Emotionless.. ( Joey Bada$$ ) by coolerthanya
Emotionless.. ( Joey Bada$$ )by nirvana
Jo-Vaughn Scott ( Joey Bada$$ ) , underground rapper in Flatbush Brooklyn, and Zella Sharp have been bestfriends since they can remember. Joey has been looking out for Z...
  • scott
  • joeybadass
  • badass
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Headcanon's of Santiago 【 Chiletalia, Santiago 】 by SheIsChilensis
Headcanon's of Santiago 【 ✨ Chilensis ✨
Algunas cosas que tengo pensadas para este niño tóxico Chiletalia pertenece al micro-fandom del que es parte Pero el universo en sí es de Himaruya Hidekaz
  • ahre
  • hetalia
  • aphchile
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Jane's Book of Grammar (and other Things) by FireAlwaysReturns
Jane's Book of Grammar (and Jane Barnaby
Do you need help with punctuation? Are you worried you don't know where to put commas and where capitals? Do you need help with dialogue? Well, here you'll find it! I'll...
  • writinghelp
  • dialogue
  • 2018undiscovered1k
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Odds In Our Favor | Finnick Odair love story by Tay_Dance
Odds In Our Favor | Finnick Tay
Lily Everdeen, the darling of district twelve. The girl who every boy wanted, and every girl wanted to be. After her sister won the Hunger Games and brought the cameras...
  • cinna
  • finnickodair
  • hungergames
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An Assassin's Choice by Galax-C300205
An Assassin's Choiceby Galax-C300205
They where not allies..... They where not enemy.... They fight what is right....... To witness the truth.... They Make Choice... An Assassin's Choice! Wazzup guys!Galax...
  • fantasy
  • tatsumi
  • nightraid
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The Capital Games  by TattiNoir
The Capital Games by Tatti Noir
Bee is a Capital girl born and bred. Katniss and the resistance took over 2 years before she was born and created "The capital games." Now Bee has to fight for...
  • bee
  • pain
  • hugergames
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Sink or Swim by Joanne_B4
Sink or Swimby Jo
When Noris father dies in an unfortunate event and she gets traped far from district 4. She meets a new friend who forces her back home just in time for the reaping of t...
  • capital
  • bestfriends
  • hungergames
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Berries of Revenge - A Hunger Games FanFiction (Wattys2014) by APinchOfMagic
Berries of Revenge - A Hunger APinchOfMagic
He had been dead for many years. Or so everyone thought. President Snow was killed in the rebellion that Katniss Everdeen lead many years ago, but no one really knew wh...
  • katniss
  • president
  • snow
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Survival Of The Fittest (Katniss Everdeen) by Duell16
Survival Of The Fittest (Katniss Duell16
What if one district had one too many kids and needed to send three tributes? Well district 12 has to. Let's see how Maverick can handle the 74th annual Hunger Games wit...
  • katnisseverdeen
  • capital
  • district12
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rise by _writersunite_
riseby Kat
  • death
  • romance
  • love
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Rise of Oslo by Oslo-CapitalofNorway
Rise of Osloby Heather Bondevik
  • norge
  • aph
  • norway
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At the Edge of It by JeevesInGlasses19
At the Edge of Itby Jeeves
Four people, all caught up in a different path. *** "Why do you fight?" *** A Plea from the Author: Pick this up, look at it. It might not be finished and it...
  • capital
  • boxing
  • guns
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Onde o sol ainda nasce by malucapereira
Onde o sol ainda nasceby Maria Luiza Q. Pereira
Atenção, história recomendada apenas para maiores de 16 anos. 16+ "Quando eu era criança, lembro de viajar com os meus pais de avião para alguns lugares e sempre qu...
  • amor
  • zendaya
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