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Peter Parker One Shots by 24LaurenLo
Peter Parker One Shotsby 24LaurenLo
Just a bunch of Marvel Peter Parker/Spiderman one shots. Mostly avengers family related. There will be Spidychelle. Will definitely have Irondad and spidyson. #1 in spid...
Spider-Man and MJ oneshots by Lia_1976
Spider-Man and MJ oneshotsby Issac
One shots of our favourite Peter Parker and Michelle 'MJ' Jones ! This is set after homecoming ! Requests open, leave them in the comments as my DM's are broken.
Peter Parker's Adventures by Celestia_Heaven
Peter Parker's Adventuresby Celestia_Heaven
One shots of MCU's Peter Parker, a.k.a Spiderman. Will be introducing, IronDad, May Parker and Pepper Potts taking no one's shit. Rhodny being a cool Uncle by telling em...
Spiderman Is A Hero(ON HOLD) by autrupert1105
Spiderman Is A Hero(ON HOLD)by #EllieGrace
All of Queens watching videos of Peter Parker. After endgame After Spider Man Far From Home
Spideychelle: A Trail Of Dust by MelwoodReylo
Spideychelle: A Trail Of Dustby MelwoodReylo
MJ has always liked Peter, but now that she's been hanging out with Peter and Ned 24/7, she's captain of the Decathlon Team, and Liz is now gone, is MJ brave enough to t...
Well another wrong number fanfic for our beloved spidey ! ..cause they r never enough! i do not own marvel and this cover . To the one who made the art in the cover...
Spidy Oneshots! by nxbodyyxuknxw
Spidy Oneshots!by wowzas 🤩
Pretty self-explanatory :) I'm not that good at coming up with my own ideas so I'll be taking requests!! There will also be a ton of cliche stories in here for the same...
The Field Trip by sophies_burnt_bacon
The Field Tripby Daisy 🌼
It's a field trip. You know. The generic "Peter goes to Stark Tower! He's embarrassed! He loves it though!" There might be more irondad/spiderson things here i...
The Demi God of UA (Son of Thor OC/MHA) by Mortalkombatfanboy21
The Demi God of UA (Son of Thor OC...by Nikolas Eldridge
Growing up Orion Thorson has always been a Warrior so when his mother's research moves her to Japan and wanting him to Make friends his own Age Orion Thorson is enrolled...
🖤 MARVEL ONESHOTS 🖤 by Fangirl_Hell
=) Basically the title I will take requests but if none then I will stick to my preferred ships
My avengers au. With MOTHMAN by NicoCrow12
My avengers au. With MOTHMANby RandomElliot
A young person, named Max. Ends up swallowing a radioactive moth, and becomes the infamous... MOTHMAN! Their parents decide to move to New York, so naturally, Max does e...
Ghost- Peter Parker/Spiderman Meets The Avengers by 43tacene
Ghost- Peter Parker/Spiderman Meet...by tacene
The Avengers, the earths mightiest heros try to recruit a unknown vigilante codenamed Spiderman, what they didn't expect was a refusal. Now that he didn't join Fury orde...
AVENGERS AFTER THE WAR (Discontinued For A While) by Ihzan_Z_REAPER
this is a AU.The Avengers had another member from the start name Ihzan Uhcimaki that is a half grim reaper half human with incredible power's.
A Not So Normal Life by ItsTataSweetheart
A Not So Normal Lifeby ItsTataSweetheart
( i'll fix the title later) Anyways... this is incredibly dumb so i got the idea from reading this fanfic where Robin aka Dick Grayson was female and another one where D...
spider-son and irondad (Open) by CEO_of_insomnia
spider-son and irondad (Open)by I cant sleep
so yeah I have a few ideas on some stories so enjoy them I guess. slow updates btw. I do not nor will I ever do smut/lemon. As sad as it is I will stick with the same sh...
Iron dad Spider son Oneshots by 5N33k3R5
Iron dad Spider son Oneshotsby Smarty (Wise Girl)
This is a normal one shot book I decided to write. It will contain all kinds of things from whump, to fluff, to Sensory Overloads, cuddles, movie nights, Cuteness that w...
Spidychelle Instagram by humorverleih
Spidychelle Instagramby Finja
Beschreibt sich gelaunte ich selber ;).
Avengers Oneshots~ (Requests Open) by ArtsiiAnimall
Avengers Oneshots~ (Requests Open)by ArtsiiAnimall
Just a collection of oneshots ^^ There will be no smut Not many ships, other than Pepperony and maybe Spidychelle, other than that you can request whatever On that note...
Born for it [slow updates] by Jjjjjjjefffryy
Born for it [slow updates]by Jjjjjjjefffryy
MJ (Nick Fury's daughter) is a SHIELD agent and PeterParker/Spiderman (son of Tony Stark and Pepper) is also a SHEILD agent. After both having grown up in this weird env...
Oneshots/ideas by horseloverossarioEN
Oneshots/ideasby horseloverossarioEN
Here, imma write Oneshots and some ideas for stories . Also it's my first Oneshot book ever.