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Daddy's little one  by sweet_lover268
Daddy's little one by Your_princess
This is my first story so it might not be as good⚠️ And has very slow updates Ken who has a hard time with life and family looks for comfort. She found a solution onlin...
The Queens' Baby by elizaheart2364
The Queens' Babyby elizaheart2364
Set in current times, the queen and her wife go into their town where they meet a 19yo girl who has had a troubled life. They offer her shelter, food and a job. The girl...
ROSIE ~ corpse by ohhdreamsmp
ROSIE ~ corpseby pops
After Jack's old roommate was asked to join an among us lobby, rose started to become another regular to their groups. The only thing that hadn't gone to plan started w...
A day in the life (DDLB/non-sexual age-play fic) by blue-bunny3992
A day in the life (DDLB/ trash panda
Charlie was horrified by the idea of being a Little, but when testing day comes, and his classification states his biggest fear has come true, he has no choice but to fa...
You will be loved/ DRARRY by that_one_weird_boi
You will be loved/ DRARRYby A name
. Discription: Harry Potter is a trouble maker. He always hangs out with the wrong crowd and was wreck less.his parents are dead, and his foster parents has had enough...
Little Leo  by Imissyou420
Little Leo by Imissyou420
In this world you get classified as either a Master , pet , Mommy/Daddy , Little or Neutral Leo finds out he is a Little and quickly gets kicked out of his household an...
Little Steve Harrington (Hiatus)  by multifandoms23
Little Steve Harrington (Hiatus) by multifandoms23
Steve never really had a childhood, parents were never there so he didn't know what a 'good' childhood was supposed to be. That was until Nancy and Jonathan stepped in a...
Little's Academy by LavenderFuzz
Little's Academyby Lavender
Alexander is classified as an age regressor and so he has to attend the Little's Academy where he is paired with a caregiver. His caregiver is some golden boy named Samu...
Daddies Boy? by BLu__Phoenix
Daddies Boy?by Kartoffel
Jayson, a little who was abandoned by his care taker runs into Hunter, a man who longs to be loved and love back. Once Hunter sees the poor state Jayson was in he immedi...
Mommy Mobile by tinyspacekiddo
Mommy Mobileby tinyspacekiddo
"I- well I'm looking for a help with my regression ?.." "Well you've contacted the right place kiddo, I'll transfer you through to a carer right...
Jungkook's little [PT1 COMPLETE] by ladyb790
Jungkook's little [PT1 COMPLETE]by .
You're jungkooks little and it's all fluff and kisses. Ever wondered what it's like to be BTS's spoilt little princess? Read ahead to find out. There is no smut. Only th...
Our Luna by deemery
Our Lunaby D.
"We have agreed. You are our Luna, our mate." Xavier leaves a little kiss on my head. "Our happiness doesn't matter as much as yours. We onl...
Meeting Daddy  by AuthorDreadGurl
Meeting Daddy by Baby Doll
Amanda knew when she turned eighteen years old that she was off to a new home. Her mother made a deal with some man in exchange for money and Amanda was pissed. It wasn'...
Medical Testing Mommy by KayQueueTee
Medical Testing Mommyby KQT
(18+, Adult content.) Two best friends and roommates undergo a dynamic change when a medical trial causes one of them to produce milk and take on a more maternal role fo...
I Don't Want to Be Little by DistinguishedFoxx
I Don't Want to Be Littleby Foxx
Alex doesn't know what to do anymore. He thought that if he stopped being little, all the fear would go away. But it did the opposite, and just made him more stressed. I...
Dominant daddy by Skylineee_52
Dominant daddyby teddy
Ddlg. ( new book )
Don't Call Me That! by Justniyah01
Don't Call Me That!by Justniyah01
It's Designation Day for the 10th grader, Riley Taylor. Riley's parents didn't care what Designation he got, as long as it wasn't little. Riley was always forced to look...
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Our Little Sunshine//Fifth Harmony Ageplay by lanasparilla
Our Little Sunshine//Fifth A lesbian witch🌈🔥
Ally suddenly isn't the little ball of sunshine and energy like usually, surely this doesn't get unnoticed by her Friends and Teammates of the Girl group Fifth Harmony...
Mommy's little baby boy  by Widdlechemy
Mommy's little baby boy by Chemy
So! I to, am annoyed of people who think of MDLB and little space as a forced/kidnapping thing. It is not. |first wattpad story| This is a story about me, and how I fo...