. JD and his squad investigated as they made there way to Carmine.
Semplicemente LEI by chicca30
Semplicemente LEIby chicca30
Questa storia parlerà semplicemente della vita di una ragazza e di come si stravolgerà la sua vita quando succederà qualcosa ai suoi migliori amici..
Gears of war by gbow1999
Gears of warby Gbow1999
It took us fifteen years to finally put an end to the Locust war and longer to get over the losses we had. Not many people know what all happen during the war, most of t...
Dan x Reader x Flynn x Carmine by mewshake
Dan x Reader x Flynn x Carmineby InvalidQuestion
Just another day working at 7/11, or is it?
Supernova Games by strawberrykiller37
Supernova Gamesby strawberry-chan
Supernova Games; Keira always dreamed about going into outer space. as a child, she longed to blast off in a rocket and leave the earth behind. Well, she got her wish. 1...
Carmine falcone   daughters one shot  what if story by tamarayann97
Carmine falcone daughters one tamara yann
Carmine falcone daughters Selina and Jade falcone Sharon and Nick quinzel adopted Jade falcone Mary Kyle adopted Selina falcone one shot what if story